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  1. I purchased the Ottos and used them at the Escondido Bandidos match yesterday. What a difference! I felt so much more a part of the match being able to hear conversations very easily. And the transition between gunfire and conversation is instantaneous. The foam ear plugs were a bit difficult to put in because I didn’t realize my ear canals are at different angles and I messed up the foam plugs. I tried the silicon plugs and as Otto states, they are not as effective. So I tried a different manufacturer’s foam plugs. I could tell their fit was not as good as the Otto plugs before I busted
  2. This is just the answer I was looking for, a comparison between the Ottos and the Axils. The wind noise at last weekend's Cajon Cowboys match was so loud I had to turn off my Walkers. I don't like spending $340 for the Ottos (the current price if you have a Botach sign-in account), but I've already spent about $200 on the two Walkers I have that I purchased on sales from Midway several months ago. Don't want to have to purchase again and my hearing is already slightly compromised.
  3. How do the Axils do in a windy environment? My Walkers are too noisy in wind.
  4. Thanks for the additional information. I went back and reread their website. I misread it. Their high frequency (bad stuff) attenuation is exceptionally good.
  5. Wicker Nash, according to Etymotic's literature, your earbuds only provide 15 dB of gun shoot attenuation. That's not much. The Otto reviews make them sound like the best, but $400?
  6. Thanks, I did a search on "ear buds" and "earbuds" and got no hits. I checked out your link and it looks like it answers my question. Consider my topic closed.
  7. I'm looking for a good pair of earbuds that have active suppression of gunfire but allow conversation. I currently have a pair of Walker earbuds but I'd like a greater level of gun fire suppression. Walker claims 23 dB of suppression, but there is a noticeable difference between the Walker earbuds and my over-the-ear Walker hearing protectors. The over-the-ear protector provides significantly better protection. Also, the Walker earbuds don't go as far into my ear as my Bluetooth music earbuds and I think that may be part of the problem. My two requirements are that they provide
  8. True, but I don't think I'll want to go back to that sloppy trigger and I haven't heard anything bad about the Phantom trigger.
  9. I took a little bit off the front of the trigger safety block and that did the trick. My first speed job, man what a difference! Thanks Double D (Darrell Brinkmeier, master of leather and gusmithing) for the list of changes.
  10. You got it! I had a hunch this was the fastest way to a solution. The cowboy community never lets me down. Now I'll be ready for next weekend... but now I can't blame it on my gun!
  11. As requested, here is the link to the video on YouTube... my first YouTube video! https://youtu.be/XlbP6vW_fBs
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