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  1. Hi Tequila. YES, it was my main match SG. The CB series IAC 97's are very good shotguns. ..........Widder
  2. Not exactly. Its: 16" diamonds are easier to MISS than 16" squares. ..........Widder
  3. Its probably hard to cycle for various reasons, more so than just a lack of oiling. As others have suggested, it might be a good parts gun, if you can get it cheap. Have you tried the Classifieds or try to contact Outlaw Gambler. If I were looking for a good, reliable 97 right now, I would get with Outlaw Gambler. ..........Widder
  4. Sounds like Ruger hired someone from S&W and Colt to set up those pistols..... ..........Widder
  5. WOW Chief. Thanks for the pics and info. You obviously have a good taste in the .454 Casull. ..........Widder
  6. You're in California..... how do you know they are really goats? I mean, you've got some choices like: 1. Politicians 2. Neighbors kids dressed up for Halloween etc......... ..........Widder
  7. Phantomborg don't wear his feelings on his sleeve. I suspect he thinks most of the rest of us don't either. He'd probably give any of us the shirt off his back. After all, its got a huge bullseye on it..... ..........Widderborg
  8. Thats a good pic. I like the crossed pistols with the rope circled around them. Very appropriate. ..........Widder
  9. Good info..... Thanks Everyone. Billy B: I'm considering on getting one and begging Snake Oil George put a 7" Octagon barrel on it. Actually, I plan to have the Octagon barrel set up in a 'Bull Barrel' configuration with a slot milled into the area where a 5.5" Ejector rod housing will fit. If the barrel is oversized, the ejector rod housing will need to be recessed into the barrel in order to remain straight with the frame area it mates up against. Initially, my plan is to use the Ruger Red Hawk front site system or a dovetail cut into the top area to fit a 'Hunter' style site. I haven't acquired the pistol YET..... but seriously considering it. Thanks for ALL the info. ..........Widder
  10. Why did you leave out 'Shotgun Shell BELTS'? ..........Widder
  11. Any of you notorious Pards own or privy to info about the Ruger BISLEY in .454 Casull? I'm thinking of getting one for my next project (Long Octagon barrel, action work, etc.....) As always, your opinions, advice, and info about Ginger/Mary Ann are appreciated... ..........Widder
  12. Which brings up a life long nagging question: Why is it that the Moderators always get in the last word before a thread is locked..... ..........Widder
  13. I hope Tombstone post a pic of his belt buckle. Very sharp looking. ..........Widder
  14. In reality, I wouldn't slow down either. The day I attend a match with 12" plates at 75 yards will be the day I run a 10 second stage with double digit misses..... ..........Widder
  15. I like the Triple Tap vs. Quad Tap topic. Very entertaining and could easily be defined as a good Wire feud. Another fairly good feud would be Ruger vs Colt. ..........Widder
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