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  1. I have been shooting shotgun from the hip since 2000 and the rifle for about 4 or more years. I shot pistols from the hip for a while but felt sorry for the counters so don't do It to often now. Rifle brass will go down the shirt or hit me in the face at times. I haven't come up with a fix yet. Silver Rings
  2. As someone mentioned above there's a lot of load info on the CASCity forum. I know because I did most of the posting. The new replicas of the 1876 will shot 300 to 405 grn bullets fine. I have shot the 45-60 at our buffalo target at 500 yrds with good success. Check out the data on the CASCity forum and have some fun. Silver Rings
  3. Sold $75 For sale 45 ACP brass. 1,280 cases. Some once fired, others fired multiple times. All are good for many more loading. Cleaned. $75 shipped. Silver Rings
  4. It's all yours. I will PM with the details. Silver Rings
  5. Sold. 1500 .40 S&W cases for $60 shipped. Mixed head stamps. Cleaned. Silver Rings
  6. I am assuming the support is lower than the table top? If so PW's reference is the support doesn't touch the gun, thus the gun is not lying on the support. So the edge is the edge of table. Silver Rings
  7. Back again other deal on Armslist turned out to be a scam. So here is your chance to own a fine piece of Colt workmanship. Don't miss out. Silver Rings
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