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  1. You can camp onsite at both matches. I'm sure San Juan can provide you a suitable camp site with 110V power in Montrose. He did for me the last time I shot there. Founders Ranch can easily handle your rig or longer. Also take a look at nearby Hidden Valley. Their $125 rate for the week of EOT is a great deal and is less expensive then camping onsite when you consider the cost of water and sewer service onsite. When pulling a trailer I recommend taking Colorado State Route 145 across the San Juans and not US 550. Highway 550 is beautiful but has many hairpin turns and steep drop offs lacking guard rails. My wife will never allow me to take that route again - especially in slick conditions. See https://www.dangerousroads.org/north-america/usa/635-million-dollar-highway-usa.html. The scenery along CO 145 is wonderful too and there are some nice Forest Service campgrounds along the Dolores River if you don't want to drive to Edgewood in one day.
  2. I'm not angry at you CBB. I just stated I didn't care if others disliked BP. I deleted my post because it contributed to thread drift. I've encountered people that like to avoid 'BP shooters. Obviously you are not one of them. Go forth and shoot. I'd enjoy shooting with you whatever propellant we choose.
  3. This is a fun venue in a historic location with good dining, lodging and camping. Great news it will remain available for CAS.
  4. JJ, from what I've seen in modern action shooting sports, lasers are not too helpful when shooting in daylight. However, red dot sights are and many of our shooters use compensators. I prefer 124 grain 9 mm loads as they take down steel target reliably. Most are shooting factory 9 mm ammo since it is available at near the cost of reloading. Have fun with your new match. Most any form of shooting competition is enjoyable.
  5. Does the new match allow hi-cap 9 mm pistols? If so you will be at a disadvantage shooting a 1911. All the mag changes you will make with a single-stack 1911 will slow you down. Many of the newer 9 mm hi-cap pistols have an adjustable grip so very large and very small hands can be fit. Buy a 1911 when you start shooting Wild Bunch. Used 1911s are not too expensive (and are a joy to shoot).
  6. Though the Democrats control Santa Fe they did make as many changes to gun laws as we feared they would. Open carry is still legal without a permit in most locations. I carry openly in rural locations where I want to sent a message to feral bipeds to leave me alone.
  7. You can have the seamstress hem them a little shorter than normal since you will be wearing boots. This keeps them cleaner.
  8. Monroe's has a good rep. ABQ does not regarding auto thefts: https://www.koat.com/article/abq-has-highest-auto-theft-rate-in-u-s/22135418.
  9. I've used large concrete blocks in my real-life job and seen side-loaded eye bolts shear and blocks fall endangering those nearby. We switched to the swift lift system that avoids this hazard. I recommend this system.
  10. Our local store has been a supporter of local CAS matches and a supplier of reloading supplies (somewhat unreliable). They carry black powder shooting supplies all year round and have a screaming good deal on Alliant's Black MZ sub. They often stock Winchester AA low noise, low recoil shotgun shells. However, they need to hire a consultant for their website. Hornady LEVERevelution, jacketed rifle rounds are not CAS supplies.
  11. I-40 runs through ABQ so you could eat there. I quit eating at the Village Inns because they replaced the grated cheddar on their eggs with American process cheese. I like the Range Cafe. There is one on Menaul Blvd near the intersection of I-40 and I-25. Give them a try.
  12. I agree with all GJ wrote and have an additional recommendation. Encourge your shooters to use low recoil, target loads. Locally we have a shooter who prefers Sporting Clays loads. These are hotter loads than necessary for CAS. These and Trap handicap loads have excessive speed for CAS.
  13. That name is taken. It's used by Oklahoma State and New Mexico State as the name of their mascot. There was a lawsuit charging infringement. I doubt SASS wants to step into that conflict. How about SASS A Fras?
  14. Magdalena (now closed) used to have hitching posts behind the shooting line. Spotters loved to lean on them. Place you hitching posts where the spotters have a good view and they will love them.
  15. CUP (copper units of pressure) is an older system of measuring pressure in firearms. Use a search engine and you will quickly find an explanation of this system and the modern system that replaced it.
  16. Keeping checking for the annual Winchester AA rebate before making a big purchase. For the last several years one could get $2/box rebate for up to five cases. That is worthwhile despite the hassle of cutting the barcodes from the boxes.
  17. If the match has vendors then buy some more clothes. Your journey into costume and gun buying has just begun.
  18. TC, multi-day SASS matches are just RV rallies built around a shooting match. Camp onsite with your rig and enjoy the comradery. Regarding the shooting just be safe and you will fit right in. No one cares how fast you shoot. They do care about safety.
  19. Looks like a case feeder and a bullet feeder will be added to your progressive press.
  20. I would not enjoy green corned beef. Just thinking about it gives me flashbacks to the mystery meat served in my grade school cafeteria.
  21. I have no intention of insulting you - just providing information I hope you find useful. I will not comment on whether you can use Clays in your older BP cartridge guns. That is not my expertise. I hope you enjoy your journey into the Darkside.
  22. Too avoid repeating information posted recently try this thread: https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/284032-ballistol-to-clean-black-powder/ I find APP produces the thinnest layer of residue. However, real BP and all the subs leave more residue than any smokeless powder I have shot. In shotguns BP and all the subs will melt plastic wads leaving a "snakeskin" of plastic inside the bore. There is no advantage in this respect of one powder over another.
  23. American Pioneer Powder is a relatively clean burning BP sub with mild recoil. It is not as clean burning as Clays - no sub is. It is easy on steel but will corrode brass. My loads in Remington Nitro hulls are probably too stout for your likes so I will not send you load information.
  24. I've taken online classes where you pay in advance and then are given an access code good for three months for the class. For the record: I do not support RO1 training for all. I do support online RO1 training especially if it includes videos.
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