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  1. I had to think about that a bit. Rotating the rifle produces a horizontal offset between the center of the sight and the center of the barrel. That pretty much states the importance of a spirit level.
  2. Yes, that's true. The shortest non-adjustable sight I found is 0.404" above the plane of the barrel, the one I picked is 0.500" above the barrel's plane, not too bad.
  3. Thanks all for your input. I found the adjustable Aperture Hadley from Track of the Wolf mentioned by John Boy has threads that fit the Uberti. That means I don't need to modify the Tang sight on my rifle. I also found out that Pedersoli and Uberti use the same size dovetail for the front sight so I ordered a Pedersoli front spirit sight with windage adjustment for $165. The "windage" scale is on the muzzle side of the sight, so it will probably be more useful for sighting in the gun than windage correction under timed shooting, but still useful. The iron post in my current sight isn't good for distances beyond 75 yards. Both items are in stock and hopefully will be in my hands by this weekend. Really looking forward to the state championships at the Double R Bar to learn from the experts!
  4. I’m shooting an Uberti .38-55 Highwall and just getting started. I plan on shooting BP, but for now I’m using up the smokeless ammo that came with the gun shooting at a 100 yard range. That’s the only range that I have convenient access to. I came across a deal that included the gun, a bunch of ammo, reloading dies, and a bunch of other stuff for a price I couldn’t turn down. I know .45-70 is more common, but between the entry price of the deal and the reduced recoil, I’m very happy. I can shoot that gun all day. I plan on shooting as long a distance as the gun will let me at Cowboys shoots. I don’t know how long that is yet. I’ll be at the Double R Bar State Championships in April. Needless to say I don’t expect to place, much less medal, I’m going there to learn from the experts and have fun. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading including Steve Cable and Mike Venturino’s books on BP buffalo rifles and reloading primer. I’ve been a Cowboy for less than a year and having a blast! (No pun intended...)
  5. OLG (or others), how often do you need/use the windage adjustment and spirit level on your sights? What I’m trying to figure is whether the extra expense is worth it. Which would you say is most important? I know the purist would say get both.
  6. What size do you have - the regular or magnum? Which would you recommend?
  7. Thanks Palewolf, I missed that. As for retapping the sight, a M5-20 thread can be upsized to a 12-28 which MVA supports for an additional $15 charge. A tap bit and drill bit is under $10 on Amazon. I have the skills to do it so unless there is a source a lot cheaper than MVA, I’ll go with them because of their quality reputation.
  8. Thank you all. However I just found I'll also need a 12-28 tap to retap my Tang since MVA does not have their Hadleys in a M5-20 thread! No big deal. MMG
  9. Because of the residual effects of radial kertonomy eye surgery combined with a tiny cataract in my shooting eye, the small hole in my Uberti Highwall Hadley eye cup gives me a lot of distortion when I look through it. On a hunch, I drilled the hole a bit larger and it significantly reduced the distortion, but I've found that depending on the distance to the target, I need a larger or smaller hole. Are the Montana Vintage Arms Hadley eye cups with the selectable hole diameters legal for SASS and NRA long range competitions? I've checked the Shooters Guide and wonder if they would be disqualified because of the selectable hole diameter feature. I haven't come across any information that the 1800's cowboys had adjustable apertures. Here is a link to their webpage: https://montanavintagearms.com/product/sights/mva/eye-discs/
  10. Oh my! What did I start? Not trying to hijack...
  11. You all make it sound like a tumbler with stainless steel pins is the only way to go...
  12. Eyesa, yes, I’ve tried several times, including just now, hoping that might be the situation. It isn’t.
  13. Yes, I did. Also, I did receive the first email in my in box.
  14. I've applied twice over the last six weeks for an account on the BPCR.net forum. I've received the automated response twice but no activation notice. Does that forum have an active administrator? I tried the account name and password I requested and they are not active yet. Just asking...
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