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  1. Thank you Goatneck, Yul, and Grass, you've met my need. Fortunately Yul lives about 30 minutes away from me and has offered me some pony size shoes, just what I was looking for. He's also a fantastic gun cart maker and has offered to show me how he does it. Double win! Once again, the cowboys show themselves to be some of the most giving people around.
  2. I'm looking for two horse shoes to use for the front "feet" of my gun cart. I prefer something closer to pony size than clydesdale! Does anyone have any available?
  3. Thank you Hoss and Jax T for your generosity. Thank you Marshal for your graciousness.
  4. Sorry Jax and Marshall, I meant if I got duplicates. I could use the leather if its brown or tan. Otherwise, Marshall is welcome to them.
  5. I shall remember "outfit"! "Costume" implies we are just pretending to be cowboys... I continue to be amazed how friendly and willing to help cowboys and cowgirls are. A good gang to hang with.
  6. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Good point about 22LR not being SASS-legal for an adult.
  7. I’m a new member putting together my costume. I’d like to find some suspenders with button holes for Wahmaker and similar pants. I’m looking for chocolate brown, antique mahogany, or black. Prefer leather. I’m 6’3”. Thanks! Mountain Man Gramps, 118104
  8. I'm pretty new at this so I could use some expert advice/opinion. I'd like to get my wife interested in shooting and am looking for a simple, comfortable, light weight, 22LR revolver that a beginner can learn on. There's a big emphasis on light weight. Does anyone have a suggestion? What about the Cimarron Plinkerton?
  9. I ended up buying two individual Vaqueros, one for $600, the other for $556 for a total of $1156. One looks like it was never touched, the other looks like it was shot very few times. I’m happy, in spite of California making me wait 30 days after receiving my first Vaquero before the FFL can hand me my second Vaquero... as though I was going to rob a bank with a 6 shot revolver!!!
  10. I figured it out. I just slide the Sure Hit over the factory sight. Slick’s website even says so! To quote Bart Simpson - Duh!!!
  11. Are you saying I should use the Marbles Front Rifle Sight, not the Sure Hit? Slick, I left you a voice mail. Please check it before you ship my order. Hopefully I caught you in time! (I hope this doesn't violate SASSwire policy. Sorry if it does) BTW, thanks again everyone for your participation in this tread. Fantastic forum!
  12. On my Marlin 1894, there is that round shroud over the front sight. Can I just gentle tap that off with a hammer? Will the "Sure Hit" rifle sight fit over the original Marlin front site once the shroud is removed? What is the advantage of replacing the the original marble front sight with the Slick's marbles front sight if you're just going to cover it with the "Sure Hit" sight?
  13. Thanks again everyone. This forum is the most responsive and helpful forum I’ve been on. Such good advice and dialog between multiple experts. Warden, I just watched your video. Just what I needed. Thank you! Very well done. Mountain Man Gramps
  14. Thanks everyone. I new to all this so I have an excuse to ask simple questions... Deuce, when you said, "If you want a smoother action, other details of the rifle will need to be addressed", what were you refering to? I came across a YouTube video that talked about disassembling the rifle and sanding all the parts with 400-1000 grit snad paper to eliminate any sharp edges and especially around any areas with scratches and wear marks. Then totally clean off all lubricant and use only a tiny bit of an oil like Hoppe's #9 lubricating oil. I'm also installing the SlickMagic trigger and spring set. Are those worth while things to do? Anything else you'd recommend or any YouTube videos you'd recommend? Thanks everyone for the advice. Mountain Man Gramps
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