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  1. Man, that was a walk down Memory Lane. Having shot with Badlands Bud and Lead Dispenser, and Been at matches with China Camp and Bounty Hunter.
  2. The clubhouse is right beside the estuary, and we had a meeting and Bar BQ that evening.
  3. Try Water Hole #3. James Colburn as a gambler who stumbles into a map for stolen Confederate Gold. some of the funniest gunfight scenes
  4. I can remember in the mid ‘90’s every time we would get a tsunami warning, all of the surfers would head for the beach. This was at Morro Bay and Pismo Beach. The club house for the Pismo Beach Lions Club was at 20 feet above mean sea level, so we would be concerned.
  5. I have one ancestor who was a Civil Engineer who was at Promontory Point for the driving of the Golden Spike. My Wife’s ancestor came to the Black Hills on te Deadwood Stage that is in the Heritage Center in Spearfish SD. I’m sure that there are other persons of note in our lineage, but can not remember them at this time
  6. I’m a really odd one in that my cataract was trauma induced and only in one eye. I went with the basic lense for distance because my astigmatism is REALLY abnormal. The only thing that it changed for me is that I can’t use my weak eye for shooting weak hand. My Shooting glasses are prescription and are set for distance, but I use them for a lot more than shooting. A side note, I had my cataract surgery at 35 years old so I’ve been dealing with it for 15 years.
  7. I started with 44 Russian extra long (44 magnum) because we already had brass, bullets and dies. As time went on, I moved to 38s because an injury wouldn’t allow me to shoot the higher recoiling calibers. I found that I could cast 2 bullets in 38 (125 grains) for each 44 (240+). This .combined with a spouse and later a son pushed me into the 38 camp. Are you looking for authenticity, speed, economy, or.? I’m shooting for fun, so I’m running 38’s with the rest of the family since it makes sense for Mom, Dad, Wife, Son and myself to shoot the same cartridge. If I were by my self, I’d probably be shooting 38-40 for authenticity and ease of shooting The Holy Black. Look at what YOU want out of this Sport and go with what suits YOU.
  8. Take bird out of the freezer, remove wrapper, wrap frozen bird in foil, 10 pm put in oven at 250* F. By 11:00 AM remove from oven and let rest. TRY to remove from pan without it falling apart. Give good shake and the meat just falls from the bones and even the breast is moist.
  9. Took the new pup pheasant hunting this morning, then had to go to town and get some miscellaneous auto parts and a new dog collar. Very few people in the stores that I went to.
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