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  1. QUESTION: If the lighter/faster bullet hits lower because it exits the muzzle before recoil effects its travel, AND, the heavy/slower bullet hits higher because recoil is effecting its trajectory before it exits the muzzle, wouldn't barrel length play a part of the equation? How about a light faster bullet in a Long Barrel (lets say 7") vs. a heavy, slower bullet in a 3" barrel. Looks like a whole new ball game to me if you factor in those items. ..........Widder
  2. Rolan, this is sad indeed. My condolences and Prayers for comfort to you and the family members. ..........Widder
  3. Thats funny. I'm one of them amphibidextrious fellers. I can normally type with my brain disengaged... and still use all 11 fingers with great viscosity..... ..........Widder
  4. Hey Rance. My opinion only: It would be nice if our 'subjectiveness' had more of a distinct guideline....... something like 3-4" apart. But, who really wants to start measuring? I don't. Honestly, I like Creeker's position. Its a defined method and eliminates any subjective judgement calls...AND, it makes it the same for all of us. One other thing I must admit..... If I miss an 18x20" plate at 15 yards with my rifle and hit another plate 3" to the side, there is NO WAY I will argue the 'Clean Miss' thing. Missing something like that and hitting the wrong target deserves a legitimate 'P' for me..... What's on your mind? ..........Widder
  5. Marshal, where did you get a pic of my long ago girlfriend? P.S. - if you look real close, you'll see some blow bubbles I'm making under the water..... ..........Widder
  6. Howdy Ozark Ranger. Your grain of salt is just as good as the rest of us old salts..... Your summation of hits and miss is correct. But in this discussion of missing the correct target and hitting another 'like' target that either overlaps or is much too close wouldn't warrant a 'P' but rather just a miss. My reasons for this thread are to learn from others what might constitute what is referred to as a 'Clean Miss', where a shooter is given the Miss but not a 'P' for hitting that 'kissing' target hanging right beside it. I don't pretend to know the right answer but the few times I have witnessed it, there was a judgement call involved. And those judgement calls seem to be 'subjective'. When I started this thread, I was thinking maybe 4 inches or so would be a reasonable measurement between targets. But I must admit that Creekers post takes ALL doubt and guess work out of it and allows a clear cut manner in deciding how to determine whether a shot is determined a 'Clean Miss' or a 'P'. Thanks everyone for your good input. ..........Widder
  7. Nice rifle Rye. Ya done good. ..........Widder
  8. Great post Fellers. Thanks. Junky's post also gave me a thought on target placements in relationship to their design, i.e..... square, rectangular, diamond, round..... etc... Example: if 2 diamond shaped targets are spaced 1/2 inch apart with ONLY the right tip of the left target and the left tip of the right target being 1/2 inch...may even less. To me, this setup would allow a Clean Miss because only a super small portion of the targets would be close. BUT, if you take 2 square or retangular targets and set them up with the same spacing from edge to edge, this would not allow a clean miss, in my opinion. Like Phantom posted earlier, it can be subjective. Some of you Pards are starting to make me think differently about the 'clean miss' thing. ..........Widder
  9. HE's BACK...... and now, he's 89K+ richer tonight. Some of the questions tonight were impossible to imagine that anyone would know the answers. Yet, there were some smart competitors tonight. Go James..... GO! ..........Widder
  10. You may have hit that proverbial subjective nail on the tip... ..........Widder
  11. Your point is well taken. But if a shooter shot at #3 and hit #4, then shot at #4 and hit #3, if those targets are overlapped or only allowed a 'couple' inches between them, could the shooter have a legitimate protest that he/she wasn't allowed a Clean Miss because the targets were too close? I'm not being argumentative or trying to prove a particular point but rather I'm trying to better understand the 'Clean Miss' thing. ..........Widder
  12. Howdy Wyatt. That is a good questions that might help us determine what is allowable within the definition of 'Clean Miss'. To answer your question within the subject of 'Clean Miss', if targets 3 & 4 don't allow a Clean Miss, then their close placement (or overlapping) would only allow a miss..... and not a 'P'. What do you think? ..........Widder
  13. H.K., In your example and based solely on my opinion at this time, if targets 3 & 4 were really close together, OR if they overlapped, your 1st example would be 1 Miss. Your 2nd example would be 2 Misses..... assuming the 'Close or Overlapping' was in play. ..........Widder
  14. I like the 'attitude' on both of these. Tombstone mentioned a particular distance 'guideline' with good info about walk-thru information. Rance mentioned 'Judgement call'. The aspect I like about this is that is can weigh heavily in favor of the shooter, especially if it becomes a 'benefit of doubt' situation. Howdy Grizz. I'm doing well, thank you. Hope you are doing well. I got a 'reasonably' good evaluation from my heart doc last Friday. He knows a valve replacement is in my future, but for now, he says my flow restrictions have leveled off and hopefully can maintain that status for a while longer. Like Jimmy Buffet sezs..... "living and dying in 3 quarter time"..... ..........Widder
  15. I have my 'opinion' on what is considered a 'Clean Miss' when it pertains to shooting at a target and having enough room to miss without hitting another target. And when that 'other' target is a 'same type target', that Miss penalty can be determined as a 'P' if that other target is hit out of order. But, we are told that the shooter should be allow a 'Clean Miss'. If Mr. Cowboy is 6'2" tall, two targets might not overlap, there fore, his shooting angle would be different from a Ms.Cowgirl that is 5' tall, where 2 separate targets could overlap, therefore not allowing her a 'Clean Miss'. Sooooooo, is there any precise definition of a Clean Miss? A fellow Cowboy shooter and I were having a discussion on this, with varying opinions. Any insight (and even opinions) are appreciated. THANKS. ..........Widder
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