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  1. Contact Outlaw Gambler, they are his specialty. He has many in stock, and they have all been gone over to make sure they are ready to play this game.
  2. Outlaw Gambler is the man to talk to about '97's. They are his specialty, if he can't fix them they cannot be fixed.
  3. I figured at $200 if I could make one work well with some work it would be a good deal.
  4. Winchester primers have a 5% failure to fire for me. They also produce significantly larger groups than the federals. With federal primers I have only had 2 out of 20000 not go bang. Remington is about the same for group size and reliability as winchester. The only thing that I have used CCI in and have any luck with is my Rock Island 1911, it loves them, go figure.
  5. I have an opportunity to buy a couple hammered sxs. One is a Century Arms, the other a Rossi. Are they able to be made workable for our game? If so is it a DIY job, or send out to a good smith? Thanks for your advise.
  6. watab kid, the class will cost $5.00, pay at the class. Hope to see you there.
  7. The Wisconsin Old West Shootists will be hosting a RO I class in conjunction with the SASS Wisconsin State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship, Fire In The Hills. The class will be held Friday August 23, starting at 7:00 am at the New Haven township hall in Connorsville. The class should be done in plenty of time for the participants to be able to take part in the side matches. Preregistration would be greatly appreciated, that will enable us to have the needed amount of materials and pin on hand. You can contact me via PM here or go to wowsinc.org and use any of the contact information there.
  8. Garrison Joe, I have two wool felt slouch hats from River Junction one black the other brown. I have been wearing them for the past 15 years and they look and feel just as good as they did when new. Maybe I am lucky, but I have no complaints about the wool felt hats they sell. You can also get the slouch hat from them in a beaver felt, last I checked they were about $200. River Junction sells good quality merchandise at reasonable prices.
  9. River Junction Trade Company in McGregor Iowa. riverjunction.com
  10. Well done Assassin, safety of the shooter and posse comes first. Also the reshoot is finem as the shooters' progress was impeded.
  11. Shooters Handbook page 8 Rifle must be of a design of 1880 or later. Being as the design for the Henry Big Boy is from @ 2000 it is legal for use in B Western. I have shot against a few guys using a Big Boy, they do run them well, but they don't stand up well to the rigors of this game. Use the Big Boy until you can afford an upgrade, a used Rossi can be had for about $500. Welcome, go to some matches ask questions and try the guns they offer.
  12. True, also you as the TO are lucky as you are in the splatter zone. That is why when I say squib and stop, I make contact with the shooter to make sure I have their attention. Really don't want to be that close to a gun coming apart.
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