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  1. Have you noticed there's no 6mm Remington ammo almost anywhere you go? There's every brand & bullet weight of 243, but no 6mm Remington. I think even Remington has stopped making it, my cousin found some Hornady at Carter's Country in Houston, TEXAS. sonny-34@hotmail.com NRA Patriot Life Member SASS Life Member #6683
  2. DAM them are good lookin ole holsters. Are they pigskin lined? How wide are they where they fit onto a belt slot?
  3. You won't be sorry, that's a fine little bird gun.
  4. I'm sorry I brought this up If a stage is a no p stage, as far as I'm concerned, it's a no p stage, unless stated otherwise. Everybody ain't no walkin rule book. Safety is one thing, but I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING UNSAFE.
  5. I like this font, maybe yall can read this size. This was a club monthly match & I did the exact same thing the month before with no procedural & NOBODY told me anything about not doing it again.
  6. The last stage of the match was a "No Procedural" stage. 10 pistol, any order, 10 rifle, the same, 4 shotgun also the same. I shot my 10 pistol & instead of reholstering them, I laid them down on the counter in front of me, empty pointing safely down range. I had a new double holster rig on that day that I'd been having trouble reholstering all the match, so here's a "No Procedural" stage I thought I'd save a few seconds. I had no chance of out shooting ANYONE that match. What do yall think?
  7. I'm looking for someone to possibly trade the little expensive different size bushings. I only have one size bushing (267) of the TITANIUM NITRIDE coated ones that I'd like to trade for one of the same except 269. sonny-34@hotmail.com
  8. The new Cimarron Thunderstorm hammers really just "drop in" with no smithin at all & the 5 I've installed had great triggers. 1st. pic is a beautiful laser engraved Uberti with one I installed. 2nd. pic is a page out of new Cimarron catalog. 3rd. pic are my Evil Roys with a pair in them. I tried this pair in a pair of Long Hunter USFA Rodeos & the trigger pulls didn't change at all. The last pair Texican Slim sold went for $250. shipped. You won't be sorry you bought a pair of these hammers. sonny-34@hotmail.com NRA Patriot Life Member SASS Life Member #6683
  9. A plastic wad & a few marbles would be so much easier & quicker to load, thus more fun.
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