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  1. I appreciate all you do to make this Shoot happen. Thank you, to You and the Crew. Buy the Way...3 more days.
  2. No problems here either. Just remember, If you are loading .430 Diameter (44Mag.) bullets, replace the expander with an expander from a 44 Mag. die set. You don't have to...but it helps.
  3. The first modification that I think will make the biggest difference is replacing the Lever Safety spring with a light weight one. That's my opinion.
  4. Man, that thing broke already?? I'll give ya $300 for it.
  5. Man he's ugly. Must be my sisters family.
  6. You guys are killin' me with all these stories 'bout my kin dying. Your kuttin', mutilating, and a burnin' em. and Slim!! Right in my own back yard.
  7. They can be loaded without gas checks at lower velocities (below 2000 fps.) accuracy might or might not suffer. A Lee bullet sizing die will install gas checks on the bases if you decide to go that route. 170 gr bullets work great in a .30/30.
  8. I don't know about Raging Thunder, but learning bad things would more likely happen around a campfire with Angie Oakley and Hooligan Howes.
  9. I prefer the X-Ray lens. It allows me to see through the Black powder smoke, but you have to take them off before you turn around after the stage cause that can be a shocker.
  10. Good Deal. He better come up with his own name fast. I wouldn't want you guys coming up with one for him! Goodwill is your friend. shopgoodwill.com Great place to buy used hats. This is also a great inexpensive game to get into. All you need is 8 pistols, 4 rifles, 4 shotguns, 3 sets of leather, a cart, clothes, boots, a hat, reloading equipment and supplies, a camper and a truck, 8 weeks of vacation...and your good to go! … but he'll have some of the best mentors in the sport. Hope to meet him soon.
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