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  1. I went to our local Sam"s Club. She did a complete hearing test, and then setup the hearing aids for my particular hearing loss. They had the best prices of all the places I checked, and have a very good support and warranty. I wish I had done this years ago. Good luck to you. My hearing loss is from working in sawmills and timber industry for 40 years, and being too young and ignorant to wear hearing protection for the first 20.
  2. I recently got hearing aids. When wearing them the tinnitus is barely noticeable. Before it was to the point that the ringing was almost all I could hear. Now I can enjoy being out and about, and participate in conversations.
  3. Thanks for the reply Captain Clark. Great to know they will be good to go.
  4. Captain Clark, did you do anything to your Great Westerns after you got them other than shoot them? I am going to pick up a pair of Califorians with Alchamista II hammers next week. Outlaw Gambler was able to get me a consecutively numbered pair in 44-40 with 4.75" barrels. I am wanting to shoot FC and got them to pair with my 44-40 rifle. How is their point of impact as compared with point of aim?
  5. Thanks to Outlaw Gambler I will be getting a pair with consecutive serial numbers and Alchamista hammers already installed. Can hardly wait to get them and start to shoot Frontier Cartridge.
  6. Looking to buy a pair of Great Western II, Califonians, in 44-40 with 4.75" barrels. Thanks for looking.
  7. You must not have been at the matches when I posed this question. I also asked for input on this in several articles in the Spur. I voted for the rule change because all the responses I received indicated shooters wanted this change. After talking about this for almost three years I cannot believe people did not know about this or have a chance to give their TG input.
  8. I figured at $200 if I could make one work well with some work it would be a good deal.
  9. I have an opportunity to buy a couple hammered sxs. One is a Century Arms, the other a Rossi. Are they able to be made workable for our game? If so is it a DIY job, or send out to a good smith? Thanks for your advise.
  10. Five second penalty for hitting a rifle target with the revolver. Then a "P" for incorrectly engaging the rifle targets. Total of 15 seconds penalty time. There was no miss with the rifle, shooter engaged the dump target 10 times instead of the 9 times called for by the stage instructions. Pale Wolf beat me to the answer. He sure is quick this morning.
  11. Yellowhouse, that is what I had always thought. But she said that she does not want a shiny finnish on her rifle. So she did some research and came up with linseed oil. I am not about to argue with her. I am just elated that she wants to start shooting with me. Already got her an '87 shotgun, going to order a set of SASS Vaqueros, and had her old beat-up B92 sent out to be hard chromed. Before that I had Huckleberry do an action job on it, now it runs as smooth as oil on glass. Next I am going to find a Chiappa "87 and have Lassiter work it over, and have it hard chromed. Then the CIA '87 she has now can be her backup.
  12. Thanks OLG, I am in the process of refinishing the stock and forearm of a B92 for my wife. I had intended to use tongue oil, however she brought home linseed oil. She says she read that Winchester used that to finish the stocks on their long guns. I have never worked with linseed oil and was at a small loss as how to proceed.
  13. Outlaw Gambler usually has them on hand ready to go. Classic Old West Arms, is on the internet.
  14. Thanks J Bar, that was just what I was looking for. Now I can make the wife a happy lady!
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