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  1. Howdy, Bob! Hope all is well with you; haven’t seen you in a while. As for changing hands with the revolver, though not specifically stated in the SHB, changing the revolver from one “hand” to the other means transferring from one “hand” that is gripping the revolver to the other “hand” gripping the revolver.
  2. Get in the side where you can see the gun. You can’t see the ejection ports from the left side. Some people are tall, some short, some big, some small. Too many T/Os think it’s just about pushing the timer button and calling out the score and they just watch for hits not even paying attention to the guns. I saw a LOT of that this weekend when folks were running the timer. The shooter was already at the next window and the T/O was still at the previous window watching targets. Granted, it was super hot, so attention spans were short. Get where you can see the ejection port of the rifle and SG, watch the hammer on the rifle, and watch the pistols; not the targets. Sometimes I have to squat so I can see the guns, sometimes I have to stand on my toes. You can angle yourself where you can watch knockdowns, see where the shooter is pointing their guns, and still see the guns.
  3. I put up the money to buy the Pro Zoom so I’m not locked into 40-minute refreshers and so I could record in the cloud.
  4. How do you send the class link out? Is it the same link with a recurring meeting or is it a new meeting each time with a different link? Just wondering how your students get the link. Thanks for the info.
  5. I have that set, but when I start the mtg, that means I have to watch the requests to enter and admit when I'm talking in the mtg. (would be distracting). It would also be difficult to tell is their name is a Cowboy/Cowgirl too. The link in the DG page has the passcode imbedded in the URL (encrypted), so that folks don't have to type in the passcode. So if I had two different communication channels (one for a URL and one for the passcode, then that would work). But the passcode would have to be separate and no indication of how to get to the URL. I have the chat restricted too and only where I can screen share. --- but now that you bring it up, that might take care of a hacker putting inappropriate images and chats in the mtg. Anyone could still come in as long as they have the URL; the hacker could put an inappropriate emoji on the screen - ugh, hackers! My cybersecurity side of my brain is showing. Would be good to have a separate forum with users vetted as current SASS members.
  6. Nice! Looks great, Randy! You guys sure do know how to put on a match! Love the target color for acquisition, great scenarios, great target distant, great banquet, great people, and I could go on an on
  7. I was very hesitant to get on FB back in 2012, until I was seeing I was missing out on a lot of communication with family, friends, and SASS info, so I bit the bullet and joined. So I understand. The vetted FB page was the only way I could figure this out to keep hackers from joining the call. If I said to this very large group to email me to get access, then I’d still have to vet that they were really a cowboy/girl, and possibly respond to a lot of emails (and vetting through the FB group is less time consuming than emails). The SASS Wire is open to anyone. If there were a locked down forum that only current SASS members had access to, then I could post the info there. If you or anyone else has any ideas of how I can get the mtg link to SASS folks and not out to the public, I would definitely look into it. PM me and I’ll get you in on the mtg. I’ll open the forum to look at my PM alerts, but I don’t get an alert when I’m PM’d and the email notifications from the forum don’t always get to me (then it becomes logging into emails at that point - for notifications). So I might be a little slow to respond; we”re packing today for a long camping trip.
  8. Join in on the SASS Rules Refresher virtual Zoom meeting! 8/302020 (Sunday) at 5 PM EDT (2 PM PDT) I know it’s a short notice, but making it available if others would like to join. More virtual meetings will occur when we get a good internet connection (we’ll be traveling soon). These SASS Rules Refresher virtual meetings are not sponsored by SASS, but independently provided by a certified RO Instructor: Shamrock Sadie (SASS Life # 78511). Meeting Participant Limit: The Zoom meeting is limited to 100 participants, so there may be minimal interaction if greater than 15 participants. There is No Limit on the meeting time, but the instructor will try to keep it to 1 hour or less, while allowing for questions during the meeting. If the 100-participant capacity is reached, you should get a message when trying to log in that the meeting is full. How to Join the meeting: Since the Doily Gang group is a Public Group, BUT members are VETTED as SASS Cowboys and Cowgirls, I am providing the meeting link only through the Doily Gang Facebook page (and my FB page). This is the only way to share the meeting link to limit it to SASS Cowboys and Cowgirls. I don't want hackers joining (LOL). To join the Doily Gang Facebook page, you will have to answer 3 questions related to SASS, I’ll review your profile, then approve if it appears you are a SASS Cowboy or Cowgirl. If can’t tell, I will not be able to allow you into the group. Join the Doily Gang Facebook page at least an hour before the meeting, so I will have time to vet new members ... thank you. The Doily Gang FB page link, details of the meeting, and Zoom instructions are located here on the following “hidden” webpage: http://www.doilygang.com/rules-refreshers
  9. You will certainly be in our prayers, Widder. Knot said you’re taken this gamin’ stuff too far. Good luck with the surgery and get better soon. ...Shamrock and Knot
  10. You might want to indicate the sweeps that have multiple names. Ex: Lawrence Welk sweep (aka Progressive sweep), Reverse Lawrence Welk is also called a Regressive sweep. Of course, it all depends which region you are shooting in as to the name of the sweeps.
  11. We had a fantastic time at the match! Great target setup and well written stages to allow for smooth runs for any style of shooting. Everything from the application entry, communication to the shooters, the schedule, registration, camping setup, warm-ups, side matches, scorekeeping, meals, and awards was just perfect! On top of that, the entire Montana community are some awesome Cowboys and Cowgirls; very friendly and welcoming to everyone. This is certainly a go to bucket list match!Be sure to shoot the Sun River Shootists annual match (in Simms, MT) the weekend before for a great warm-up to the State match and some mighty fine shooting stages, target setup, building props, great food, and wonderful folks. You’ll like that match too! Both clubs sure did go all out to make sure everyone had fun! Well done, Black Horse Shootists and Sun River Rangers!
  12. Hello Dusty....I didn't build the ACES program and don't maintain it. I compiled these instructions back in 2013, for use with the SASS scoring program. I just recently updated the instructions. The web site for the ACES program is located here: https://acesscoring.com/ Pitt Viper and his crew built the program and may be able to answer your questions. Ken Nelson (Pitt Viper): ken@acesscoring.com pitt@acesscoring.com ken@kennelson.com
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