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    My costume is my transporter, Escondido Bandidos, Cajon Cowboys

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    Being Grampa, photography, woodworking, and playing my harmonica.

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  1. Thanks Marauder, but I didn't see any attachment or link. Am I missing something? MMG
  2. Here is a correction to my above post. The stage icons are in a Word file not PowerPoint. Save an unmodified copy of this file with a new name and then create new stages by copying the master file into a new file. Since this is a Word file, just add the text you want to this new file and cut and paste the icons as needed into the needed place on the page. Any icons you don't need, just delete them. Since you previously saved the original file using a different name, you can use it over and over. Perhaps there may be more efficient ways, but this one is pretty straight forward and simple. Here is a link to the file. I set it to be accessible to anyone with this link: https://1drv.ms/w/s!ArV-Sms1C6ePg9IaWaXJLK5aQVxkAw?e=3GDdqR MMG
  3. Yul, I'm also going to try writing some stages. DD sent me a file that can be used in PowerPoint. I'll email it to you.
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