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  1. WTS: 1861 Colt Special Musket - Signature Series shown in this link http://www.autochart.com/1861colt.htmPrice $850 + actual shipping cost
  2. Hi Guys, It is a neat musket in .577 caliber and it shoots well. I have another one that was made in England that I may sell and will post a WTS here if I decide to get rid of it. I'm taking it to the range Saturday to "play" with it. I'm sure "Irontree" will fall in love with it if I post a photo of it.
  3. I'm going to sell my Snider-Enfield Mk III that was made in Nepal.It's in very good condition and shoots very well.I'll include 23 rounds of .577 Snider with 70 grains 3F black powder and .600 round balls so you can go to the range the day you get it.$750 + Actual shipping cost. Looking for a Sharps Carbine or Rifle
  4. Not sure who had the rear sight installed but I thought the original owner had had H&R install it. Who knows 40 or so years later..... I'm looking for a Garrett Sharps now.
  5. No I don't but you can buy one here: https://www.ssfirearms.com/products.asp?cat=94&filter=pistol grip
  6. Flintlock is on hold for Brazos John
  7. Hi Pard, Sorry for the delay in responding to your info - I have 2 Sniders, A Mk III put together in Nepal and one made in England. I just got in some MagTech 24 ga brass cases and looking forward to adjusting their length using my lathe. I first need to make a holder so they will be cut properly. I'm going to try a .600 round ball, a Rapine 577-510 minie, and a X-Ring 60-530XR to try out. The one most accurate at 100+ yards will be what I'll use. Lets hope one of the Sniders works well. Au revoir, AWC
  8. Kind of "off the wall" here but maybe someone will want it or have a Garrett to get rid of. Traditions Frontier Flintlock .50 Cal bore 1/48” in excellent condition. Price: SOLD + actual shipping cost Will use as a partial trade for a Garrett Sharps Carbine or will buy the Garrett outright.
  9. H&R Officers Model 1873 Trapdoor Carbine, .45-70 Government in excellent condition. SOLD Will use as a trade for a Garrett Sharps carbine or rifle or will buy the Garrett outright.
  10. Found some and no longer will need any.
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