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  1. I’m late into this conversation, but welcome to the game! Understanding the rules is the hardest part of this game. I know, I’ve been a cowboy for a little over a year. Everyone says the rules are hard to understand so if they seem confusing, welcome to the club. Probably the most important thing to remember is that you only need to choose one catagory out of all the shooting, costuming, or age categories - only one. Not one of each. Choose one out of the groups that’s most important to you whether it is a shooting style, costume style, or age category. Once you do that, you’re free to shoot anyway, shoot anything, or wear anything that’s in the SASS rule book except what’s forbidden for that ONE category you choose. Also remember you can change categories every match. Try out anything you want and see what you enjoy the most! Above all, don’t take things too literally and HAVE FUN!
  2. Never thought my question would spark so much discussion! I do agree the rule book reads like a book written by a committee. My problem is I tend to be too literal. For example, at the last match, one of the stage directions said using both pistols and your rifle, put three shots on the square targets and two shots on the round target in any order. The stage had 4 square targets, 2 rectangular targets and one round target. I couldn’t figure out how to use 20 rounds! Stupid me - the rectangular target is a square! Off topic... except for the confusion!
  3. Yul, Actually, I’m dry firing a couple of “styles” to see what fits best. Not sure yet. They all have their unique challenges and potholes, or so it seems. It’s fun experimenting. But Gunfighter definitely looks the coolest! But thanks for the feedback.
  4. How fantastic the SASS community is! While I’m typing a response to a the first responder, another SASS’er answers the question I’m asking. Thank you! I’ll be a B Western or Silver Senior.
  5. So does that mean you are in an age catagory? The Classic costume category requires Duelist or Double Duelist and B-Western requires a SASS-legal “style”. I’m assuming that “style” means category. Is that correct? If so, that means I would declare an age category. Sorry, I’m an engineer and I take everything literally!
  6. This is probably a stupid question, but here it is. I’m trying to understand the shooting category rules. Both the gunfighter and duelist categories specify that guns shall be held single handed and unsupported. In the case of gunfighter you can hold two guns at once, for duelist it’s one gun at a time. But both categories specify that the gun in one hand can’t be touched by the other hand. So how is it that the shooting style demonstrated by Long Hunter in his YouTube videos legal. For example, see his “Shooting with the Lower Body” video. I also see this style at matches all the time. In this style, the gun is supported by one hand, but the other hand is also on the grip and is operating the hammer. This is clearly a violation of the duelist rules which clearly state the, “shooting arm may not be touched by the offhand.” And the gunfighter rules state, “Revolvers must be cocked and fired one handed, unsupported, one right-handed and the other left-handed.” What am I missing? Why is this style legal?
  7. I forgot to mention I have a blow tube. I think the side matched were listed on page 2 of the application.
  8. I’ve signed up for the long rifle shoot State Championship match at RR Bar. It’s my first LR match. I’m don’t expect to win anything, just learn and have fun. But having never been to one before, I don’t know what to expect. So here are some total beginner’s questions just so I don’t show up not having what I need. Thanks for your patience. I’ll be shooting black powder with an Uberti .38-55 Highwall. How many rounds should I bring including warm-ups? I’l definitely bring extras. Do we shoot standing, sitting with a bipod, laying on the ground, or shooter’s choice? I’ve seen pictures of all three positions. I’ll have a squirt bottle of Ballistol or ammonia-free Windex and a boresnake at the line for cleaning between groups, as well as a jar with soapy water and a lid for the spent shells. Any opinions as to Ballistol, ammonia-free Windex, or soapy water? Other than showing up with those items and the usual Cowboy match items, is here anything else I should know? Thanks in advance for your advice. Mountain Man Gramps My Costume is my Transporter
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