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  1. If I use them, I can’t return them. I chose instead to get dies specifically designed for my application while that choice was still available.
  2. After readng everyone's input and more research, I have sent back the Hornady die set and ordered a RCBS Cowboy 38 die set. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.
  3. I should have included this in my original post. I did call them and they indicated that the non-Cowboy expander did not expand as much, but that probably wouldn’t matter. But then he went on to say I should keep an out for any shavings from the bullet insertion. That’s what makes me uncomfortable. i just got off the phone with MidwayUSA and they said I could return the set even though I cut the UPC off the box for a promotion. Great company and they had the lowest price for the press ($430). I’m going to return the dies and get the correct die set. By checking the set descriptions I also found that both the expander and seating dies are different, another reason to get the right set.
  4. After searching the Hornady website where I did not find any specific information about the individual dies in the cowboy and non-cowboy dies sets, I starting shopping for price and ended up finding some additional technical informaton. Concerning the expander die in the cowboy set I found the following on the renown shooting website, eBay: "These dies put a consistent slight "bell" flare on straight-walled rifle or pistol case mouths. They prepare the case so powder and bullet insertion are smother".
  5. Can anyone please explain to this newbie the difference between the Hornady 38 special (regular) die set (p/n 546527) and the Cowboy die set (p/n 546528)? I know the Cowboy set is for lead non-jacketed bullets, but are the differences big enough that I should use only the cowboy dies? I ask this because before I ordered my Hornady Lock and Load AP press, I called Hornady's tech support and was told either would do. Any thoughts?
  6. Yul and Blast, you nailed it! I stopped by Double D’s last night with both of my Vaqueros. After showing him the problem which he confirmed, he pulled out the cylinders of both guns, looked at the three digits etched on each cylinder by the factory (I didn’t know about that), and found I had accidentally switched the cylinders the last time I cleaned them. Problem solved! Thank you everyone! All your suggestions were a good learning experience for me. Long live SASS!
  7. I recently purchased a New Vaquero off Gunbroker. When cocking the hammer, it has recently stopped locking on the same cylinder position 95% of the time. I am the type who likes to fix things myself and have done a little gun tuning, but am not an expert. I've found some good YouTube videos on the disassembly and reassembly of the New Vaquero. Can anyone offer some sugestions of what I should look for? Needless to say, I'll have the gun inspected by shooters more knowledgable than me before I use it in a match.
  8. I'm looking to buy a good used reloader for .38 special cowboy ammo. I like the RCBS Pro Chucker 7 but will consider others. Please PM me with details.
  9. Thank you Goatneck, Yul, and Grass, you've met my need. Fortunately Yul lives about 30 minutes away from me and has offered me some pony size shoes, just what I was looking for. He's also a fantastic gun cart maker and has offered to show me how he does it. Double win! Once again, the cowboys show themselves to be some of the most giving people around.
  10. I'm looking for two horse shoes to use for the front "feet" of my gun cart. I prefer something closer to pony size than clydesdale! Does anyone have any available?
  11. Thank you Hoss and Jax T for your generosity. Thank you Marshal for your graciousness.
  12. Sorry Jax and Marshall, I meant if I got duplicates. I could use the leather if its brown or tan. Otherwise, Marshall is welcome to them.
  13. I shall remember "outfit"! "Costume" implies we are just pretending to be cowboys... I continue to be amazed how friendly and willing to help cowboys and cowgirls are. A good gang to hang with.
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