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  1. Friend that works at a Bar that tends to Blue Collar workers has said that guys that come in after work on the roads, don't order Budweiser anymore and their sales have gone down on all Budweiser products and no longer carry Budweiser Draft beers.
  2. Worked nights at the AO Smith Bomb Plant in Waco, TX while going to Baylor. No loan, paid as I went, cash.
  3. One thing not mentioned in the film was decades later when this incidence was reviewed, one asked, but was not answered. What if this sub had been captured and had an Allied crew and the plainly seen lifeboats could have held the sub crew, or Flying the Red Cross flag, had not manned a gun nor shown any intention of offense nor defense, what if this meant surrendering?
  4. There was a time when acting was a job and when they stepped out of line, the Movie goers would let it be known and their careers were in shamble. Early days many made less and worked longer hours then the 8 or 10 hrs a typical office or factory worker worked or made. I remember Ed Kemmer working a 15 minute TV series 5v days a week and then a 1/2hr on Saturday all live and walking away with 15.00 weekly paycheck in early 50s. Some stars, not the huge ones, making 500.00 to 1200.00 a movie and lucky if they made more then 2 or 3 a year. Today they make millions a picture and maybe make one every year or 2 and then try to dictate their beliefs and politics on us, using their names, positions, and fame. Yesterdays stars also enjoyed their fans and would make tours and sign autographs freely. Todays stars have bodyguards and homes surrounded by electronic security and shun fans who dare step up and ask for an autograph. There are exceptions and Gary Sinise is at the top and have had pleasure talking to him in person and over the phone. He is real, as well as his mission. But actors like Gary are rare. I shun actors/actresses no matter how good they or their pictures are if they get into politics and the 2nd amendment and try to influence with their name status. Because if we don't, they will just continue with their rants. I just wish that all those that had said and promised they would move out of the US if Trump was elected, had kept that promise.
  5. To this day I have always wondered about that also. I remember the police saying they picked up a Mauser and a picture, then later it turned into a Carcano. How? Also the different number of shots fired and changed year later. Mabe, just maybe, Oswald was involved but he wasn't the only one I believe.
  6. Not that much of a whiskey drinker, more so into Cognac since I was in my 20s and have paid as much as 155.00 for a bottle. I like Kelt and Ferrand.
  7. Couldn.t resist. Besides, Alpo needs a little humor and today, everything coming up Alpo.
  8. Happy Birthday Alpo. Dinner is on me. Come and get it!
  9. Worry should start the minute it even comes up. To many are voting because of favors given and received if you promise to vote their way. Do you really believe a politician works for the people. Politicians no longer worry about re elections, nor the NRA, and those that have moved out of Blue States have intermingled and weakened the Red States because they have been indoctrinated and billions are coming from anti gun people. How many ever thought that a country such as Australia would fall? As long as we wait and stay silent, it creeps in, until its so big we can no longer do anything about it. Just remember, these new people we elect have been indoctrinated in grade school up ward and Law School like Harvard has seen many of theirs go into politics and judges who don't uphold the laws.
  10. As was mentioned, list of who I like would be shorter. One reason me and wife haven't gone to a theatre in decades nor watch movie of actors that preach gun control yet think its okay to use them to make a fortune in movies. We enjoy watching the classics more so and could count on one hand, maybe less of TV shows we watch.
  11. There was a time religion/churches stayed out of political agendas. I won't name the church, but a friend recently left his church when the minister told his congregation to pray for our leader for a tough year ahead and the coming 4 years he will be leading and needing prayers. What does that tell you? Told him and me his church has a political agenda.
  12. Glen Campbell roll in True Grit as La Boeuf. Over acting and hardly able to deliver his lines convincingly.
  13. Selling one of my Dillons Reloader, complete with extras. Because I no longer have original box, packaging and shipping cost would be to high. So pickup only. Everything is pictured what is included. Used last this month. Originally was just selling press but have including extras pieces I have much of. Asking 375.00 For those that don't know me, Local area is Jacksonville, FL.
  14. Left the annual match early yesterday as soon as it finished since today was wife's birthday today and we had made arrangement to have an early Birthday party last night for her. Our friends have a marvelous room made into a theatre which will seat up to 20 people. On large projected screen they played the movie "How the West Was Won". I remember in 62 seeing it in its original Cinerama in Chicago. That made me think what are my favorite western movies ever made? It always came down to Tombstone, but watching How the West Was Won made me go back and forth which was my number one? I finally came up with that both are. There probable never will again a movie made with such a large cast, excellent soundtrack, and as enjoyable as such.
  15. I can relate to those. Clubs I shoot at has lost member due to health and age and some just moved from area due to new jobs. The fun is still there as well as the comaradie. Its one reason we come early before a match. I'm not as fast as I was. Past wins are still there in memories and those I use to beat are now slaughtering me in time. But, I enjoy shooting and trying to stay in the middle of the pack. Its also a great activity that keeps the mind sharp and keeps one from being a couch potato. But as I said before, its not a good feeling when spotters call a miss and you see as you turn around a spotter seeing he changes from a closed fist (clean) and sees the spotter next to him/her hold a finger up and changes his/her call to a miss. No matter what one says, it comes out equal because maybe sometime you may have a miss and its called clean. Its that match were a miss call can be a difference and in nearly 20 years I can only recall once were a miss wasn't called. One reason I would like to see more reactive type targets. It would also enhance the game having targets drop and one reason I like the Texas Star for rifle and pistols and using shotgun knockdowns for same.
  16. I'm down to 6 carbines. Selling locally has been a surprise on how quickly they have gone. Same as for the S&W Model 19s. Only 2 of them left. As to the Dillon, has all the items. I thought 350.00 would be high on used. But do want to move it so 350.00. As to shipping, I sold a Rock Chucker single stage that had been laying around last week and it cost 70.00 USPS to ship, and this Dillon weights a lot more and finding material to pack good. Shipping is not an option I care to undertake again.
  17. Thanks Bob. I was thinking 350.00 for everything and all the extras I've acquired for it. Didn't know if that maybe to high on used. Never had a problem with it or any of my Dillons. Just had them set up for different needs and saved time changing everything. Just don't want to ship so I'll put it at local matches on table and see what comes.
  18. Since selling my firearms, I'm also needing to sell at least one reloader (have 3 set up). I'm thinking of the Dillon 550B but have no idea on what to reasonable ask since its been years since acquiring these.
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