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  1. See NRA-ILA regarding AZ gun laws. Carry a loaded firearm with you including in your vehicle when transiting New Mexico - just might be needed. No permit is needed to have a loaded firearm in your vehicle in NM nor is one required for open carry.
  2. New Mexico state match will be in Silver City in 2020. I hope to meet you there. There is no prettier range in state.
  3. Competitors coming from sea level to EOT should take advantage of warm up matches. Some are surprised how low humidity and altitude affects their performance.
  4. Steaming makes eggs easier to peel. However, I get a few cracked eggs with my Instant Pot.
  5. I found Remington Nitro hulls for 7-cent each plus shipping on Gunbroker. There were three current auctions for such hulls. They are not hard to find. Personally I use Gun Clubs for practice and local matches, saving my Nitro and STS hull for big matches.
  6. Swab at the unreloading table. That's also a good place to lube the rifle action. Have you shot black powder through your revolvers before? I had one revolver that would bind after two rounds. Long Hunters solved that problem for me.
  7. Alliant will may you a free copy of the reloading manual. Visit their website to order one. I find powder manufacturer's manuals are a good way to keep up with new powders and loads. Hard copy is nice when the internet is down as it often is in my neighborhood.
  8. Starline supports SASS by donating gift certificates as door prizes at major matches. I have received three of these certificates at matches. Starline brass is good stuff and they support the CAS sport.
  9. I believe the grey wads the previous posters mentioned have part number CB-0178-12. I mostly buy mine from a big box sporting goods retailer or add a bag to an online order. They work well in AA or Remington hulls.
  10. JC, lever action rifles can be finicky about the bullet profile and Over All Cartridge Length they feed reliably. Buy bullet sample packs for trial before you buy thousands and test until you find a combination your rifle likes. Avoid semi-wadcutters. Plastic coated bullets are becoming popular. The raced-tuned firearms we shoot prefer Federal primers. Once-fired 45 Colt brass is not readily available so buy new cases. Starline is a good source. I sometimes use the same loads for my revolvers and rifle - just depends on what I am shooting at a given match.
  11. Try a Walters Wad (a vegetable fiber disk) between the MZ and the bullet. My Buffalo Classic would not group without one.
  12. Yes, and don't hand the attendant your credit card. I had one sell my card number over the internet. Also, some are sloppy and spill gas on your car. I recall I was allowed to fill a diesel-powered vehicle myself. That was a relief.
  13. I have shooting glasses set up like DDD and GJ. I put them on before I take the gun cart out of my vehicle or otherwise prepare for a match. It takes a few minutes for my brain to adjust to lenses that focus at different distances. The first time I used these glasses my stage times decreased by an average of six seconds. That was a stunning improvement by just changing glasses. I wear my normal glasses when driving home. Wearing my shooting glasses might contribute to an accident.
  14. Come out west and shoot EOT or Winter Range. You can eat a variety of Mexican food while shooting either match. Ask the locals for recommendations. You will enjoy the dining as much as the matches.
  15. Once again ABQ put up its tumbleweed snowman along a local freeway. I'm amazed that these detestable weeds can be used to make something so charming. See this news article. (I think he needs a cowboy hat and sidearms.)
  16. No - see page 39 of the Shooter Handbook, 1st item under Revolver Cylinders. You can buy a new Cimmaron Model P Jr that will shoot 32 longs or a used Ruger Single Six in 32 H&R Mag.
  17. CK, we still have a functioning legal system. When anti-gun legislation passes and is signed into law it needs to be immediately challenged by a well-funded legal team. Ordinary gun owners need to donate to ensure a quality legal challenge. Some just say the NRA will take care of the case but don't help out. That's insufficient.
  18. I found this burn rate table with bulk powder densities. It is out-of-date as it lacks info on Trail Boss. As expected it shows shotgun powders like Clays, 700-X and Red Dot as having low bulk densities. Unique is a little more dense than the faster shotgun powders but not by much.
  19. I have cooked with jug wine - Argentine Burgundy distributed by Franzia, Hours in a crock pot with onions, garlic and other spice overwhelms the flavors of a better vintage. However, I would gladly sit at the table and enjoy a roast prepared by the preceding cooks. Happy Thanksgiving to all. My Thanksgiving turkey will be a small turkey breast prepared in a crock pot with homemade apple cider. It does not change the color of the meat.
  20. Cheap red wine works fine. If you have a bottle that went bad and turned to weak vinegar use it.
  21. Hendo, CAS is a conservative shooting sport when it comes to shooting and costuming conventions. Step out of bounds just a little bit and expect the western equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition. I've never seen anyone tarred and feathered but some were ready for the deed.
  22. I use the first load on the following chart. It patterns well enough to break clays and is reliable in cold weather.
  23. Fortunately, my offhand thumb is not much affected by arthritis so I easily shoot two-handed. When I get so I can't cock a revolver I'll just shoot IDPA. A semi-auto shooting 9-mm rounds is gentle on my hands. Still, I'd miss CAS.
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