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  1. Use the two extras badges as cuff links. OR Have Johnny Rebel make you a couple extra badge holders and you can swap them out between stages. Man that's one sharp lookin' club badge though!
  2. There is also the RV Hall of Fame. https://www.rvmhhalloffame.org/ As Mathew Duncan said above, Wolff's Rowdy Rangers shoot on the 19th. In Bristol IN. (46 miles North East) and, Hidden Valley Cowboys shoot on the 20th. In Sturgis MI. (67 miles North East)
  3. Plus you have to add in all the vendors and the space they take up. This is going to be a EOT production. EOT takes up allot of space. I have heard that they are even bringing in the Longhorn Bar. If a similar situation comes up in the future, with all the second guessing and complaining that's going on around this shoot, other clubs will probably say it's not worth the hassle and let the World Championships be cancelled again. Luckily for me, and with allot of panic trying to register, I got in. This will be my first EOT whether it was in NM or IN. I'm so excited I'm gonna bust.
  4. By your definition, Is it ever really a World Championship if shooters aren't able to attend. You will never get all the top shooters in one place at one time. Let's just have fun.
  5. Awesome Range and campground with full hookup! I'm in.
  6. Count me in. It's already on the calendar.
  7. Sedalia Dave gave you the answer. When not using a full case of powder (in 44-40 and 45 Colt) I use walnut lizard bedding for the filler and compress a 1/16" when I seat the bullet.
  8. It's not a very good rifle to start with; but, If that's what you've got, use it until you find the need to switch to something else. With that said, I started with a 94AE Trapper, .44Mag only held 9 and had to load one on the clock. I bought a 1873 in 45 Colt within the first three months. The 94AE is now a deer rifle again.
  9. Of my 1873 Shorty Saddle Rifles with 18" Octagon Barrels the 45 Colt holds 11 rounds and my 44-40 holds 10 rounds.
  10. I won't go down the Ford, Dodge & Chevy path, but I've had some experiences with company's non warranty and service departments that have been less than stellar. I suggest picking a scope manufacture that has a Lifetime Warranty and a good reputation. In my opinion it's worth the extra money. The replacement scope I put on my Ruger 10-22 was a Redfield and have really liked it.
  11. Thank You for the information and the video!!
  12. Any gunsmith should be able to add the stud or screw to barrel for you.
  13. Agreed. From what I saw today it takes two shots (28 days apart) to be protected, and the protection could last as little as 2-3 months up to 6 months.? The virus has been with us since around the first of the year. I don't think I want to put up with side effects for that kind of protection. My mother and father-in-law both had it. My sister-in-law had it as well as her daughter and son-in-law. all of them have survived. I'll take a pass.
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