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  1. Thought I was going to get back into the game, but COVID-19 and other issues have said otherwise, so I'll be selling the guns I picked up. SELLING AS A SET. GREAT PACKAGE FOR SOMEONE GETTING INTO THE GAME. First, I have a Uberti Mdl. '66 Sporting Rifle, in 45Colt 18.5" Full Octagon Barrel ( originally 24" barrel shortened by Johnny Meadows) Johnny Meadows action and trigger package Pioneer Super Short Stroke Firing pin extension Lightened carrier Next is a pair of Great Western "Californians" NEW IN BOX NEVER FIRED 5 1/2" barrels Color Case Hardened frame 3.5# trigger pull Consecutive serial numbers ALL THREE GUNS FOR $1900 + $75 Shipping to your FFL. Your FFL MUST accept guns from private individuals, or any extra charges will be the responsibility of the buyer. NO SALES TO CALIFORNIA. Last time I tried that it was a fiasco. First, "I'LL TAKE 'EM" posted here on the Wire is the new owner. Due to current circumstances, I am not looking for trades or offers. Thanks for Lookin' and God Bless Frio
  2. The action work was completed prior to my picking this up. I broke the rifle down when I received it and the work that was done was completed nicely. Action is smooth and the rifle is mechanically sound.
  3. I have a Rossi Mdl 1892, in .44-40 up for sale. Previous sale couldn't be completed. Rifle is in very good condition. This is a pre-bolt safety model. Bought it last year, off the Wire, and haven't had a chance to take it to a match, so... 24" full octagon barrel, butt cover and lever wrap, action job. Price is $650.00 + $35.00 shipping to your FFL. ( I can have it shipped from an FFL, if needed, for extra charge) . First, "I'll take it", posted here on the Classified, is the new owner. Not looking for any trades or offers, as I'm getting out of the game. Thanks for stopping by to take a look and God Bless. Frio
  4. If not sold let me know will take it. Can text to 402-376-6130 or call. Thanks

  5. Is your Rossi 92 in 44-40 still for sale?

    Can you tell me some more details about the rifle?  How much have you shot it?  Do you know who did the work on the rifle?  Are there many/any handling marks on the gun?  If so can you provide pictures? 


    When I started Cowboy Shooting about 20 years ago I used an original Winchester 92 in 44-40 that was worn out.  So I replaced it with a new EMF 92 in 44-40 that was nothing but problems, so I replaced it with a Marlin Cowboy.  I have always liked the looks of the 92 and would like another one but I am not sure if this is the best time for me to get one.


    Thanks in advance for any addition information you can provide.


    Curly Pete

    1. Frio Canyon Ranger, SASS# 48850

      Frio Canyon Ranger, SASS# 48850

      I picked this up on the Wire a little over a year ago. I've shot BP for a while and was going to go to 44-40 because it doesn't foul as easy. Got sick and haven't shot since.

      Not sure who did the work, but the gun is smooth and handles nicely. It's a beautiful gun and in very good to excellent shape.



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