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  1. No worries. That is pronouced "Ka-hone". It is Spanish for a narrow gorge or box canyon. Have a great day!
  2. Uberti 73' Saddle Ring Carbine chambered for 44-40. Serial number indicates it was made in the early 80's. Does not look to have been shot very much but it does have the usual gun cart scuffs and there is a very small nick on the forearm that you can see in the photos. Overall, it is a nice looking gun and in excellent condition. This carbine has: Long Hunter Short Stroke Shotgun Boogie Aluminum Carrier Shotgun Boogie Stainless Follower and Magazine Spring Shotgun Boogie Safety Bar Spring Shotgun Boogie Carrier Ar
  3. I’ve had 44-40 brass on order since 3/4/21. They must really be backlogged.
  4. I have it's cousin. A P-01. Same size but with a rail. One of my favorites and it gets carried a lot. Love the decocker. Somebody will snap this up. If you don't mind me askin' where did you get the grips? Ace
  5. 300+ Mixed Head Stamp, Nickel Plated, 38 Special Cases. Cleaned, deprimed, and ready to reload. All are nickel plated. No plain brass cases in the box. Just pay the USPS Small Flat Rate Box fee of $8.55 and they are heading your way. Thanks, Ace
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