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  1. If you don't use pointed bullets and seat the primers correctly. There ain't no problem! OLG
  2. OK, think it's fixed now. Wife pushed a couple of buttons and now the CC site is full size OLG
  3. Try'd it, no joy. If I reset screen size, it affects everything I look at. Had contacted a CasCity Administrator and he was no help at all. I'm using a Samsung tablet. OLG
  4. Is this on the Cas City page? I'm not finding them, if it is. OLG
  5. Yes, I did. The red one aways goes on the right foot. OLG
  6. Have met many now that we live in Missouri. What you say about them is 110% correct. Their word, is their contract. OLG
  7. Wish I could figure out how to get their screen full size again. After one of their upgrades, it became pretty small. Only fourm I have this issue with. OLG
  8. Been to this range several times. It sets the standard. Same for the range at Bass Pro HQ store in Springfield, MO. OLG
  9. You'll have a worthless cartridge 400+gn rifle bullet in a .45 Colt length case ain't leaving much room for powder. Then there's the .458 dia of the rifle bullet.... OLG
  10. Plus, if you change residence just within your state, and update your existing DL w/Real ID. You have to go through the whole documentation process again. OLG
  11. Ck the screws on the shell stops. Flush the rec'r out with brake cleaner and relube. OLG
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