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  1. 2 questions: is the 45 auto still available? Are they small pistol primers? If yes to both, I will take.................... thanks
  2. If letter "D" gets broken up I would be interested in the 45ACP sm pistol primer brass. Let me know price................Thanks
  3. Sorry Cobra I just saw this message. Payment sent. Should be in your PayPal account.  Thanks



    Rob Lamorte

    301 Highgate Dr.

    Slingerlands, NY  12159



    1. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      grips on stage tracking #   9505 5134 8422 1169 4200 72



  4. wanting to know if you still want the 1911 grips


    I can do paypal where you will get them faster       send $50 paypal to rlluehr@yahoo.com




    send check to  



                                   12141 7th st


                                   Houston,Tx 77072


    got them boxed and ready to go


    also send me your shipping inform



    thanks ,cobra kid

  5. send $50 on paypal to    rlluehr@yahoo.com


    also send me your shipping inform



  6. Hi Cobra. If that's $50 shipped I'll take em..........Thanks
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