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  1. There is plenty of room in the game for on the clock non shooting activities. As long as those activities encompass, what I have termed as "Universal skills": Carry the moneybag Push open the door Throw the drink into the bartenders face Stab the dummy Etc. When these activities become an issue is when the performance of a given activity penalizes because of the shooters speed (or lack thereof) I.e. a moving target that hides after a given time and bonuses are given for each hit. A moving target that moves away from the firing line/ shooter requiring an already slower shooter to fire more of their rounds at a more distant target. OR when there is a time bonus for a non universal skill (usually one practiced by the stage writer and home club). Throw (stick) the knife/ tomahawk etc. Additional issues can be created by the "Flip the card" scenarios that change the sequence for each shooter resulting in inconsistent stages. All of these things can be incorporated into our current game - it simply takes a match director willing to consider the varying impact of any addition and how to negate the same.
  2. I cant imagine any company with real time access to their customers feedback ignoring it. I operate more than one business currently and my customers ideas and input are important. And I never said I was done with anyone - I'm simply done casting my pearls among swine. Ill show up and shoot. Comment on inane WTC threads. Congratulate good match performances. Offer sympathy for familial losses. And I will likely continue to send in my yearly fees. If for no other reason than to be here to say, I told you so.
  3. A member of the Wild Bunch once said, "This game dies when we do". I always resented that person for that comment. It was completely self serving, self centered and dismissive of the boundless possibilities of anything the future might bring. It was not my style and has always grated on me. But I am tired of tilting at windmills and fighting battles no one else seems to care about or even be aware of. Y'all have fun. I hope there will be someone there to shoot with you.
  4. Captain, I usually agree with most of your posts - but you are off target on this one. If you paid $60 for your gas and nothing of consequence came out of the hose - I doubt you would chalk it up to, "Anyone who can't afford to pay $60 and get nothing in return shouldn't be driving anyways"
  5. Any publicity (well, nearly any) is good publicity. And the Guntubers would be fantastic to see at our matches - but I would really like to see our outreach toward a "target audience" other than old fat white guys (no offense intended - I is one myself). Youth, people of color, casual shooters that have never competed before. These are the groups that could actually create some excitement and significant growth within our ranks. These folks will not be reached by Hickok45 or Matt from Demolition Ranch. We reach these folks by showing their cultural influences attending our matches. Singers, actors, sports stars, social media influencers are the "heros" of the folks we are looking for. No different than every generation. We gravitate toward those whom we wish to emulate. A generation had to have coon skin hats because Davy Crockett was on their TV. A generation had long hair and beads because the Rolling Stones did. A generation wanted black Trans Ams because Burt Reynolds had one. A generation wanted a Ferrari 308 because Magnum drove one. Today is no different - just as those kids of the 50's and 60's had no interest in Boogie Woogie music or silent film stars. Todays kids do not revere John Wayne or Randolph Scott. And they aint buying the lunch box. So we need to change our message, change our outreach and maybe let go of some prejudices that have kept our game geared for and targeted to old fat white guys.
  6. Welcome to an illustrious group of Gunfighters (well, excluding myself). Probably the proudest event of my CAS career - I hope you feel the same pride. Can't wait to see the buckle you design to proclaim your award.
  7. But what else am I supposed to do with my intellectual hand lotion and paper towels?
  8. Yes I would. I give them a years worth of funds on the hope that the service will still be available to me at years end. And a gym membership is a singular product and their "membership" does not affect my use of the product - SASS is slightly different. But even the gym - if the numbers of folks in the gym whittle lower and lower and the equipment being offered is slowly getting removed - I have every right to ask what is happening and how do they intend on protecting my investment. Our yearly investment in SASS provides us with A badge at the beginning The right to attend State and above shoots. A digital magazine. Access to an online forum. I give them a years worth of funds on the hope that these services will still be available to me at years end. I only received ONE badge - that benefit is moot to moving forward. My right to attend the state and above matches only exists IF an add on fee is tributed back to SASS from my entry. (this is additional to the true cost of the match entry fee AND the yearly fee I pay that allows my attending). I no longer receive a monthly tactile newspaper - which was a condition of my original membership package. And the forum, which admittedly I use the heck out of - it is still just an online forum easily supplanted by others if the need arose. And unlike the gym - I need others on site to play with. Those must be created from somewhere. So obviously my fees are not for the "merchandise" I receive - they are paid for access and the promise that these things (Vapor) exist today and that there will be some reasonable effort made that they will exist a year from now. I have every right to ask - they don't have to tell me. But again - a successful consumer transaction is one where both parties feel satisfied. How you feeling about it?
