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  1. I've never competed with BP, but have messed with it quite a bit developing loads, etc. I tried a lube called TAC-1 that I used to get off eBay. It appears (smells) to be beeswax based and it's the lube I use for my smokeless rifle and pistol bullets. I used it to lube this bullet- ....loaded with Swiss 3Fg and fired it in my 1866 Sporting Rifle in 44-40. This is the lube star after somewhere around 15 rounds- I'd have to check my notes, but I could get between 15 and 20 rounds before fouling began to build up 6" or so from the
  2. Looking to sell this very lightly used, something of a Unicorn, 5 1/2" Uberti Flat Top in 44-40. These are fairly common with 7 1/2" barrels but seldom seen with a 5 1/2" barrel. I bought this revolver as new old stock, and installed a Wolff trigger/bolt spring to perfect the timing of the bolt, which it did and the forcing cone has been cut to 11°. I've run a couple of boxes of shells through it, and it's been in the safe ever since. It is a 2003 production and therefore utilizes the 4-click hammer, and this one also has the pivoting block safety. It also has the wide target trigger which ai
  3. I cast this bullet which weighs around 220 grs. for my 1866 Sporting Rifle in 44-40- It has plenty of lube capacity for loading BP, and I've used it with both BP and smokeless. Plenty accurate for deer to at least 200 yds, IF you're good at range estimation. I load 9.5 grs. of Unique, Power Pistol or Herco and get right around 1300 fps with any of the three, same velocity, and accuracy with a case full of Swiss 3Fg. . A couple of years ago I whacked a buck with this load and he died right away with no complaints. The bullet sailed on throu
  4. Howdy Cholla


    I saw your post on the SASS Wire wanting dillon 550 tool head and .38/.357 dies. I have a new in the box Lee 3 die carbide set in .38, used dillion tool head and maybe a cartridge conversion kit, but I will have to check to see if I have an extra conversion kit. I have to go out of town tomorrow and will not be able to check what all I have until I get back in town on Sun. If you are interested, send me a message.




  5. I NOE 432421 in a 4-cavity and it casts great bullets, but they weigh almost 260 grs., if that matters to you. Also, they're currently out of stock and I've found that sometimes it takes quite awhile for them to get moulds back in stock. As others have said, Tom at Accurate moulds is a great person with whom to deal. He cuts moulds when they're ordered, you have your choice of iron, brass or aluminum, and the number of designs in his catalog is mind boggling. Accurate-.44-moulds He's a little higher than NOE but his moulds are works of art and for no additional charge you he will
  6. Thanks for the kind words, guys. The finish is BLO cut 3-1 with pure gun turpentine, no stain is used at all. The process takes weeks, sometimes months if the oil is slow drying and is definitely a labor of love. I strip the stock with the stuff from the hardware that would exfoliate an elephant. After whiskering the stock, using 1" squares of wet/dry sandpaper dipped in the oil mix, I sand the stock beginning with 220 grit, then 320, then finally 400 three to four times with each grit, allowing it to dry for 30 minutes before sloppily wiping it off with paper towels . The sand
  7. Factory finish- After stripping and hand rubbing in linseed oil-
  8. I love using old and reproductions of the old firearms for hunting. This 131 year old '73 Winchester in 38-40 worked perfectly this year. Was loaded with 1.9cc of Swiss 3Fg under a home-cast 192 gr. FP cast from ordinary wheelweights. Last seasons take with the pictured Bisley in 45 Colt. Both were right at 50 yds. out and taken with a cast bullet handload. (A little luck helps with shots like these!) This little Uberti has been a wonderful hunting arm for me. This old '97 got me a limit of the little gray rockets. Cholla
  9. I guess it's a good thing nobody told the owners of 1886 Winchester 45-70's not to shoot RN bullets in them for the last 130 years.
  10. If it helps with your decision, I sold a 3rd Generation Colt 4 3/4" .44 Special and kept a like configured Uberti. Absolutely no functional difference and the Uberti has provided yeoman service, especially in the field! Good luck in your quest. Cholla
  11. Dang right they're out there.... ...not even close to for sale, though. Regarding the strength of the 1873 action, I've not seen a single documented case of an action destroyed, but over on the CAS forum there are a couple of pics of toggle link actions that were over loaded. In each case, the action survived intact, the barrel, not so much.
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