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  1. Are you shooting these in a 45 Colt? If so are you using 45 Colt brass? If you are using shorter brass than Colt that might be the problem. SR
  2. I have used both the 45 Colt and 38 special. As you said with the 45 Colt you drill the primer hole larger. I found them to be more accurate than I expected. At about 15-20 ft I was getting groups about an inch with my pistol. What kind of problem are you having? Silver Rings
  3. I used a pair of 3 1/2" Navy Arms Schofields in 45 Colt for over 15 years with many thousands of rounds through them before they started to wear out. As has been said the wear line is a result of the design. On the Schofields the cylinder is locked by the trigger, not the hammer cocking. If you are used to riding the trigger you will have problems with the cylinder not turning. They do have more blow-by at the end of the cylinders. I shoot gunfighter and had to move the firing pistol in front of the other pistol so I didn't get hit in the rist with hot gasses. They are sensitive to high primers, the cylinder won't turn. All said and done, I enjoyed shooting them and adapted to their quirks. SR
  4. Got the dies. thanks Rings. I owe you one

  5. Howdy 


    I have an old, not sure of the year, Crescent double barrel with external hammers in 16 ga. It is complete with triggers/hammers that work. If you are interested it would be $150 shipped to you. Let me know if this will work for you. Merry Christmas




  6. Rolan, was your trigger pull better than before? SR
  7. I just bought a new 22/45 lite mk IV last week that had the fix done to it. It's a nice gun. I have ordered a red Dot sight for it and will probably up grade the trigger and sear. The wait for the repair will be worth it. SR
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