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  1. I'm looking for a 6 round conversion cylinder for a .44/.45LC Remington 1858 New Army pistol by Uberti. Must have safety stop slots to rest the hammer. I prefer the blued or antique finish since my revolver is case hardened. Please PM me with the details.
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses. The corporate experience is pretty much the same - no notable difference between magnum and non-magnum small pistol primers. Just use what you can get your hands on.
  3. So it sounds like it really makes no difference whether you use magnum or regular. Has anyone ever seen a case where it did make a difference?
  4. It seems that no one has small pistol primers, only magnum primers. I shoot .38 spec Vaqueros and a .357 magnum Marlin. Does it make any difference if I use magnum or non-magnum primers?
  5. Well, I received the Frankford Arsenal Vibra-Prime, smoothed out the burrs, and have loaded several hundred primers. My verdict is that it will save considerable time which is my goal. However, as Hoss and others said, it does take some practice. You can't rush it and flood the "runway" or it will not load. You need to feed the runway at just the right pace. If you do, its pretty much like "ants running down the hole". I can load 100 primers into the feed tube in 20 to 30 seconds. For the $47 I [paid for it, it's worth it. It's a lot faster than punching 100 primers into the tube. I'm sure the Palvik or the Double Alpha units would work better, but the Frankfort Arsenal is less than half the price of a used Palvik if you can find one and one fourth the price of the Double Alpha. For now it does the job at the most affordable price. So far I've loaded only small pistol primers. In the next week or two, I'll try some large rifle and see what happens.
  6. Lots of good ideas. Thanks everyone. Amazon has the Frankfort Arsenal Vibra-Prime for $47. Figured I’ll give that a try since it’s the least expensive. If I don’t like it, nothing lost, I can send it back. From all the posts and ratings, deburring it seems to be the key to success. Hoss, I like your idea of putting it on top of the press’s filler tube.
  7. I have a Hornady LNL AP press that works great. But the worse part is loading primer tubes to drop into the primer feed tube on the press. Does anyone know of a way to simplify and shorten the time needed, maybe even eliminate punching 100 primers into primer tubes? I figure I'm not the only one with this gripe!
  8. I tried the sensitivity adjustment on Gun Shot Timer. It was useless for dry firing. IPSC Shot Timer is available for the iPhone. I'll give it a try.
  9. I have an iPhone and am looking for a good app that can be used for dry fire practice. I tried one called “Gun Shot Timer” and it couldn’t detect dry fire shots. Does anyone know of a good app for dry fire practice?
  10. Yes, Jedediah- Starr (still) does. But he’s charging $53.49 for hazmat and shipping, way more than anyone else.
  11. Thanks Yul. I checked it out last Saturday and it was ready gone. Exactly what I wanted...
  12. Yes, Mako's Treatise does answer all questions. I now understand why there are multiple conclusions about what cap size to use after looking over the dimensions of various caps. Thanks everyone! This thread is such a good example of how helpful and friendly the SASS community is.
  13. After spending too much of today looking into this topic, I've decided to take Sedalia Dave's advice - replace the original nipples with Slix Shot nipples that take CCI 11's or Remington 11's (doable but a looser fit according to Badman Bullets). Thanks Dave and Dawg.
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