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    Lived the dream in the USA for nearly 5 years. Shot and visited 34 states over 300 matches, meet hundreds of wonderful people and will cherish my time there forever.
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    Kathouse Kelli, 5 time World Lady Wrangler Champion, the best girl in the world; CAS., Motor Sport, Golf, & Salooning!

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  1. Jackaroo, what caliber are the pistols, and where in OK are you located for Face to Face.......  Rootin Tootin

    1. Jackaroo, # 29989

      Jackaroo, # 29989

      38 cal,  they're in Piedmont OKC

  2. Hi Cowboys & Cowgirls. Unfortunate Circumstances dictate I need to sell these firearms. All these guns are world championship winning firearms and are ready race guns. Would suit any shooter looking to get somewhere and would save one a considerable amount of money than starting afresh. There is absolutely nothing to spend on these guns. Prices are reasonable compared to what you would spend to achieve the same result. They are all ready to go, well looked after, and in top condition, mostly smithed by master gunsmith, RCD in Oklahoma. Item 1, Uberti 1873 (S# W61***) - 38 /357 cal, 20” barrel deluxe short rifle (pistol grip) Superlight main spring; Shotgun Boogie #1 flat trigger; PGW super short stroke kit; & aluminum lifter; whisper lever/carrier spring kit; coil lightweight safety spring; ss mag spring & follower; flat top rear sights; speed front sight; hex key magazine end cap; extended firing pin & lightweight spring. Almost new Mernickle black butt sock & lever wrap; Actioned & maintained by RCD. All the above at current prices come to a total of approx $800.00! plus the rifle at approx $1350.00 So,… for all the bells and whistles You’re looking at +$2000.00 from PGW Stage 3, WITHOUT a $190.00 Boogie trigger uninstalled?? You won’t have to spend a $ on these guns. I’m only asking……$1550.00 Item 2, Uberti 1873 (S# W42059) - 38/357 cal, SOLD Item 3, SKB 100E (S#5110494) shotgun 12gge, 21” barrels, big bead sight virtually brand new, newly actioned by RCD, in fact I haven’t even seen or fired it. Asking only …..$1350.00 SOLD PENDING FUNDS. Items 4 & 5 gone. Items 6 &7, one pair of OM Ruger Vaqueros, 38 cal. (S# 586*** & 586***) but fitted with NM grips frames, & SASS grips. SS Octagonal barrels 4 3/4" with solid brass front sights by Snakeoil George, only fired one match EOT in 2019! Short stroked & actioned by Boomstick, with lightweight trigger and hammer springs. The weight balance, & of course poa with the NM grip frames, on an OM is superb, they stay on target, as recoil is dampened. Both in perfect condition, also pins have been made to look like screws with slots, and they are consecutively numbered. There is over $800.00 of extras in each in these guns with smithing etc. Asking……. $2300.00 will only sell as a pair. All the above in OKC. Most guns can come with covers and/or soft bag carry case included, except Items 1 & 2.. All prices plus packing & Pony Express charges. (Prefer face to face pick up in OK) Preferred payment by PAYPAL please, as a “gift” to: jacknkatkelli@gmail.com or to: brtssw@gmail.com
  3. Hi GJ, yes I've used Cheddites before good primers but have normally used Fiocchi in my hammerless guns as they are flat. I've worked all the springs and smoothed the hammer gun (Rossi) and with the new cowboy saloon shells it punched a really good dent in them and worked fine. They are very slightly domed and very soft but I'll give the cheddites a go if we can get them here. Thanks.
  4. I like CAS just the way it is, there probably needs some rule tweaking ala Wild Bunch, get rid of some rules, but on the whole it's great and the WB and Misty's crew have done a magnificient job., over the 23 years I've been involved. The only thing that surprised me was why the WB resigned or retired en masse?? I would have thought there would have been at least some that would stay. Just a thought!
  5. Guys, who makes the softest shotgun primers. My hammer shotgun barely makes a dent in a Fiocchi primer, (no problem with our hammerless ones) but I had some of those Saloon shells from NZ and they make quite a big dent and work well. But want to load some black and shoot CC so looking for a soft primer.
  6. For $250.00 more you can buy my 66 a whole one that works ??
  7. Actually at the moment it's a bit cool so we could mean something else too
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