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  1. Judge was one of the people to encourage me to switch categories and start shooting FCGF. I guess I made the switch just when his health started to fail him. He would continue to encourage me, but all along the way remind me that he was going to put a whoopin' on me once he got better. I tried to poke at him and encourage him back by telling him that I wished he would get well soon because I was ready to give him a go. Truthfully, I would love nothing more than to be whooped by one of the best just one more time. Just rest assured that today there is one more angel in heaven. We'll miss you, cowboy.
  2. I have also seen folks use it in order to get you from point A to Point B. For instance, you shoot a shotgun at Point A, but the stage writer wants you to shoot pistols from Point B. So, instead of having 20 minutes of arguing on how close you have to be to point B to shoot the pistols, they put a table at Point B and tell you to put the shotgun on that table.
  3. Isn't that a kale slaw that you put on a veggie hot dog? It is a cousin to sauerkraut, but that is usually reserved for bratwurst, I think...
  4. You think you've got problems? What are you supposed to do if you are a manically depressed robot? No, don't try to answer that. I'm fifty thousand times more intelligent than you and even I don't know the answer. It gives me a headache just trying to think down to your level.
  5. There is also a microtel in Shelbyville. It was close to booked up last I looked.
  6. Camping info http://wartraceregulators.com/StateMatch.aspx We were able to get a room in Shelbyville. Might be an option for others.
  7. IfJust to drive this point home: SHB pg 16 Was the rifle in either of these conditions when the rifle left the shooter's hand? According to the OP, no as "the TO notices that there is a live round in the chamber". OK, then is there a penalty for this? Take a look at the poket RO Card and see...
  8. The rule is looking for a live round in the chamber - not whether the action is open or closed. It is not looking to see whether or not the action is closed. It does not even specify that the round has to be fully seated in the chamber, just that the round is in the chamber. It could be that it is part way in the chamber. Doesn't matter as it is in the chamber. That being said.... The OP does not say, but if the round was in the chamber but the action still open, the shooter could simply close the action and fire off the round. The round would not have been ejected as they had not cycled the action yet. I've seen too many rounds go off with the rifle not in battery and bullets not fully seated in the chamber to say whether or not a particular rifle will fire if you dropped it or pulled the trigger in an unknown condition. SHB Pg 42 the items listed in SHB Pg 17-18 on how to deal with a long gun whose action is closed when discarded is an entirely different issue. This big paragraph came into being a couple years ago when the MSV for a discarded long gun with the action closed was removed from the rule book. SHB Pg 17-18
  9. The Minor Safety for a round on the carrier is correctable before the next gun is fired. The SDQ for a live round in the chamber when discarded is not correctable. SHB Pg 42 Keep reading...If the live round was in the chamber as indicated inthe OP, this is not correctable. SHB Pg 17-18
  10. May I just also add that this exact WTC just might show up as a test question if anyone just happens to wonder when they take their next ROI class or a refresher...That is what the little star on the view graph on page 48 reminds us, anyway.
  11. Negative, ghostrider. The TO is the ultimate authority on Ps. Not Misses. SHB PG 23 SHB Pg 20 ROI Pg 48 (emphasis added)
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