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  1. Mansfield started at 10 AM today, Was about freezing, felt warmer around noon, got cold again at 3... If we started at noon, we would still be there shooting under lights. Shorter days call for shorter/quicker stages
  2. As a TO, If my spotters call a P that I did not see for whatever reason, I have them explain what exactly they observed. Then make the call or not based on that input, a fair number of times it ends up a no call as it was a spotter with confusion as to a sweep, or round count. (most often happens on the first few shooters in a new stage as getting the new sequence into some folks brains take longer ) Then if time allows I use the possible call as a teaching tool, why is it or is it not a P. Like a shooter clearly aiming at the wrong target, but missing etc. As for a "foot fault" the clubs I shoot with regularly have changed the wording of positions from "behind" etc to AT which we define in the walk thru as able to reach the position to retrieve or put down a gun without moving, or "when targets are visible" you may engage. There are enough things to watch down range and on the upper part of a shooter, then add watching for a foot in the wrong place. Hard enough to watch a possibly closed action with a live round and feet, why add more?
  3. Well the grass was kinda high at that shoot off, was fun though!
  4. Boomstick, I had this problem once is 10 years of using TB on a Lee 1000 with their powder disk drop. (I check powder level on each case with a high tech stick and sharpie mark, very scientific) and was getting inconsistent, and light drops, drove me nuts. Found out after disassembly of the drop that a spider had built a nest of eggs in the one spot on the disk I use.... Luckily I found them early cause of the "Stick" I pull one out 100 cases and measure the powder just to confirm the drop is correct and my stick hasn't gone out of calibration. So far so good for 10 plus years and may thousands for 45 Colt. I use 5.4 TB with 200g bullets from a variety of manufactures, Federal primers only, no magnum or match. One squib in 10 years, must have been a good song on the radio or something that day. It's frustrating when something that otherwise has worked flawlessly starts to go wrong. Also that's some of the fun of loading your own.
  5. Johnny Meadows did both of mine, even fixed what I had messed up I believe he is moving at the moment, but hopes to be back up and working soon. Camp Verde Gun and Repair Love mine and they are built like a tank.
  6. Nutmeg Ryder 74966 Rhode Island Lincoln County Lawmen, or wherever there's a shoot Been having this fun for about 11 years now.
  7. or one that i noticed on the Merit Parkway in CT. "Depressed Storm Drains" Poor things!
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