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  1. It’s time to shoot again at Logan’s Ferry! We shoot ran or shine. Hopefully shine. Need the shoot information? Check out our website. https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  2. Congratulations to our Top Cowboy: Gray Squirrel and our Top Cowgirl: Poose Bear Thanks to everyone who attended. It was a great day!
  3. Howdy folks, Don’t let the weatherman scare you. There is a 35% chance of a showers tomorrow morning. That means a 65% chance of no rain! Don’t forget 2 of the bays are covered. Also we have EZ-Ups that we can put over the other loading table, if needed. We have a fun shoot planned. Hope to see you there.
  4. Just saw your response. I have been off the grid the last couple of days. That’s great. Look forward to seeing you both Saturday!
  5. Time to shoot again! Saturday, May 8, 2021 Registration 8:00 - 9:30am Safety Meeting 9:45am Shoot 10:00am - 6 stages Lunch available. Hope to see you there. More information at https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action
  6. The Logan’s Ferry Regulators are shooting this Saturday, April 10. Registration 8:00 - 9:30am, Safety Meeting 9:45am, Shoot 10:00am - 6 stages Lunch available. For more information..... check the website. Link below. Hope to see you there! Dirt Slider https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action
  7. Thanks to all who came out today. We once again were blessed with a great day and a wonderful group of cowboys, cowgirls and buckaroos. Congratulations to our Top Cowboy - Hooligan Howes and our Top Cowgirl - Poose Bear.
  8. Lone Rider ...... Wonderful, look forward to seeing you! Geronimo Jim ...... Come on up anytime. Be nice to see you.
  9. Logan’s Ferry Regulators plan on shooting Saturday, March 13. Registration 8 - 9:30am. Safety Meeting 9:45am. Shoot 10am - 6 Stages. Lunch will be available. Same COVID safety plans as last year. Looking forward to seeing everyone! If the weather changes drastically, we will cancel by Friday night. Check here, Facebook, Emails and the LFR webpage. For more information check our website, https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action
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