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  1. SASS RO2 COURSE: COWTOWN (in Peoria, AZ) Sun. 3/15/20; 8:30AM - 2:30PM * Course is open to all SASS members. * RO-I “certification” must have been completed in the last year. * RO–II “Refresher” courses are encouraged annually. So if you have taken the RO-II course previously, then take this. There will be plenty of rule refreshers from RO-I. * Pack a lunch; snacks/water provided * Course Fee (paid at course): - 1st Time students: $25 - Refresher students: $10 * Taught by Shamrock Sadie and Flying W Ramrod. * Registration/Questions: send email to ShamrockSadie@gmail.com Directions to Cowtown: https://ccsa-az.com/directions/
  2. Shooters at clubs are probably going to vote to change this safety rule, as they don’t want a penalty for it. It happens quite frequently because they aren’t called on it. Changing this safety rule is not fixing the real problem; it appears to be a reaction to minimizing the complaints of getting a SDQ penalty. The real issue is about TOs not making the calls; picking and choosing which rules they like and don’t like. I’d bet this happens at every match. I see comments to FB posts all of the time where shooters say they wouldn’t make the call in certain scenarios; even when it’s clear in the rules what the penalty is...because they don’t like the rule. ** Making the calls will change the behavior of the shooters to be more attentive to their firearms. ** I guarantee that most TGs aren’t going to explain the issues and risks of changing the rule to their club members. The reason I’m saying that is that most haven’t responded to past votes (per reports from the SASS office) and many don’t know the rules or reason for a rule. I would think that SASS as a whole (which includes the SASS office, the founders, the ROC, and the shooters) would want to maintain SASS’s reputation of being the safest shooting sport in the world. Would like the ROC and founding members to reconsider completely pulling out a safety rule based on a Yes/No vote (that doesn’t have a response for comments from the TGs for other considerations on the rule).
  3. SASS CAS has been tagged as one of the most safest shooting sports in the world. Taking away the LTO and potential issues with proposed rifle hammer change impacts the safety stance of this game. Clubs will usually say watch each other at the loading table - so they don’t have to have that extra person working it. Well, I rarely see people watching folks load their guns at the LT. If that were happening, then folks wouldn’t load 10 rounds on 9 round stage nor walk up to the line with a cocked hammer. Granted, an inattentive LTO may not catch it, but the LTO minimizes the risks more than rare occurrences of folks actually checking each other at the LT.
  4. Hello Dusty....I didn't build the ACES program and don't maintain it. I compiled these instructions back in 2013, for use with the SASS scoring program. I just recently updated the instructions. The web site for the ACES program is located here: https://acesscoring.com/ Pitt Viper and his crew built the program and may be able to answer your questions. Ken Nelson (Pitt Viper): ken@acesscoring.com pitt@acesscoring.com ken@kennelson.com
  5. I have updated the compiled instructions for using the Automated Cowboy Easy Scoring (A.C.E.S.) program in conjunction with the SASS Premier Scoring Program. The instructions are for use with Android devices as well as iPads (separate documents) and are available in PDF and MS Word documents. The steps include registering shooters using the SASS Premier Scoring program, syncing to a handheld device, scoring using A.C.E.S., and then syncing back with the SASS Premier Scoring program in order to generate reports. Other topics outlined in the documents include: Equipment needed (A.C.E.S. devices, Wi-Fi routers, etc.) Scoring staff needed Meeting with posse marshals Scoring official checklist, to include the use of the SASS Premier Scoring program for reports in a major match There are PDF and MS Word files for each. The MS Word documents are there if you want to modify it with your own match instructions. The files can be found on this site: A.C.E.S. Instructions using the SASS Premier Scoring Program
  6. Sorry for your loss. You're in our prayers. ...Shamrock & Knot
  7. Thanks for the update! I've been wondering how you have been doing, PWB. Glad you are doing better and that you have stopped trying to give us all a scare. Now heed the doctor's orders and don't over do it. You are family and we all care about you and want you to get better, cowboy. Have a Merry Christmas!
  8. Cowgirls...Are you ready to work on Transitions to speed up your game? Well this is the time to do it! The Doily Gang will be hosting a Ladies Only Clinic (for all ages) at the 2017 National Championship (Winter Range). This is a clinic to work on TRANSITIONS! The agenda has been changed to allow for more one-on-one coaching. So if you have attended in the past, you might want to sign up again. *NOTE: We will first sign up those students who did not attend the clinic in 2016. Those that attended in 2016 can sign up, but will be placed on the alternate list. We will notify all alternates as soon as possible if they will or will not be able to attend. Cost: $30 per shooter (paid at the berm); proceeds will be go to the SASS Scholarship Fund. Instructors: Top Lady Shooters Belinda Belle Bonnie MacFarlane Crazy Little Woman Dixie Bell Echo Meadows Half-A-Hand-Henri Honey B Quick Kathouse Kelli Sassy Dancer Shamrock Sadie Texas Tiger Two Sons Whirlwind Wendy Registration: Please Contact the Doily Gang at info@doilygang.com by Feb. 7, 2015 (registration will fill up quickly) Maximum # of Students: 40 ... Sorry, we are unable to take walk-ups for this clinic, so sign up soon. We will have an alternate list and if there are cancellations, we will notify students as soon as possible. *NOTE: We will first sign up those students who did not attend the clinic in 2016. Those that attended in 2016 can sign up, but will be placed on the alternate list. We will notify all alternates as soon as possible if they will or will not be able to attend. When: Tuesday, Feb. 21st, 2017 (2:00 PM to 5:00 PM) Please arrive 15 minutes prior to clinic start time (for payment and registration). The Doily Gang will be handling registration for this clinic. Where: Stages 1-4 What to bring: Everything you would bring to shoot a stage: Pistols (and holsters), Rifle, Shotgun (and SG belt) Minimum Rounds: 40 pistol, 40 Rifle, 20 SG Stool (something to sit on) Cowgirl Attitude & Heart Topics: Quick safety briefing starting in the clinic bay Tips on TRANSITIONS with all guns Participants will shoot their guns (one-on-one critiques will be provided); This has been changed to allow for more one-on-one coaching Again, please Contact the Doily Gang at info@doilygang.com by Feb. 7, 2015 to register.
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