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  1. Try 9gn of Unique under a 255gn plated bullet, in a .454 Casull case using std sp primer. Firm roll crimp.
  2. All I use in SASS is Unique. That said, I don't load 'fly-fart' loads either. In my .44's, I use 6.5gn of Unique under a 240gn moly coated RNFP, in a .44 mag case and firm roll-crimp.
  3. Then it was under-loaded in the powder charge. Bbl cyl gaps don't close up with smokeless. What was the charge weight and bullet weight used?
  4. SP mag and SR are the same primer. Call Federal and they will tell you this.
  5. Many years ago found 500 new cases. Bought the Dillon setup for my 550. Had to shorten the crimp die because it was made for .32 Long. I load 1.5gn of Unique under an 85gn lead bullet. My Lemmon Squeezer love this load.
  6. WW231 and HP-38 are the same powder. If you are getting side splatter, you may well have a bbl to cyl gap issue, or index timing issue. All I use for SASS is Unique powder.
  7. For powder, look for Unique or WW231.
  8. Maybe, have a second category for folks that can only make 3 of the 7 matches. Call it 'The Three Amigos'....
  9. .44 should be included in KOK category
  10. A couple of well known SASS shooters were in that show
  11. Wet the loops and insert the shells. Lay flat and let dry. When done shooting, leave ammo in the loops.
  12. Misty Do you know why some of us lost our avatar pictures? Doesn't look like that has been corrected yet. TNX for the fixes you have done!
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