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  1. I have shot gf ever since it was offered. I am still not good at it but I have fun doing it. When I inherited the job of running our local match and writing the stages, I wrote mostly pistols back to back because it fit my style. A fellow shooter, in a very nice way, pointed out writing all my stages to accommodate gf was boring for the vast majority of the shooters. He was right! So I started writing split pistol stages. I just adjust to what the stage requires, just like left handed people adjust. I don't want to lose shooters but to have to keep a few people happy I have to reduce all the other people's enjoyment, not happening. SR
  2. This was discussed years ago. Draw the first pistol and load the 6th rd. Draw 2nd pistol while keeping 1st pistol pointed in a safe direction. Fire 11 rds. Holster the 1st pistol and load the 6th rd in the 2nd pistol and Fire it
  3. Bumper sticker from the 1960's "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns"
  4. I have a 45 Colt and in aWin 73 they produce a bunch of fouling. Wet is the only way for me. I use Breakfree CLP. Hornady one shot doesn't work for me. SR
  5. Where are you getting the bolt? Just in case I need one. SR
  6. Thanks again for the information. I don't know if the new pard's pistol has a trigger stop. I will have to check. SR
  7. Thanks for the help, a new pard at our club asked and I was not sure. He will be happy. Silver Rings
  8. Is the Freedom Arms model 97 an acceptable main match pistol. It looks like a modern version of the Colt saa to me. It has fixed sights. It's. 357 mag.
  9. I am looking at Diamondback Ar9 or an Aero Precision build. Any experience with these?
  10. Thanks again for the info. I know the Ruger is popular but it just isn't my thing.
  11. The JP rifles look fine as does the Sig MPX, both are more than I want to spend. The Diamondback is a possibility. Anyone with experience with the JR carbine?
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