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  1. When you cock the action, how far past the notch on the sear, does the hammer notch travel?
  2. The ejector does not remove the cartridge from the chamber, the EXTRACTOR does. The EJECTOR 'kicks' the cartridge out of the receiver, while the EXTRACTOR holds the cartridge case rim against the breechface of the bolt. You have a EXTRACTOR issue......
  3. Many of us, can break a steel ball in a padded room
  4. Have you lubed the bbl pivot and cocking rod tabs where the forearm attaches?
  5. What happens if the rapidly cycle the action? Measure the rim thickness of the cartridge and post it up.
  6. Reloading lets you 'tailor' the loads to your wants/needs.
  7. Bet the extractor area is packed with fouling. Time for a deep cleaning of the entire receiver.
  8. Then it's time to do it again. Same for primer feed tubes
  9. Call Ruger and get a spare. You'll need it sooner or later.
  10. More like, how to make a big mess of things.
  11. If your user name is your alias, it will happen. It happened to me a few years back, when I was 'Lumpy Grits'.
  12. After your membership expires, your alias can be taken. Trust me on this....
  13. How much does it rock/rotate side to side now? Yes, on the jewelers saw
  14. Rinse twice when the cases come out of the tumble. Dry in oven, if you can.
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