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  1. A Custom garter with your alias is included in your match fee. Register early so that Prickly Pear Peggy Peggy will have time to make yours! The garter also serves as your match name tag.
  2. Come to the next monthly Long Range match on Sunday, March 20. I'll loan you a high wall with MVA sights. You'll be winning in no time! Here's a close up of the buffalo target at 450 yards from the firing line, with Bronco Birnbaum, who did a great job of creating the Cabs' long range.
  3. Your Whoopin’ 2022 Registration includes a Long-Range Side-Match at the Cabs new long-range facility. On Friday morning, May 20th, from 9 to 12:45, you can shoot out to 450 yards at various targetsm including an 8-foot Buffalo and an 8-foot Bear. Categories include: 1. Precision sighted, big bore, buffalo rifle 2. Bolt action military battle rifle 3. Scope sighted, big bore, buffalo rifle 4. Working cowboy saddle rifle 5. SASS main match rifle If you are new to long range shooting, notice that you can shoot your SASS pistol cartridge rifle! For more information visit: https://tejascaballeros.net/index.php/cabs-long-range/ Side-Match Plaques will be awarded on Saturday night at the Jamboree BBQ Banquet (included with your registration) at the Blanco County Courthouse, where True Grit was filmed. Whoopee, Whoopin’ See you there!
  4. You can register for Whoopin' 2022 with Practiscore. You can also pick your posse and pay online. Here is the link: https://practiscore.com/whoopin-2021-2/register
  5. I have reposted this as a new topic. The correct registration form will be at the top of the new post. Go to that post to comment. Thanks. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Whoopin' 2022, the Tejas Caballeros' Annual Match, will be on May 20 to 22nd, instead of in October, because of a conflict with EOT. Whoopin' 2022 Entry Forms are attached. Whoopin 2022 Registration.pdfWhoopin 2022 Registration.pdf
  7. Well, I love Green Mountain's Revenge too much, but that's last years. Here is the Whoopin' Registration Form. Sorry! Whoopin 2022 Registration.pdf
  8. Hello Cowboys and Cowgirls! It's time for another Whoopin' in the Hill Country near Blanco, Texas, near Austin. Attached is the registration form and flyer for Whoopin' 2022. Because of conflict with EOT, Whoopin' will be on May 20-22, instead of October. GMR Registration For.pdf
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