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  1. While not a "super stage" we have been trying for the last two years to do an Iron Cowboy match the Sunday of Thanksgiving. 4 Pistol 2 Rifle and 8-10 shot gun for 3 stages. The weather has prevented it happening though. Maybe this year, but with how 2020 is going I am not banking on it!
  2. My bank, asks people to wear a mask, but has a greeter, who does a list of questions. then you stand on a mark, remove the mask, they take a picture and your temp. Put the mask on and go to a teller..
  3. When I am running timer I pull my bandanna up over my nose/mouth. When the shooter is done, tug it down to announce time/call next shooter as I am not "close" to anyone. I don't know for sure that I may or may not be positive, and with the age of a lot of our shooters being in the higher risk range, it's a mild inconvenience to keep these people who I like, even love, around to shoot in the coming years. I encourage shooters to NOT wear a mask when on the shooting line, I want them to see where the guns are pointed as I feel an errant Pew Pill is way more dangerous than this virus. This means I wear one to help, maybe, protect them even a little bit. Do I forget sometimes to pull it up when I call the shooter up, yes, no one is perfect, but I have not had a shooter ask me to pull it up either. I have not found however that it helps at all with Black Powder shooters
  4. Nutmeg Ryder 74966 Rhode Island Lincoln County Lawmen, or wherever there's a shoot Been having this fun for about 11 years now.
  5. or one that i noticed on the Merit Parkway in CT. "Depressed Storm Drains" Poor things!
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