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  1. Starline has it available for back order. I have found that when it's listed that way and I ordered it I received the brass in about two weeks or less. However Johnny Meadows posted a heck of a deal from Echo Meadows.
  2. I also started this game with a Winchester 94AE carbine in 44 mag., a Virginia Dragoon 44 mag and a 1875 Outlaw in 45 Colt. It's what I already had. After shooting for several matches and realizing I was going to keep shooting this game, and tired of having to load one every stage. I bought a 45 Colt Uberti 1873 and another 1875 Outlaw. The 94AE was and still is my deer rifle.
  3. I will bet money that the inside of your sizing die is galled. I've had it happen at least twice. I scrape it off the inside of the die the best I can with a dental pick and polish with a Dremel buffing pad and Flitz polish. I use Sharp Shoot R Royal case lube on my 44-40 cases. My .357 and .45 dies are carbide so they don't have that problem.
  4. I assure you that there was a TG meeting at EOT last year!
  5. My suggestion is don't slip hammer. The top shooters I know don't slip hammer.
  6. If it's "Just another match...Just different buckles" Why was it such a big deal to so many in the West when it got moved to East of the Mississippi? Asking for a friend.
  7. It's 8 stages. 4 stages with a lunch break and 4 more stages.
  8. No, Camping is not available on site but the White Star in Gibsonburg campground is very close.
  9. My application is in the mail.
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