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  1. I had thought 14" might be good, but it just doesn't balance well for me. I would like to try 16" but that's against the rules. I am using 20" ever since I got my TTN because that is what it came with. I have use a couple of 18 1/8" guns and I liked that length. Since I am usually in the bottom 10 percent, following my advice is questionable. Shoot what you want and have fun.
  2. You didn't notice this is a percussion shotgun. I have been digging into the proof marks and the history of W.&C. Scott & Son. It's been a fun project. I won't be using it for CAS. I would not fire it at all. I bought it to use when I give tours at the old west museum I volunteer at. I may cut the barrels down further to fit the part I want it to play. SR
  3. I found out it's a W.&C. Scott & Son shotgun, made in the UK probably before 1859. I didn't look up the other proof marks other than the tower which is the W.&C. Scott & Son's mark.
  4. Picked up a new main match shotgun at a gun show Saturday and would like to find out about it before I load it up with powder. The barrels are 19" and it is suppose to be a 10 ga. The only markings on the receiver is "Scott & Son". Under the barrel are a number of stamps. In the pictures you can see you the stamps. Thanks for any help. Silver Rings
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