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  1. J.B., Thanks for all the info on the 45-60 & 45 Rem c.f.. I got bullets and components source for the 45Rem & have 100 brass for the 45-60 coming. Got Lee dies off E-Bay. I am looking for loads for the 45-60 which would be safe in the Uberti '76. I wish I could afford an original, but I only shoot originals in "pistol" calibers and the Ubers have 21st century steel. If it is as pleasant to shoot as I am told, I will be shooting it a lot. Someone, maybe you, mentioned a Trail Boss load for it. I have many different powders, but little info. Cartridges of the world only gives a 4198 load of 25gr. Don't have that powder. I need a bulky clean powder load I can shoot till I go heels up. I've been given a ton of BP over the years but am charcoal scared. In CAS, my main interest, I have used Clays for decades in pistol, rifle & shotgun exclusively and have used Trail Boss for about a year in my favorite, the 38-40s. Seems to do well; my "Cheerio" loads. Any help appreciated on the 45-60. I can work up Clays or T.B. in the Remington when I stock up on brass, lead and get the right dies made, but the 1876 is my first large cartridge linkage rifle and I would rather trust the old hands on this one.  I DO remember how to measure the volumes of the 45-70 & 45-60 and extrapolate the loads. It will go in my load book 45-60 page. My many thanks for the help. Doc

  2. OH WISE SAGE!! I'll check on Starline as a couple said they had 45-60 bras. I can not conceive the necessity of annealing new brass.. Doc 

      On 2/2/2018 at 5:31 PM, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    X2 on Starline.

    Make sure you anneal before loading.


    I use Starline in ALL my cowboy guns, have thousands. Why the heck should I have to anneal them before loading? I would think it legal quicksand to sell brass not ready to load. I will only be using lead or coated lead and SMOKELESS powder, probably Trail Boss.

    1. The Original Lumpy Gritz

      The Original Lumpy Gritz

      Starline even says it might be necessary for rifle caliber.




    2. Three Foot Johnson

      Three Foot Johnson

      Annealing the mouth/neck area contributes greatly to case longevity and a good case to chamber seal with the lower pressure loads you'll be using in the '76.

  3. JB, My SASSWIRE says you RSVP'd a short while ago but I can't retrieve it. I like your posts but can't find this one.   Thanks, Doc

    1. Three Foot Johnson

      Three Foot Johnson

      Because I applied a "like" to your last post in "How many is too many". ;)

    2. Dirty Doc, SASS #18176

      Dirty Doc, SASS #18176

      Ahhhhh Glasshoppah!!! I see now!!

  4. I FINALLY found a photo of ME instead of my hero, Hiem. 

  5. I did send an E-mail to Gary and am awaiting a response. The 44 Uberti Remington 1858 conversion uses 45 Colt cartridges. Is the bore of the 1875 Remington in 44 Rem. the same bore dimensions as the 1858? IF SO, could a 44 Remington 1875 Cylinder be re-chambered for the 45 Colt cartridge? I have 150 smokeless 44 Rem cartridges coming from CAD , a company specializing in obsolete cartridges. They use 4 gr of Bullseye instead of BP as a choice I can order lead from them but can't find dies or instructions on a heeled reloading setup. It would be MUCH easier if the cylinder were re-chambered, Where would I find info on the barrel dimensions, The cylinder dimensions are such that this re-chambering is probably feasible. Any help appreciated. Dirty Doc

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