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  1. You could knock the pins out of the door and remove it from the frame. Then use some of those hippie beads from the 1960's. Another option would be a magnetic door curtain. They have lots of options on Amazon. You'd just have to pick one you couldn't see through.
  2. Technically, what you're asking is possible. However, I think you'll find that you'll probably tear up the door casing getting it out of the stud framing. It all depends on finding all the nails before you split the trim work. It would be easiest to go to your local big box store and buy a new door frame unit. With a finish nailer, it takes me longer to unpackage the door unit than it does to install it. You just need a level, pack of shims and a box knife. Caulk and paint to suit.
  3. Each has an advantage and both will work. The 3500W generator is heavier but you only have to deal with one unit. The duel 2000W generators are lighter to move around, easier to store but both require fuel, maintenance etc. The 2000W generators will also use a pull start. The single 3500W generator is probably cheaper to buy than 2 2000W generators and the parallel kit. I went with the Champion 3400W generator but it weighs almost 100 lbs. The remote start is what sold me. I can use the remote to turn it on and off as needed. No more pulling on a rope.
  4. As a general rule, an RV will loose 1/2 its value in the 1st 5 years. That applies to $500,000 Class A to the $8,000 popup camper. And it doesn't even matter if you use it or not. Consider it an entertainment expense. You can save a lot of money by buying used and letting someone else take that big depreciation hit. Travel trailers are not that complicated or hard to work on. The biggest thing to watch out for is water leaks/water damage. Most campers are equipped with a 13.5K or 15K AC unit. You will need a 3400 watt generator to run these AC units. Everything else in the camper can be run with a 2000 watt generator. I easily pull a 27' Winnebago travel trailer with an F-150 equipped similar to yours. Fully loaded for a 3 week trip, mine weighs about 6,200 lbs.
  5. We've drug the camper out to T-Bone's place twice. 774 miles each way. End of Trail in Indiana was about 700 miles. Next year, we are going to Land Run. According to Google, it's 909 miles each way. We turn these little excursions into 3 week adventures. One of the perks of being retired. Most of our large shoots are in the Southeast and less than one days drive with the camper from the house.
  6. I was 3 at the time and all I remember is them cancelling cartoons on Saturday morning. They did the same thing a few years later when MLK was killed.
  7. You have to use other words besides AR15 and shoot. The FB algorithm will kick you out for such offense words. Instead use "My black plastic baby" or "Insurrection Repellant device". If you're going to visit enemy lands, you must learn the language.
  8. Political correctness meets blood and guts wrapped up in a antebellum theme. Not one of my favorites.
  9. Yep, in the recycle can along with any of that Americ junk.
  10. Around here, it's me. I don't do catch and release when it comes to snakes. No parole.
  11. If you have no intention of shooting it in competition, then I think the clear choice is the Winchester based on the name recognition and the quality of the rifle. The Uberti can be tuned into a much better competition rifle simply because the parts are available and people have been working on them for 20 years. Shooting 38 spl. in the Winchester will be much cheaper than shooting 45 colt in the Uberti.
  12. I certainly would hope that they citizens of that county would replace that District Attorney at the next election. The new DA could clean out the trash in the office. This was a case of prosecutorial over reach based on political motivation. Hopefully the citizens in that county will pay more attention to what they are electing to office.
  13. Rittenhouse doesn't have any money. The "victim's" families will try to go after the local police who were ordered to stand down and let the mob rule. The city has the money, not a 17 year old kid. If they got a judgment against the kid, it would just be throwing attorney's fees down a hole because they would never collect. They may also have a very difficult time collecting from the city, but we'll see. The city may settle just to make them go away.
  14. They don't seem to have any trouble delivering all the Medicare Advantage junk mail or the monthly bills.
  15. I certainly didn't take any offense at what Kid Rich said. I've shot with him several times and consider him a friend. We are blessed with lots of good matches around the southeastern U.S. We generally shoot about 7 big matches a year and try to camp on the range, if possible. Actually, part of our selection process includes the availability of range camping. I'd love to be able to travel the county endlessly and go from match to match. However, I married my sweetheart about 38 years ago and she has her limitations. She's not willing to give up the house for a nomadic lifestyle. She's ok with about 3 weeks as long as most of that time is stationary. Actually stretching the range out to Oklahoma is pushing my luck but we've done Commin a cha several times. That was my argument anyway and it worked this time.
  16. I don't think Wild Bunch will ever be anything more than a side match at State and above Cowboy matches. It's just got too many little irritating things about it to grow on it's own. I enjoy shooting Wild Bunch if it's convenient. It's not one of those things I'm going to pay a lot for or shoot in the rain.
  17. I got to go to my first End of Trail this year and will get to shoot my first National Championship next year. I'm glad some of these matches are being held closer to the center of the country. I just can't justify hauling my camper all the way to Arizona. It'll be interesting to watch the logistics of a 750 shooter match. My hats off to the workers of this match.
  18. Every time a gun store clerk ever handed me a pistol, they always checked that it was empty. Then I checked it too. I guess if you get sloppy, things happen.
  19. I bought a Stevens 411 for my son to shoot about 14 years ago. It's got blond colored wood and had 28" barrels, which got cut to 20". Its not a bad shotgun for the price and can be tuned up to make it more user friendly. If she's already shot an SKB, I'm afraid she won't be happy with a Stevens 411. Never let a person on a budget borrow your SKB.
  20. I've also got the Otter box cover for my SE. Well, it's the Pendergrass Flea Market version of an Otter box which was $10.00 and no sales tax. The Mexicans and Chinese have a very efficient relationship.
  21. I had the iphone 6 for about 5 years and was happy with it. I'm not a big technogeek so a working phone and a few apps works for me. Then earlier this year, I tried to download the Fidelity App. The phone told me that I didn't have the correct operating system to download the app. and couldn't seem to get the correct system to download. After inquiring at my local iphone store, I find that some of the latest apps are not supported by the older iphones. "Phasing out the dinosaurs" was the words he used. Hmmmm. I ended up getting the iphone SE. It seems to work just like the iphone 6 but will handle all the current apps.
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