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  1. I know that you can store smokeless ammo for several years if you keep it cool and dry. But what about black powder ammo? I'm guessing it doesn't have as long a shelf life, but does anyone know for sure? I know you can store black powder itself for a long time, but ammo has black powder in a brass case, not plastic jug that isn't supposed to corrode.
  2. I just called Alliant and they confirmed the data is their data and is good. They said the website has not been updated but the data is in their manual which they are sending me. MMG
  3. I called them a few months ago and they said the website was all the information they had. I guess since then they have released additional inormaton. Like they say, hindsight is 20/20.
  4. I went through Alliant's website and checked all the Sport Pistol loading data I could find and found nothing. Then I did a Google search and found this link: http://accurateshooter.net/Downloads/alliantsportpistoldata10217.pdf It's a link to a load table published by Alliant for Sport Pistol but unless I'm blind it's not listed in the Sport Pistol section. It's the most complete Sport Pistol table I've found yet and includes .45 Colt, but its on the AccurateShooter.net website. Go figure that...
  5. Alliant says their Sport Pistol powder has characteristics like low flash that make it ideal for coated lead bullets I have been using it for about two years with 38 special and 357 magnum cowboy rounds and like it. Alliant publishes load data for several cowboy calibers but not .45 Colt. Since I have a bunch of it, I'd like to use it in my 1858 Uberti replicas. Does anyone know of any 45 Colt load data using Sport Pistol with a 250 grain RNFP coated bullet that will give a velocity between 750-850 fps? Could you also please let me know the source of that information?
  6. I also use the Lee Load-All to load black powder rounds and it's great. I save my AA low-noise low-recoil hulls. They can be reused several times and they're free. Makes good looking shells, simple to use, and can be bought for less than $60. Can't beat that.
  7. I got the Comply foam tips and they work great. They are longer than the standard phone foam tips and I think that makes a huge improvement in their performance.
  8. I also had problems figuring out how to insert the NoizeBarriers until I inserted a Q-Tips in each ear and let them hang. The left Q-Tip went straight out, but the right Q-Tip pointed up at a 45 degree angle. I didn't realize one of my ear canals was crooked! With that information I've been able to insert both of them. Also I have two different size ear canals. The right ear is a bit smaller diameter that the left so that side is a bit harder to get in. But then I've had that problem with any ear plug I've used. Don, which Comply ear tips are you using?
  9. This is long overdue, but here it is anyways. I'm sold on my NoizeBarriers. Their suppression is excellent and the wind noise is insignificant in any wind environments I've been in so far. My only gripe is the cost of the replacement foam tips... $3.00 per foam tip! I tried to find tips made by other companies but none of them will fit as they are spec'ed with a channel that has too large a diameter. I'll just need to be extra careful when inserting the tips into my ears. Their ability to give you a good sense of direction is also excellent. You can easily tell the differenc
  10. I purchased the Ottos and used them at the Escondido Bandidos match yesterday. What a difference! I felt so much more a part of the match being able to hear conversations very easily. And the transition between gunfire and conversation is instantaneous. The foam ear plugs were a bit difficult to put in because I didn’t realize my ear canals are at different angles and I messed up the foam plugs. I tried the silicon plugs and as Otto states, they are not as effective. So I tried a different manufacturer’s foam plugs. I could tell their fit was not as good as the Otto plugs before I busted
  11. This is just the answer I was looking for, a comparison between the Ottos and the Axils. The wind noise at last weekend's Cajon Cowboys match was so loud I had to turn off my Walkers. I don't like spending $340 for the Ottos (the current price if you have a Botach sign-in account), but I've already spent about $200 on the two Walkers I have that I purchased on sales from Midway several months ago. Don't want to have to purchase again and my hearing is already slightly compromised.
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