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  1. With a set of standardized rules and guidelines that we all follow to make this a level playing field. I for one thank them for all they do for us in the United States and all the other Countries that have the enjoyment of participating in this sport.
  2. For Sale: Lyman Molds w/ handles #452664 – .45 Cal. (.452) 250 gr. RNFP. One 4 cavity $70.00 and One 2 cavity $40.00. (Sold to Wintun pending funds.) Lee w/handles #452-255-RF – .45Cal. (.452) 255 gr. RNFP one 2 cavity $25.00. Or Trade, depending on what you’ve got.for .44 Cal. (.429) 200 gr. RNFP mold w/handles or .38 Cal. 125 gr. RF. Lee Mold w/handles #90574 or #90306
  3. Don't worry about bringing the grass seed. I planted potatoes in our ruts before I left.
  4. Don't see any problems with it at all. It gets tiresome shooting the same thing all the time.
  5. You must be coming over to the Black powder side.
  6. Cut it off and enjoy it. Unless it truly has a significant value. (I let my Blue Book of Gun Values subscription run out or I'd look it up for you). or have it re-barreled and it can be changed back if you want. That information and $0.02 will get you two cents.
  7. This was a fantastic match! It was a well thought out match. The food on the range was great, The banquet was impressive. Thank you for all the tremendous effort by the whole team. A big plus was the camping. It was spectacular. The first time camping with full hookup for me. That was nice!
  8. Yep. This is the one I used, and would recommend! Thanks Injun Ryder and Abilene for posting
  9. Some where on here I read to use a CitriStrip or a Citrus stripper. I didn't want it to take that long and got the most environmentally unfriendly, caustic stuff I could find. Put it on and no go, put it on and let it sit overnight in a plastic bag. a little came off but still no go. I went back out and bought the CitriStrip or something similar put it on and let it set overnight and the finish came right off. Hardly any sanding, I was good to go. Then I finished it with Tung oil and Johnson Paste.
  10. I did it for 2-3 matches. I lost some of the rifle brass and some of the brass I did get back wasn't mine....so I annealed brass for another shooter. Decided not to do that anymore. I didn't see much benefit when I did anneal the brass. That's my 2 cents. That and 98 more cents will get you a bottle of water.
  11. What he said, and also try to flush out the firing pin bores. may have metal shavings or heavy grease in them.
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