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  1. I have a new-to-me Uberti 1876 chambered in .45-60 and I'm going to start reloading for it. I'm going to use cast bullets, smokeless powder (leaning toward Trail Boss). Rifle has a 28-inch barrel (if that makes a difference). I'm curious to see what experience has taught others out there what works best for this load-- what weight of bullet, what brand (I don't cast my own), what bullet diameter, what charge of powder, any other pearls of wisdom.
  2. Well, that was easy. I had found, Turkey Flats, that Midway has the part, but they seemed to think their hammers were for a Vaquero, not a New Vaquero. Although other threads I've seen on the wire suggest that that won't make a difference. Anyway, Texas Red, I called Ruger today with your part number and now I have two such hammers ordered and on their way to me. So, thank you to one and all, the SASS Wire (and all its benevolent participants) comes to the rescue again.
  3. Now that I know that a Ruger hammer for a stainless Bisley New Vaquero can be modified to fit a New Vaquero, I can't seem to find any such hammers to buy. I sent an e-mail to Ruger and am awaiting their reply. Anyone else have any suggestions? Aravaipa Al
  4. Simple question, I think. Originally, Ruger made the Blackhawk, and put fixed sights on it to make the Vaquero. Then they made the New Vaquero in a slightly smaller frame size than the Vaquero (Blackhawk), but kept making the Vaquero. Now they've dropped the original ("old") Vaquero, and re-named the New Vaquero as the Vaquero. But their current Blackhawk: is that still the same frame size as the original Blackhawk and the original ("old") Vaquero? That is, still the bigger frame than the former New Vaquero which is the current Vaquero? ("The revolver formerly known as New Vaquero"?).
  5. Okay, I'm learning a lot here. However, just so that I don't leave this question un-asked: can you put a Bisley New Vaquero hammer on a New Vaquero, or will that not work?
  6. Thanks, all, very helpful information. Now, compared to the standard hammer, which one is lower (easier to reach without shifting your grip, or with minimal change in grip, on the gun), the Montado hammer, Super Black Hawk hammer, or the SASS hammer (the hammer they put on the so-called SASS revolvers)? If the Montado and SBH hammers are the same (except the checkering pattern), what's the difference between the Montado/ SBH hammers and the SASS hammer? Al
  7. I should explain: I'm looking for a hammer that is easier to cock one-handed ("gunfighter" style or "double duelist" style). The Bisley hammer might do it, but since the grip frame on the Ruger Bisley is different from the grip frame on the "regular" New Vaqueros (including the Montados), I would think it might not work. Just sayin'. Jess Sain (Aravaipa Al)
  8. I did a "search" and found no results for my question, so here goes: can the standard hammer on a New Vaquero be replaced with a hammer from a Montado New Vaquero? Aravaipa Al
  9. Costa Rican Kid: I will PM you with details about purchasing these revolvers, if you still want to. Sorry I'm having trouble keeping up here. We can negotiate on a package price. Here's the leather. Mernickle belt and holsters (holsters are metal-lined). Asking $100 plus shipping. Waist size 40 to 44 (maybe 45) inches. Shotshell belt from Pioneer Gun Works. Asking $50 plus shipping. Waist size 41 to 46 inches. Loops for .45s and 12 ga. Al
  10. I admit these are not very good photos, but it's what I have for now. Al
  11. Open the dust cover on top of the receiver, find the breech, measure from there to the muzzle. Al
  12. Pictures are coming (tomorrow, I hope). Barrel length 17.25 inches. It does take 10 rounds in the mag, but not 11.
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