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  1. If not sold let me know will take it. Can text to 402-376-6130 or call. Thanks

  2. Is your Rossi 92 in 44-40 still for sale?

    Can you tell me some more details about the rifle?  How much have you shot it?  Do you know who did the work on the rifle?  Are there many/any handling marks on the gun?  If so can you provide pictures? 


    When I started Cowboy Shooting about 20 years ago I used an original Winchester 92 in 44-40 that was worn out.  So I replaced it with a new EMF 92 in 44-40 that was nothing but problems, so I replaced it with a Marlin Cowboy.  I have always liked the looks of the 92 and would like another one but I am not sure if this is the best time for me to get one.


    Thanks in advance for any addition information you can provide.


    Curly Pete

    1. Frio Canyon Ranger, SASS# 48850

      Frio Canyon Ranger, SASS# 48850

      I picked this up on the Wire a little over a year ago. I've shot BP for a while and was going to go to 44-40 because it doesn't foul as easy. Got sick and haven't shot since.

      Not sure who did the work, but the gun is smooth and handles nicely. It's a beautiful gun and in very good to excellent shape.



  3. Matt, 

    do these Star 9mm come with the original box?

    what kind of sights?



    1. Chinaman,SASS32908


      What happened to the double rig you had on here a few day ago?

    2. Barleycorn Outfitters
  4. Will need e mail address than I can send you pictures.  Curtis  

    Frio Canyon Ranger, Hope I am replying to the correct buyer.

    Send Certified check in amount of $735.00 to and signed copy of FFl holder with ship to address to me at


    Curtis Haugan

    4503 Dantzler Ct.

    High Point, NC 27265

    e-mail  curtakacrip@gmail.com

    phone 336-454-5894

    Frio I would appreciate a phonecall to make sure i am replying to the correct person as this wire is so complicated. thanks

    Curtis aka "Crip" SASS# 7940

    1. Frio Canyon Ranger, SASS# 48850

      Frio Canyon Ranger, SASS# 48850

      you are replying to the correct buyer.

      email is johnmkelley52@yahoo.com



    2. Curt Haugann

      Curt Haugann

      Thnks for the reply

      Crip aka Curtis

    3. Frio Canyon Ranger, SASS# 48850

      Frio Canyon Ranger, SASS# 48850

      I will get the $$$ out today. Hope a USPS money order works.

      My FFL will email you a copy of his license.

      Can you send me some pics of the rifle?


      Have a Great Day and God Bless.



  5. Rube, I have a brand new, unfired Taylor's Model 1866 SRC, in 38spec, that has a short stroke, action job and the barrel band has been replaced with a band barrel front sight. The rear sight has also been replaced with a Marbles Full Buckhorn sight.

    If you'd be interested in a trade, straight up for the Marlin, let me know.


    Thanks and God Bless


  6. Do you need a 38 spec rifle?

    I have a new unfired '66 Carbine, 38spec, 19" round barrel with a 5th gen Pioneer Gun Works short stroke kit in it and I'm looking for some 45LC revolvers...........

    1. Knucky McPolack

      Knucky McPolack

      Tempting but not right now.  I want to sell these so I can get a set in 38.  Thanks

  7. Good Morning. I have a new unfired Mdl '66 Yellowboy, 38spec Carbine, 19" round barrel with a 5th Gen Pioneer Gunworks short stroke that I'd be willing to trade for your Marlin and Stoeger.if you still have them and are interested in a trade.




  8. how do I unsave text in a classified post?

  9. The Smoke wagons are the "deluxe model" which are tuned when you buy them. These were tuned by Cody Conegher.

  10. Have the Smoke wagons had any tuning, (action work), done to them?

  11. I don't know what to tell you, I complained, they said they will check, did you receive it yet? This sucks, the one time I send cash, the one time, and it gets ripped off?!

    That's just crazy, the odds of that are like 20,000,000 to one!

    Hopefully it shows up late, but shows up.


  12. Hey big guy, did you get your money yet? I am not pushing for the belt, I am in no hurry, I just want to make sure you got the CASH, I didn't send an check

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