  9. I don't think that in a dwindling market - restricting access to your product is a growth move.
  10. I appreciate the kind words. But, I'm curious why NO ONE from our SASS leadership ever comments on these threads or personal messages. I have offered many ideas that would benefit SASS at a national/ world level on these forums. Crickets from anyone who has the pull, position or access to the checkbook to move on them. And since I have a hard time believing NO ONE from the Board or SASS HQ watches these forums - I tend to think they don't care or are uninterested. I fully cede all ownership of these ideas to SASS (and since I'm posting it on their forums - I believe they own it already). I would, of course want to be involved in some manner if they moved forward - but just for the fun of seeing an idea come to fruition. But even that is not the end all - be all. I want my son, my daughter and her boyfriend to be able to play. I want my grandsons to be able to play. I really do want our game to outlive us. I wish our leaders showed the same PUBLIC passion as our participants do.
  11. Throwing out non existent red herrings doesn't help either. Not a SINGLE person said a word about logos - the poster said "Put some cowboy clothes on them" You interjected the branding issue. I have walked around MANY shoots and seen folks walking around and watching in NON cowboy gear - it didn't offend me in any manner. I don't wish to see shooters mixed in with regular posses dressed in NASCAR level gear. But if it brought publicity - free airtime - exposure on Rugers website/ Shooting USA/ Guns and Ammo television? No, I don't think folks would have any problem with Team (Ruger, Uberti or Pietta, etc.) pros attacking our stages with their companies products. Ruger team shooting Vaqueros, Marlins (and hopefully another SxS someday?) Team Uberti with their pistols/ rifles and shotguns? I would go watch.
  12. There are folks on this thread that I have the deepest respect for. But most of them posting are just plain WRONG. A movie set is NOT (supposed to be) real life - it is make believe. Camera angles are not designed and set on the basis of the "Rules of safe gun handling" - they are set based on what the director thinks will look cool onscreen. An actor is specifically instructed NOT to handle the firearm in ANY way outside of the script direction. This is designed to avoid muddying the chain of events/ custody if an accident does occur. A live round should never be on the set of a film - but like the accident that claimed Brandon Lees life; there may be some horrible combination of circumstances that lead to this outcome. Regardless of my feelings for Alec Baldwin - no one on this thread (including myself) knows the exact details. And for the "It doesn't matter - he should have checked. Any outcome is his fault" proponents. Would you say the same if the hood comes off a NASCAR stock car and flies into the flagman? Should the driver have checked the bolts? How about your airline pilot - You ever see him walk out of the cockpit to personally check the overhead bins are closed and that the doors are secured? These are professional people, a driver, a pilot, an actor who use a TOOL and rely on others to ensure the safety of their performance. But we get all holier than thou because it is a firearm and WE (not them) have been drilled our lives with the rules; but I guarantee you have never checked the lug nuts on your rental car, never insisted on the installation of a Carbon Monoxide detector in a hotel room, never insisted on seeing the safety report on the elevator you're walking into or walked the piling of a highway overpass searching for cracks before driving across. We ASSUME that these things have been completed by the folks assigned these duties. An actor is no different - just a different tool. A person lost their life, another was injured. Tragedy occurred and you all prove to anyone watching that Pro Gunners are no better than the other side - because before the facts are known - we want to place blame and punish someone involved because their politics differ from ours. I thought we were supposed to be better than that.
  13. As is often pointed out - we are customers, not members. As a customer; they are asking me to purchase vapor (a card that allows me to attend state and above shoots) on the assumption that these events will continue to exist, viable and populated. They bear some responsibilty to reassure (sell me on their ideas) that they are taking steps to ensure this is so. Maybe its time to remind SASS that a consumer transaction is based on receiving an (perceived) equal value for my investment.
  14. Try offering something beyond your continual negative mantra of, "That will never work". "I'm thinking about moving inside the caves" "You can't live in the caves; it's dark in there" "We will invent fire" "Fire is impossible for a man to create" "I'm thinking about crossing this body of water" "Only a fish could swim that far" "No, I have an idea for a boat" "Floating on the water? That would never work" "I have this idea about flying" "You are not a bird - it's not happening" I'm noticing a trend - there are those who desire and try to move forward (and who, to be honest, often fail) and those whose only contribution is to point out all the ways it can't happen. Which side of history do you wish to be on? I would rather try and fail then do nothing.
  15. In hindsight - a decision with either unintended consequences (or perhaps they weighed the profit/ loss and thought it would balance out) - either way, it no longer matters as that decision is behind us. So we can continue to snipe at the past or we can look forward What do we do NOW? We have championship matches on both sides of the Mississippi, both near significant population centers. So how do we regain attention and rekindle the interest of potential shooters?
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