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  1. I believe our generation has seen and lived the best there is and was and now seeing the spiral down of all that was sacred. Our Constitution is being questioned, we have corruption in those that lead. Patriotism is down and serving is no longer ones duty. Our downfall is on us, the people who look for handouts thinking its the Government job or duty to take care of us, rather then be self sustaining. and working for our needs and helping when the cause arises. We allowed this to happen to the point were we now serve those in power, rather then they serve us. We see and read untruth news and happenings, yet never hold those accountable. Our system is amok and we as one time a mighty nation are now vulnerable. Our Allies no longer trust us and only time will be the test if we as a Republic will survive.
  2. The key word is "adding" not replacing. Since retirees are already being replaced and anticipated. If your key force is 100 workers, and you want to add 100 workers, your total work force would be 200 and you would maintain it by replacing retirees and those that quit or get fired. Its simple math.
  3. My neighbor was just mentioning that yesterday. They have a savings account for their child after selling a summer home last year and getting under a dollar each month on 25,000.00 savings account interest. CDs don't pay any better either.
  4. Remember "Sock Hops"? We had one every Saturday in the school gym and this was the last song always played, also my brother who graduated in early 80s and Sock Hops were now a once a month event, said it was still the last song played then. It was released in 62 and understand its still a favorite.
  5. In 1963 I graduated from High School and these were the Top Hits of 63. On the radio, there was a daily countdown of the Top 40s, based on record sales then. Again, getting Nostalgic, it seems like yesterday playing these on an AM Transistor radio, or car radio.
  6. My brother sent me this and thought I would share it here. Don't know who originally wrote this, but it does make one feel older when so many things seem like only yesterday or last week. I believe this was originally 2021, but still timely.
  7. Paris is great and as mentioned you need a month. Yes, we found the people very friendly also. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  8. So if its High Noon and you point the hour hand up at the sun, South would be were you are standing?
  9. I agree as well as the wife when I caught her eyes closed sleeping. She said it was boring. We made it almost to middle of the 3rd. Was just thinking, we are talking about the Jared Padalecki series right?
  10. And in the movies they still film how easy its to enter these new cars and reach under and pull a couple wires out and Hot Wire. Also rarely in crashes do the air bags go off.
  11. I find that most if not many Gun Owners, think the NRA or the other guy will do it. I found and see that many other groups follow through and that's why these jerks get voted in. Its why boycotts work for them. I will give a couple small example. Movie stars that are anti gun, yet we go watch their movies because------------ Rather then show our messages by not going to the theatre to see them, nor buy their DVDs or pay to watch on TV. Then there are those that were and got upset with the kneeling protest, yet we watched them play because------------- We could have made a difference, but we didn't, because we felt the other guy would do it. The same for these bills, there was a time were the politicians were hit hard with phone calls and letters showing the voters position, not just by the NRA, but concerned individuals. There are also many shooters, yes, in our game that believe they will never come after our game firearms, and as one who I asked said he would just give his firearms up and will continue to vote those that want our firearms, because he belongs to that party.
  12. And then there's the "next" firearms to be banned. Rather then ban all, snip away a little at a time till all firearms are taken from law abiding people giving criminals with guns a safer way to practice their trade.
  13. Nichelle Nichols passes at 89. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2022/jul/31/nichelle-nichols-lt-uhura-star-trek-dies
  14. So, tell me how is this matter leaning Left or Right??? Did you see or hear something to indicate this??? How is this matter "sensationalized"? People in Europe are taking this as a serious matter as the Netherlands Farmers are the #2 producers. Who is going to fill the gap?
  15. And your source for news you believe is up to date and truthful would be------------------ And the wild headlines are================================== You should share your knowledge to the congregation.
  16. It was on Fox News also. Also WGN TV , also on farm report Friday. I tried to find another link, but this one was the one that had interviews so posted it.
  17. As a past Farmer, as well as my father and many friends who still farm, they are wondering if this will come to pass and if they will be next? Received a text on this matter which I was unaware of till last night. Kinda scary were our food from the future will come from. All in the name of going Green.
  18. There's a fiction writer, Jeffrey Round, who wrote a really good novel. As I was reading it, there was a part were a Colt Python was being used and the person took the safety off so he could use it. I contacted the author about this and informed him there were no safeties on the Colt Python. After several days he wrote back and confirmed his mistake and lack of knowledge. He has since written back several times for advise and update on his new endeavors. There are a lot of authors that are not firearm savvy, as well as their proof readers who are there to correct mistakes. It takes a smart author that seeks advise in subjects he is weak in or has no knowledge in or of.
  19. That shirt is a clear look a like of Wranglers Brush Popper shirts. I have 7 of them and love them. They get real soft feeling after a couple washes. I've had one now going on 20 years and just won't wear out.
  20. No, but it looks like he's wearing a Wrangler Brush Popper shirt at least.
  21. Tony Dow, who many of us grew up with as Wally Cleaver passed away at age 77 of cancer.
  22. Westerns aren't completely dead and some have appeared mostly on TV with good ratings, Hell on Wheels, Deadwood, 1883, and contemporary westerns as Yellowstone. Some independent film makers have shot and put them directly to DVDs rather then theatre release, (one reason is you need almost a dozen backers nowadays, as one can see in the credits, to make a movie for theatres), so budgets are very limited and many shot on videotape rather then film. Kevin Costner believes westerns aren't dead yet and as Steven Spielberg said, he would like to make a western. But I also see in my 20 years in CAS/SASS that many newcomers enjoy the shooting and are very good and coming up faster then I could ever achieve. But I see less, especially at monthlies, in way of dressing up or costuming. I see less during the summer months and clubs saying its okay for short sleeves and short pants, but I see many old timers still dressing to the hilt as cowboys. What I also see is many newcomers not even joining SASS, or old timers not renewing their badges, yet wearing them. I always believe the motto, "if you ride for the brand, you back the brand". Westerns, be it movies, TVs, or just those interested in History or participating in events that bring back for a short time those thrilling days of yesterday, the West, the heroes of yesterday, and Cowboys will survive. We, CAS, and those that still ranch and round-up their cattle, hit the Rodeo circuits, maybe the last of the breed.
  23. Just don't have any interest in todays movies and rather use the cost of tickets to put to better use. Seems todays movies make the bad guy one should be rooting for. Few movie have good guys anymore that you can have a youngster model after. One thing for sure, they get away with crime(s) and give the General Public a mindset that fully auto weapons are predominant and easy to acquire. Maybe he's the model for tomorrows children. My money and time can be put to better use.
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