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  1. Griff, Is it ever too hot for a mint julip?
  2. I can't count on both hands and most toes how many "P's" I have gotten from stae I have written, set up, read and then shot, wrong!
  3. A few years back I was lucky enough to be range master for the NE Regional, we had the stages written early in the year, we shot all of them at 3 different clubs over the 3 or 4 months before the Great Nor'Easter. No one other than myself and the Match Director knew we were shooting regional stages. The feedback from shooters, and scorecards was invaluable to fixing issues, before a major match. It allowed us to correct "P" traps we did not anticipate, among other issues, and some wording of stage directions. So in short, if the RM and MD use monthly matches leading up to a major m
  4. Nutmeg Ryder 74966 Rhode Island Lincoln County Lawmen, or wherever there's a shoot Been having this fun for about 11 years now.
  5. or one that i noticed on the Merit Parkway in CT. "Depressed Storm Drains" Poor things!
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