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  1. Great advise from pards with large bore caliber. I use 38's and have no problem, less blowback but I make a point of spraying Ballistol on the extractor, carrier and running a Ballistol patch down the barrel after about 3 stages even though I don't need too. I shoot real BP and BP lubed bullets. It's just one of those things that you sometimes have to do when shooting BP. Lots of fun with BOOM, fire and smoke.
  2. Is the hammer/spring plunger installed on the new SBH hammer?
  3. It is so evil loving BP. How dare you?
  4. Just relax and visualize the shooting sequence. Best of all, just have a good time.
  5. The town of Stoney Bottom in Sandusky is a great place to shoot. Always one of my favorite places to shoot CAS. Y'all have a good time, will try to make it up there again someday. Miss all my pards/pardettes in Ohio.
  6. You are good to go with 1.5f. There's not much difference. Best bet is to make sure you get a good pattern when developing SG loads.
  7. Cut a piece of felt pad to fit the bottom.
  8. It makes people think of that "I could've, should've" kind of thinking. If you know what I mean.
  9. This and might as well change the cylinder latch.
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