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  1. I have shot my TTN for over ten years with no problems. I like the bailing wire fix but I would wrap the barrels with leather then wind bailing wire over the leather. Silver Rings
  2. SPF Lee Pro1000 progressive reloading press with dies, powder measure, primer feed and case feed, for .38 spl / .357 mag. Four tubes for the case feed. In good used condition. Everything works as it should. $100 shipped to you. Silver Rings
  3. These shotguns don't have auto retracting firing pins, as the pins are part of the hammers. So timing in this case has to do with how soon the hammers/firing pins start to be cocked/withdrawn when you break the barrels open. My shotgun, the firing pins remained stuck in the primers when I started to break the barrels open making it hard to open the action. These shotguns use levers that the forend press on when you break the barrels open to cock the hammers. I had to have the levers welded to add metal on the levers so they start to cock the hammers sooner so the firing pins are pulled from the fired primers sooner so the action will open. Part of the problem is if the hammers are cocked too soon then the barrels will not stay open far enough so you can insert shells. Timing is working out the balance so the gun works good for it's use. Hope this helps. Silver Rings
  4. I had cataract surgery on my right eye a couple of weeks ago so I wasn't able to go to the match or the range to test it out. I am pretty sure it will work out good. It may need some more adjustments but I am pretty sure it will work out. So if you don't mind doing some work on it will work out. My Cabela's has Stoger or Rossie double barrel shotguns for $399 which would be a safer way to go. Silver Rings
  5. Thanks, I will have fun with it no matter what. SR
  6. It's unfortunate that Cabela's was in financial trouble and got bought out by Bass pro shop. I don't have as many places to shop as a lot of you do, so I appreciate the variety of products that Cabela's offers. I don't want them or any gun store to go out of business because it means there are fewer places to buy from, and that's Not a good thing. Things change and when it comes to guns it's usually for the worst. Cabela's employees don't get to make the rules any more than I did when I was working. Shop were you want, but I hope you get over the put Cabela's or whoever out of business idea because it just hurts shooters and hunters. And yes I bought a used shotgun from Cabela's with the unremovable trigger lock and no warranty and it had a problem, which I won't have found even if I could have removed the trigger lock, but I knew going in that I was taking that risk just like when I buy a used gun at a gun show. Silver Rings
  7. So I fixed the timing so the firing pins retract sooner and now it opens fine. I also cut the barrels down to 18 1/4" and took about 3" off the stock. Overall length is about 33". I stripped and refinished the stock and forend. Haven't taken it out for a test drive yet. Here are some pictures. Silver Rings
  8. I did buy one, a 12 ga. When I took it out to try it, it fired fine but would not open unless I used my knee to break it open. I have had to adjust the timing to fix it. It is a sturdy gun and hopefully will hold up good. Silver Rings
  9. The whole purpose of buying this shotgun was as a project for me to do. I didn't plan on having to work the timing but I enjoy figuring things out and fixing them. Besides my CAS game is about doing things different even if it is much slower, like shooting my shotgun from the hip. So this shotgun won't be fast to use. Silver Rings
  10. Ok I got the cocking lever welded yesterday and got it put back together today and took it out. Fired both barrels and I could now open it. It takes a bit more effort than I would prefer but it is probably as good as it will get as the barrels don't stay open as far as I would like. Good enough for me to start on the fun part, cutting the barrels down and refinishing the stock. Thanks for all your help. SR
  11. OK, here's an update. I shimmed the holes the cocking levers fit into and this helped with withdrawing the firing pins. Of course the shims won't stay in place. Took the cocking levers to a welder and he added metal to both levers. Took the shotgun out yesterday and still have to break open the gun over my knee. Tried each barrel one at a time and the left barrel is working. Just the right barrel that is still sticking. I will have to go to the welder and have the right levers built up more. Making progress, I didn't plan on having to do this much internal work, but that life. The levers and the holes they fit in don't look worn just too much slop in them. Maybe the gun not opening right kept it from being used much and explains why it's in such good shape. SR
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