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  1. Kinda sounds like Sunday mornings at a multi day match after the banquet! YMMV
  2. RI/Mass/CT all getting going again. Face Covering, distance among other C19 guidelines. Been working fairly well actually.
  3. Not a steel related "Splatter" but I caught my own 200g 45 slug in the chest after shooting a bowling pin. It was like getting kicked by a horse. The bullet was not deformed other than rifling marks. I reloaded it again! Never shot a bowling pin with cowboy loads again though.
  4. AT the NY State match my camper was about 200 yards back from bays 2 and 3. At pack up I had lead bits falling off my awning as it rolled up. It happens even with good targets set on good stands. ALWAYS keep your glasses on!
  5. We always reset it to it's balance point. Or give it a spin for certain shooters
  6. The concern of an accidental discharge at the loading or unloading table came up in Pelham, NH for the Nor' Easter, the walls in the micro bay's are concrete. If we had continued the Regional, the cowboys would have had to build and install 10 backstops of 2x4 and plywood to keep a ricochet or chunks of concrete from coming back off the wall in case of an AD. The blocks do a nice job overall, they do not take up as much of a footprint as a dirt berm, they are louder to shoot in, ask Milo . You do have to be careful of shooting cross bay, and misses/splatter hitting them. I can't remember where, but a club used the blocks, then covered the whole thing with wood planks, I'm sure it was costly, but looked nice, and the wood absorbs more of the splatter and stops it.
  7. Happy Trails the SASS shooter and Gunsmith from RI? If so you can find his website here https://www.thesmithshop.com his contact info is there.
  8. I was getting cuts, and bruising from my trigger guard, the bruising hurt, the cuts were actually bad. I took some fine grain emery cloth and rounded the sharp edge of the trigger guard, this stopped the bleeding, the bruising also stopped. Also a firm grip on the wrist helps keep the gun from sliding back. I found it was mostly happening when shucking empties, not the firing of the rounds. Perhaps the round your using for trap is a little heavy?
  9. Nutmeg Ryder 74966 Rhode Island Lincoln County Lawmen, or wherever there's a shoot Been having this fun for about 11 years now.
  10. or one that i noticed on the Merit Parkway in CT. "Depressed Storm Drains" Poor things!
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