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  1. This feller lives in my county and not only can build guitars, he can also play the heck out of one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Henderson_(luthier) Check him out on youtube also: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wayne+henderson+guitar
  2. Make sure and measure the length of the cylinders you want to buy. At one time, Ruger made their cylinders in different lengths so that one could not stick a .44 Magnum in a .357 revolver. That mite git a bit exciting at the range.
  3. That's what I was afraid of. That's why I asked how he measured it.
  4. I'm fond of hearing good clawhammer banjo music.
  5. I carry an automatic Benchmade that cost about $150 back in 2004 and that was with a dealer discount. I was at a country quick mart one evening when a feller walked in and stated that needed a new headlight for his pick-up and he was happy about it. It seems he was driving home and hit a 4 point buck. All it did was bust his headlight. He said that was the cheapest deer he had ever killed.
  6. The ones that I am familiar with do use CHARLIE. I worked with a cop that was prone to make up his own phonetic alphabet. One night, he called in a registration request on L(onely) V(al) V(ictor 1234. Not only did he use the wrong alphabet, he used two different names for the same letter. Our LT was ALWAYS on his butt! This same officer used to come up with all sorts of sh., er, stuff. One night he was on a call & needed a second unit. He gets on the radio and sez, "Headquarters, roll me a black and white." Our patrol cars were solid white with decals. The LT was in the office and got on the radio and said, "A black and white WHAT?" Another unit wanted to know if this officer wanted me and my partner to respond; I am white and my partner was an African-American. I think he watched too much Adam 12 growing up.
  7. I got my first knife at age 6. I have carried one ever since, even in school. After cutting myself several times with pocket knives that weren't lock blades, I seldom carry anything else but a lock blade. "My wife says I am the only one who has a knife in his lounge wear and "comfys". I 'll bet she's wrong. " I'm sitting at the computer wearing a tee shirt and a pair of lounge pants. I have a plastic handled SOG lock blade that is 2 3/4" OAL and has a blade with a 1 3/4" cutting edge clipped into my pocket. I'll bet it doesn't weigh much more that an ounce or two. It's a handy little critter.
  8. I have had a number of single shot rifles over the years and love them. I have also owned a couple of Ruger 10/22s and consider them top drawer. I think I would buy a 10/22 and a Ruger single shot magazine. https://gunmagwarehouse.com/blog/5-Reasons-You-Need-More-Ruger-10-22-Magazines/
  9. "Hello all, the time has come to try again to sell/trade my favorite 10-15 shot revolvers." You got some funny looking revolvers there Bubba!
  10. If it is a cartridge gun, do as Tyrel Cody sez. If it is a black powder breech loader, it can be mailed direct to the buyer, per Federal law. WARNING: Make sure all state and local laws are obeyed, on your end and on the buyer's end.
  11. It looks a lot like the W. Richards double barrel that I used to own. It was made in Belgium.
  12. Is that barrel length measured from the front of the cylinder to the end of the barrel?
  13. Since the BATF-E does not enforce state laws, the agent was probably checking to see if the buyer was a terrorist or other evil doer.
  14. Have you checked here: http://www.blackpowderva.com/
  15. The best option IS the press on a board clamped to the work bench. Back in college, I loaded ammo in my dorm room and cast bullets in the bathroom at the end of the hall. My press (first a RCBS Jr and then a RCBS Rockchucker) was bolted to a tiny bench. The bench had an about 18"x8" top and a 24"x8" bottom board with two (2) 18"x8" risers. I would sit on the floor to reload. All of my gear-dies, bullets, powders, bullets, etc. was stored in a cardboard box that I kept in my closet.
  16. Good luck. I have a 4 1/2" Model P Jr in .32-20/.32 H&R Magnum and I wouldn't sell it for twice what I paid for it.
  17. These days, if a child dressed like that, carrying his wooden Thompson and someone posted that picture on social media, even during summer vacation, he would probably be expelled from school BEFORE it starts back! What has this world come to anyway?
  18. Back in 1974, I was signed up to go to jump school at Fort Benning. The Army allowed a number of Navy and Marine Corps midshipman to attend. At the time, I still had a bit of a fear of heights. I figured jumping out of an airplane might cure that. Unfortunately, I was having some health issues and had to give up my dream of becoming an Officer of Marines. Looking back, I think the reason I wanted to go to jump school was so I could have something to pin on my uniform. Hard to understand the mind of a 19 year old. :):)
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