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  1. Cities and counties can have more restrictions than the state or Feds put in place. L.A. City is such an example. OLG
  2. You really need to read the CA. regs. It's pretty easy to ship there. OLG
  3. Switch cyl pins and see if that changes anything OLG
  4. And somewhere between the 2 stories, is the truth OLG
  5. Non, FFL can not ship a handgun via USPS. I don't know if this includes antiques. OLG
  6. There are a number of cartridges that use sr that produce much higher chamber pressures that .223. .454 Casull is just one. Then, there's the military version of that primer.... OLG
  7. Just measured a std sp CCI at .017 CCI sp mag at .020 SR std at .020 Don't have any sr mag to check. I used a 'pin' micrometer for this. OLG
  8. I see no issue with the full force of the hammer 'smack' being put on the t'bar and not shared on the frame above the FP. OLG
  9. He's been filmed many times in the past, and it didn't seem to hinder his performance. Wonder what the reason was for this change. OLG
  10. Not in my DirectTV pkg. Extra charge for it. OLG
  11. Get-er done, post some pictures with a review. OLG
  12. OMV cylinder pin has a shoulder that stops the pin. OLG
  13. Do you have a good bolt house near you? Leather won't last. Get those #10 AN washers and buy extra. IMHO, I don't trust those springs. If it was me, I'd order new ones from Wolff. Call Wolff and ask them to pull both springs from the same lot run. This way they are identical. OLG
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