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  1. Appreciate it both of you, they came out great. I love the two tone look.
  2. I had my cylinder, hammer and trigger all TiN coated and I shot them with pyrodex no issues to report. The coating was done beginning of last year and those parts look the same now as they did then.
  3. I've used the pyrodex 3f in 38 special with 125 gr bullets, roughly 20 gr by volume and 12 guage 1 oz with 60-80 grains by volume. As will be said alot in this thread I'm sure, clean your guns thoroughly after shooting asap and do so again the next couple days.
  4. Appreciate that Ruger I'll do that and we'll have another pale rider show down soon.
  5. Please excuse me if this had been clarified but I seem to have missed it. If the rifle has a round left in it, on the carrier, and it leaves the shooter hands is it a MSV immediately or only if they shoot another gun after?
  6. I might give that a shot myself, I like to load 'em full and putting 75ish grains of the real stuff is going through more of my stock than I would like. Might switch over to pyrodex shotshells for the next match and see how that works. Appreciate that!
  7. I've still got some from before I could find the real stuff. But it's on the back shelf till I run out of the real and can't find it again. Hopefully that doesn't happen.
  8. Appreciate the new comments. Just putting my own experiences out there, I used pyrodex in 38 special cases in a couple shoots across the last 2 years. Both nickel and brass without ever seeing anything like this, using the same tumbling recipe/procedure. So far with 44-40 I've only used real black. But again I can't confirm the history of these particular cases as I've been gifted quite a few.
  9. Appreciate your insight Sedalia, I will restrict them to pistol brass, just incase. After all a split in the pistol won't jam me up like it would in the rifle.
  10. Appreciate that, I'll load them up and try them out in the pistols so that if they fail in some way it doesn't affect as much as in the rifle.
  11. Seems to be the consensus, hard to resist shiny brass, but I'll give it a shot.
  12. I appreciate your selfless offer but I think I'll go ahead and keep them. I'll see about updating the thread in a couple months when I shoot palerider again and clean my next batch.
  13. Fair enough, I'll back off and see if I have better results.
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