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  1. It has 30" barrels. I don't know what chokes it has. I have attached a couple of photos of the markings under the barrels if that helps.
  2. Haven't measured the barrel, think it's 28 or 30" I was going to cut them. I have not used it for cas. Picked it up as a project but decided to let it go instead.
  3. Take them to a match and give them away. I have used powder that was over 40 years old and had been moved all over the country. Just finished off some bullseye powder that I bought in the 70's. Just my experience. Silver Rings
  4. There is no right answer! If you don't reload, you could try trading the primers for loaded ammo. Otherwise $6.50 a hundred.
  5. The Schofield is shaped very different than a OMV or any other SAA style gun and will not fit the same holsters.
  6. FS S&W model 1 1/2 32 rf pocket pistol. It's has some rust and the barrel looks like a sewer pipe. The fellow I got it from says he had a gunsmith fix it up and even gave him a few rnds of ammo for it. It an antique so it doesn't need to go through an ffl. I am selling it as a wall hanger. $350 shipped. Silver Rings
  7. FS Savage Fox sxs 12 ga shotgun. Raised rib. It's in good used condition, some dings in the stock. $700 plus shipping.
  8. They are hard to come by. If you have a Sportsman Warehouse near you they have them online from time to time and have them deliver it to your store. Otherwise you will probably end up paying over msrp. Silver Rings
  9. Take a look at the cascity forum they have a section just for 1876 Win. I have a Chaparral 1876 rifle, brass, dies and bullets that I would be willing to sell. PM me if you are interested. Package deal only. Silver Rings
  10. Sold RCBS Cowboy Reloading dies, .45 colt. $30 plus shipping. Silver Rings
  11. Sold I have 8 loading blocks for 38 cal. $10 each plus shipping. Here is a picture of 4 of them. Other's look the same. Silver Rings
  12. I bought one like you figuring it would be a fun project, not so much. The hard opening is probably because the firing pins are not retracting soon enough. I could never get it where it would open far enough to put shell in with out pushing the barrel down. When I adjusted the cocking levers so the barrels opened enough to load. Then the firing pins didn't retract soon enough and the barrelshad to be broken over a knee to open. May be you will have better luck. I gave it away. Silver Rings
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