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  1. Just remember, that the lab pressure tests were done inside. Anytime you load at the bottom of the chart, you're ask'n for issues. Try to stay .2-.3 gn above the lightest charge weight. In this gun game you want a FIRM roll crimp and good neck tension. OLG
  2. The one thing about Gatorade you need to watch out for, is the amount of salt in it. Especially so if you are on BP meds. That's why I drink Propell instead. OLG
  3. Wide brush with that statement. All powders have some temperature sensitively. Some way more than others, like Bullseye. 'Standard loading' is what's in the loading manuals. You deviate from 'the book', then you're on your own. OLG
  4. The cutter wheel was special made by the 'smith, and had been in use for many yrs before it happened. He never used it again on Colt bushings. I apprenticed under him for over 5 yrs. While I was working FT for the city. He knew what he was doing..... OLG
  5. COPS do all the time. That 'she' sure looks more like a 'he', to me. OLG
  6. ES shims are a pita. Peening is easier to do, and you have more control. I have seen one Colt cyl bushing crack when the tube cutter was tried. The gunsmith had to make a new one up on his lathe. OLG
  7. I do point shoot this game 95% of the time. OLG
  8. "CA shooters" . Why single them out? Fast shooters in any gun game point when targets are rarely past 25 yds. OLG
  9. That's a level 3 retention holster. You don't just yank that roscoe out. Yup, to bad she didn't try...... OLG
  10. You'll find that with the '87 you will want the LOP shorter than you think. When you shoot the '87. 'Drive it like you stole it'. Always ck the 2 carrier pivot screws before each match. OLG
  11. Then, have you even handled a '87? All '87s have a long lever throw, and correctly fitted stock(LOP)is vital. OLG
  12. Post up pictures with measurements. You sure the correct brass buttons are being used? OLG
  13. The tube cutter deal introduces a fracture point. Peening is better structurally speaking. OLG
  14. Have you live fired a '87 lever SG yet? The learning curve is unique with this SG. OLG
  15. Dishwashers have an internal thermalcouple on the heating element that shuts it down. OLG
  16. This 'rage' comes from the same governors that are releasing all of the convicts. That's a deep pile of 'double standard'. OLG
  17. Moderators, PLZ ban him..... OLG
  18. I would be more concerned as to why the breaker didn't 'trip'...... OLG
  19. PR, don't like'em big words like d'at. Remember, he went to public schools the first 20yrs of his life. OLG
  20. Temperature sensitively and lot to lot variations is why I stopped using Bullseye powder. OLG
  21. Bet with the virus restrictions in place. Mgmt is working from home. I sure hope so...... OLG
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