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  1. It's easy to see where EOT will not be held. Look at the quarantined-required states on this map. The left coast and the Northeast are out of the running. The states in green and yellow are possibilities.
  2. I bought one to shoot while my first main match rifle was with a smith for an action job. It was slow and clunky but very accurate. I sold it to a fellow who wanted it to kill coyotes around his chicken coup. It was better suited for that task then CAS.
  3. Water works but I use some of the above solutions. Be sure to rinse your brass well as these subs will corrode brass leaving a dark brown tarnish.
  4. During the last ammo shortage WalMart employees bought all the ammo delivered to their stores before it was shelved and sold it a scalper prices at local gun shows. I never held this against them knowing the how little they were paid.
  5. More on Forest Service campgrounds: http://recreation.gov is a good way to investigate and reserve spots at government campgrounds. There are reservable sites and first come, first serve locations. Sites with power with the length for an RV or travel trailer are in high demand. Tent-only sites lacking utilities are in lower demand. Late summer is a dry season for the northern Rockies. Camping should be good.
  6. Once you make it to the Mountain West, campgrounds above ~6,000-ft have cool nights. Forest Service and National Park campgrounds are a bargain with a Senior Pass. Some commercial campgrounds have cabins to rent with air conditioning. Those lacking indoor plumbing are not expensive and you can cook on a patio to avoid eating in restaurants. I used to travel this way years ago.
  7. $36/bag with Sportsmans discount coupons.
  8. My ROA loading stand was made by Traditions. Not sure if they still make one sized for ROAs.
  9. Slix-Ram allows shooting reduced loads without a filler. I use 15 grains for fixed targets and 30 grains for knockdowns.
  10. I had Lowes install a new dishwasher and a new toliet. Both were good experiences - fair prices and timely installation.
  11. Go to the NRA's website and read their letter to their members and the FAQs. Texas and the NRA are a good match.
  12. I dislike this design. They throw the can/bird/briquet towards the shooter tempting them to break the 170 as it flys over their head. I prefer throwers that toss objects downrange.
  13. They can be charged after hours. Level 2 charging between midnight and 6 AM will do. At current motor vehicle fuel prices we won't save money. If we have to buy these vehicles I expect many will install aftermarket propane heaters (for example a Propex HS2211) in their vehicle to save the vehicle battery for driving and not heating.
  14. My late father was a logger in the Northwet at one time. After storms downed a lot of trees the Forest Service would have salvage sales so the downed timber could be harvested before it rotted on the ground. There will be busy times for loggers and woodcutters this Spring. Glad you are able to post videos. That means you still have power.
  15. HM, joining SASS protects your alias from being assumed by other members. National membership allows you to compete in in State and higher level matches. I hope you progress enough to start shooting more than local matches. Our bigger events are a hoot. Since you mentioned age I suspect you are a youngster. Our matches have reduced entry fees for youngsters and some are even free. When I ran a club we had a set of firearms (.22s) for youngsters and provided free ammo.
  16. I stopped using USPS for financial transactions years ago. Bills paid immediately arrived weeks past due potentially affecting my credit rating. This was at the same time a regional mail facility was caught dumping bags of mail. Service has improved but I see no need to pay bills by snail mail again.
  17. A feature I like on the T7 is the spent primer capture system. It routes spent primers down a tube. Some other presses let primers free fall into a tray. Some miss and end up on the floor. A year ago I added a Lee Auto Breech Lock Pro to my reloading room. It's a true progressive for ~$110 and works well - except the for the priming system that I find fussy. With the Lee Safety Prime system it is easy to dump primers on the floor. I don't have this problem with my Dillons that are superior (and much more expensive) machines.
  18. The Texas State match is coming up at the end of March. There will likely be some quality CAS vendors there. You could be measured for a rig and find other things you might need like a loading strip, cast bullets and clothes.
  19. I add beet juice to the jar for added color. My wife likes sweet pickles. I don't criticize her choice but don't eat them. I prefer kosher pickles that must be refrigerated because I have a dietary restriction on salt.
  20. I too toss BP SG shells after a single loading. Some crimps are too damaged by heat to hold reliably in a second loading. For local matches I use Gun Club hulls. For major matches I use STS hulls (that shuck better.) I use whatever primers I have on hand. During the previous primer shortage I could only buy Rio 209s so that is what I used for my BP shotgun shells.
  21. Stop by Whittington Center in Raton to see a facility designed to host national events. There are two, full-hookup campgrounds and cabins too. I stop there on my way to Colorado to camp even if I'm not shooting there.
  22. Try to have enough parking and onsite camping to host a weekend event. Electric power to campsites makes the range attractive to those who want to shoot a bigger match. No camping at all (even dry camping) detracts from the range.
  23. Two useful videos: Lubricating the Dillon Precision RL550B Major Cleaning and Lubing of the Dillon Precision RL550B Your press will run great at first. Eventually you will need clean and lube it.
  24. My first LED light didn't last long and I had to replace it (Chinese manufacture - 'nuff said). The one on my press now has lasted for years (including the battery). I don't need the light during the day when sunlight floods my loading room. In the evening it is essential.
  25. Uniquetek has some useful aftermarket parts for a 550. The spent primer chute catches more primers than the factory primer holder. The primer track bearing really helps the primer feeder to run more reliably. (I also use a .45 case on the primer feed rod to add a little weight and improve feeding.) Most important is an LED lighting kit. I visually verify powder has fallen for each case. (I loaded a few squib rounds before I started checking.)
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