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  1. I use FFg on all of mine. Rifle, pistol and SG all the same. All I use are real BP, nothing wrong with Subs, I just like the fire and smoke that goes with the real stuff
  2. It looks like the target is made of mild steel. There are already too many pot marks created by previous shooters. IMO.
  3. Try this from Dixie gunworks. Might work. Call and ask them. PA1004 .36 - .40 wonder wads
  4. Prayers for a good pard and a speedy recovery.
  5. Prayers up for you Mom. Hope she get well soon. I too have a 92 year old mom. God Bless your Mom.
  6. If only I didn't have 16lbs. on hand, I'll be jumping on this. I'm only less than an hour away. But apparently it is now SPF.
  7. Use liquid Dawn dishwashing detergent instead rather than vaseline, that's what I use. Seals good for me.
  8. Try these:Grips for Schofield - Buffalo Brothers Cowboy Store.htmlTombstone Gun Grips_ S&W Schofield No.3 (81a).html
  9. Mighty fine craftsmanship. Wouldn't mind buying tickets for those.
  10. A good friend and a great cowboy. RIP pard. Prayers up for the family.
  11. Since our 73's has octagon barrel, why not have them in our pistols. They are just real COOL! I have my eye on a pair of Bisleys that have octagon barrels with my preferred caliber, just can't shell out the cash for now, but I am not saying I won't either. I'm thinnnnking????????? Unless it is sold then it's DARN IT, I should have bought it.
  12. So sad to hear this. What a great lady. She will be missed. Condolences and prayers for Wilbur and family.
  13. Condolences and prayers for CK and family. I. M. Crossdraw and Lady Crossdraw
  14. Use this, a 1/4 cup will fit into the opening of a Dillon powder hopper. Just drill holes and you are good to go. Buy the cheapest you can find. Or if the lady of the house has an extra one laying around, she may offer it to you. That's what I did.
  15. I use a Lyman 55 powder charger when loading real BP and been happy with it. I do occasionally will weigh my powder and it's been consistent for me. The dipper is very good but slow since we load BP by volume anyways.
  16. As a newbie, take your time, don't try to shoot fast at first, shoot accurately. With lots of practice speed will come later. Try to get the hang of things. Most of all, just have fun out there and be safe.
  17. Congrats to all the Ohio State Champs. MVC always put on a great shoot.
  18. I too use my 550 to prep my cases but I use the Lyman #55 powder measure to charge my cases with BP separately. I've used 2F and 3F powders with no problem. Both real BP and subs metered well with my Lyman. It's a little slow process but it works. I also shoot smokeless using my 550 to load, I just hate on going through cleaning up my 550 after loading BP. Good enough for me.
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