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  1. I raided my grandfathers junk closet and got out with my grandmother's gun marked .410-44 brass and an unknown owner Springfield(lock plate says 1836).I learned to shoot somewhat with the muzzle loaded Springfield. Kentucky windage became a reality because the barrel had been used for a prybar and it had a rather distinct bend. My favorite load for it was a package of brass coated BBs over a palm full of powder. I loaded the BBs still in their plastic envelope therefore needed no wadding. If I could get a rabbit squirrel or black bird in the middle of the pattern I vaporized them My m
  2. Speaking of catagories: El Patron ain't near as much fun as I thought it would be. Everything is harder.
  3. Nope. Thought everything was go for knee surgery in December but it got canceled by COVID. Not that I had it but a recent patient of the surgeon developed it just after a knee replacement surgery and died. Surgeon didn't want to try for two. Maybe someday.
  4. I need help! El Patron ain't near as much fun as they told me it would be. I want to go back. Ain't nobody here 'cept a few grumpy ol farts.
  5. Haven't kept up for a while.  Saw the post in Ky St Match about cast on the bad foot. What did they do to you this time ?

    I was supposed to get new knee til kovid raised it's ugly head.

    1. Blackwater 53393

      Blackwater 53393

      Had another infection that required surgery back in June.  They decided to leave the incision open and pack it. Took ‘til the first of December to get it closed up and they had me in a soft cast for six weeks while doing stem cell grafts.  Every week, they would cut the old cast off , do another implant, and put on a new cast.  I got out of the last cast early in December.


      Blasted things put my back and hips out of kilter and favoring the boot they had me wearing to protect the cast caused me to rub a sore spot on my good foot!!


      ’Bout healed up all around for the moment, but I’m betting that sometime soon they’ll want to remove the second toe on my right foot. I broke it about 50 years ago. One joint fused and over the years it has begun to turn up.  It has gotten to the point where it chafes against the top of my shoes.


       I gonna be jus’ fine!!


      How are the two of you doing???

  6. I think I shall cry! One of the better matches anywhere. Beer runs from the walls and sewer pipes spit Copper head juice. Watch people old enough to know better on a long downhill slip and slide, fish while eating lunch then go throw axes or call husbands. Shoot all morning then watch a man bull whip his wife. After supper be entertained by a one footed singer try to prove he can dance with the best of them. Stages? Been a couple of years since I was there last but there is an "All for one, one for all stage" I have still not figured out. It also gathers up a lot of
  7. The bulldogs all have rubber teeth and the cops have wooden legs
  8. Do it now. Do you think you will be more strong, able, nimble talented etc. next year?
  9. I was also looking for a good source of mutton tallow. I went to a local processing plant. I asked the owner if he ever had fat trimmings from the sheep he butchered that I could get and melt down for tallow His reply: "Sheep? Sheep? Who eats sheep?"
  10. Good luck with the cutter!  I have a better report on the I-overa procedure.

    Pretty intense for the procedure, big help later. Good stuff.  Pretty anxious to get in there and get it done.  Talk to you when the instinct to fight from the joy juice wears off.

  11. Friday the 13th here and it looks dark.
  12. Pardon Me, but I just cain't feel that opportunistic given the circumstances.
  13. I have several topics written. I don't see how any writing that we could create in the remaining time we have can do anything but make our chapped spots ease a bit.
  14. I like the right eagle. "Here I am. I'm not looking for trouble but if you want some, here I am."
  15. You're talkiing about breaking things and I want In.
  16. 0.010


    Bottles! OPEN THE BAR!!!!!!



  17. You know you are raising your kids correctly when the youngest asks,"Daddy why is that bull going to do that to that man?."
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