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  1. I have a grandson in Denver, PM me with a contact and I'll get you face to face with him. Regards Bill

    1. Defiance Kid SASS # 45351

      Defiance Kid SASS # 45351

      Sorry, I was working and didn't get to your message earlier.  That will work for me.  My cell is 720-487-0114

  2. From my days at Two Rock Ranch Station Petaluma I seem remember Guerneville being on the Russian River. A favorite swimming destination for us Army guys.

    Anyway, back to the point. False alarm on the #1V I am not ready to part with it,but I might so give my email to your pard. monticellomarshal@gmail.com

    Regards, Bill

  3. I have one off my parted out 1927 E model. No Win butt plate has a modified leather. Uncut, but as I remember I repaired a cracked wrist and then used it for 10 years before the 97 flat wore out. I can do $70 shipped. Send me an email or a smart fone # and I'll do pics. Regards, Bill

  4. Very nice Schofield holster. I asume you made it. If so, would you be interested in making a pair for 5" S&W Wells Fargo Schofields? Regards, Bill

    1. Rube Burrows

      Rube Burrows

      Thank you. I did make it. What style of holster are you looking for for your Wells Fargo Schofields? 

  5. If Mudflat doesn't send you some, PM me I'll stuff a small flat rate box of 3-4 X fired with plenty of life left cost postage only. Regards Bill

  6. Assuming a PM didn't buy it. Send me your info, I can ZELLE or a personal check via snail mail. THX Bill

    1. Dakota Fox 24875

      Dakota Fox 24875

      Sent you a message with info

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