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  1. Two cases? That's going to last 4 years at this rate.
  2. Same here. Just empty the bucket about every 3 days. I use the water to wet tumble my brass in. I have been doing this for 31 years with no issues.
  3. Hey Slim, I've got a couple of wheel weights for ya. When are you available for steak and drinks? Tree
  4. I have had one pin in a primer pocket in a 44-40 in thousands of rounds. I didn't see it in the primer pocket, I saw it in the empty primer cup on the press.
  5. Wet tumbler, Separator & Dryer all Frankfort. (purchased all on Amazon on sale) * Deprime brass * Tumble with pins, Fill with water to cover brass (I use water from the dehumidifier) 2 Tbs. of Dawn dish liquid & 1/4 tsp. or less of Lemi Shine for 2-3 hours. * Rinse in cold water separating most of the pins in the Separator lid. * Put back in tumbler (w/o pins) filled with enough water to cover brass adding 1-2 Tbs. Car Wash & Wax to coat with wax. * Rinse and run through Separator to remove the rest of the pins and water. * Run through the towel quickly to dry most of the outside and put in Dryer for 1-2 hours at around 140 deg. F Brass and primer pockets come out like new. Helps eliminate scratched dies (as I was getting with Vibratory and Walnut) It's like loading new cases. It also helps brass pickers find your brass. Good luck. I have tumbled with out pins. Outside clean. Inside and primer pockets not so much.
  6. I load subs in my MEC Jr. but I have always tucked a used bounce dryer sheet tucked in under the lid of the powder bottle to eliminate static cling on all my MEC loaders for both Black subs and smokeless powders.
  7. Ya Big Tree

    Brass help

    Same here. I have Hornady One Shot lube but like Sharp Shoot R Royal Case Sizing Lube allot better (MidwayUSA) for all bottle neck cases especially .223, 30/30 & 44-40.
  8. Also remember, What ever you buy you have to clean. 1873's are easy to clean. Never owned a Rossi so I can't speak for them.
  9. What Jefro said. Come down for a visit. 1st Saturday of the month. We shoot year round.
  10. For around $1,300 - $1,400 You should be able to pick up a new Winchester 1873. It will be competitive with out any action work. It's all about your competitive spirit. Most people I know started with out competition in mind but it starts to take over once you start shooting better. A Uberti could be found for around $1,100. I picked up a new 44-40 for $900. You just have to keep an eye out for them. As many say "buy once cry once".
  11. You can also heat the drill bit cherry red and cool very slowly to anneal it. Test the bit with a file to make sure it's soft. That would limit damage to the bore as well.
  12. Slim's comment is the part that will get banned from the Wire. Remember ... what happens at Ohio State stays at Ohio State. Tryin' to save your reputation hOOt.
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