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  1. Thanks to all those who chose to face the rain and join us for our last shoot of the season! We really appreciated the extra EZUps Smoothbore brought. Thank you! The bay covers and the five EZUps really helped keep us drier. Congratulations to our Top Cowboy, Hooligan Howes and the Top Cowgirl, Primrose N Proper. The scores are posted. Check them out. https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/2023-cas-scores
  2. We will miss you. Good luck. Prayers for an easy, quick recovery.
  3. Logan’s Ferry Regulators will be shooting Saturday, Oct. 14th. Six stages, Shooter’s Safety Meeting 9:45am, Lunch Available. For more information, check our website. https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action If you’re not headed for Land Run, hope you can join us!
  4. FYI : The club gate is open in a timely manner for the start and finish of our matches. Unfortunately I do not have any control over being able to leave it open the whole day. Anyone who needs in or out in a different time frame need to contact me. I regret the inconvenience. Coffinmaker - So sorry you made the trip and couldn’t get in. That’s upsetting.
  5. What a great day! We were truly blessed. No rain. Just a drizzle during setup. Thanks to all the folks who came today. Appreciate the help, as always, with setup, tear down, lunch and general posse duties. It makes the day go smoother. Congratulations to our Top Cowboy- Hooligan Howes and our Top Cowgirl- Poose Bear! Scores are posted: https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/2023-cas-scores
  6. Surgeon - We’ll look forward to seeing you in West Virginia! Ricochet James - Hope to see you in October!
  7. Dawg, No problem. Will do. Enjoy your shoot at Sandusky. Dirt
  8. Looking forward to shooting this Saturday, September 9th. Hope to see you there! For more information check out the website… https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action
  9. Howdy Folks! The scores are finally up. We had a glitch with our Laptop again. As always we appreciate the great assistance of Artic Fox and Mariah Kid for getting it on the website. https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/2023-cas-scores Congratulations to Hooligan Howes, Top Cowboy & BDoc, Top Cowgirl! What a wonderful day! Thank you to all that were able to make it. If you weren’t able to be there, know that we missed you! We had fantastic fall-like weather. Really appreciated the three new shooters and folks who haven’t been there in awhile. Plus don’t forget our regulars! What a great group! Hope to see you all next month.
  10. Great to hear Coffinmaker! Yes! Here were are….. it is this week!!! We are looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday. Need more information, check out the website or give me a call. https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action
  11. Howdy Folks, Just a Reminder. Our AUGUST SHOOT will be on the THIRD SATURDAY, August 19, 2023. Pass the word if you know anyone who does not have email. Good luck to everyone going to the Regional - Guns of August! See you then! Dirt & Dusty
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