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  1. Long Hunter sells one that is glued over your existing sight.
  2. There are some new ones here. https://www.americasgunstore.com/products-page/belt-slide/triple-k-788-rooster-cogburn-shot-shell-belt-slide-standard/
  3. If I could only have one powder for SASS, I'd pick Clay Dot (same as Hodgdon Clays). I use it in 45 Colt, 44-40 and 38 spl. as well as 12 gauge and 45 ACP. I used it for Sporting Clays in the shotgun long before Cowboy shooting.
  4. Count me in. It's already on the calendar.
  5. Slim's comment is the part that will get banned from the Wire. Remember ... what happens at Ohio State stays at Ohio State. Tryin' to save your reputation hOOt.
  6. I'm only using, and only tried 2f. Like I said, I think the problem was with the way I had the case belling die (powder funnel) set up. The measure operator rod needed to make a full stroke to get a consistent charge weight. With the Lee dies, using a full stroke would bell the case mouth more than I was used to so I backed it off. I'm sure I could have worked out the bugs but when they both didn't fit the press tool head, I gave up and purchased the Dillon Measure for the black and the disk measure for the grits. It does look and feel cheap but then again it's only $29.99
  7. I bought two with the hopes of using them on my Dillon 550. (with a price of $29.99 each I couldn't help myself) Here are my results. 1) I seemed to get varying powder charges with the first one. There seemed to be a lot of play in the lever that wouldn't give a me a consistent weight. (part of that was the way I had the powder funnel flaring the case mouth.) I hot glued the arm to remove the play. 2) I set up the second one to weigh grits. Worked fine for that. 3) Tried to install both on Dillon tool head. No Go, they won't fit. Put second one back in the box and put it on the sh
  8. I made this for a hat rack at the back door. It would work for gun belts as well.
  9. Vacation is already setup for those days. I'll be ready.
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