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  1. I don't shoot any slower using the sights as designed and in my experience neither did any of the other prior year competitors.
  2. So the rule is going to be that any leaf sight has to be in the down position? On rifles with sights that have elevation adjustments that can be made with the sight down, like on the trapdoor with the ramped sides - that's ok, but on a 1903 or other rifle that has elevation adjustments only on the leaf then the shooter is out of luck? My Krag has the later 1901 sight which is very similar to the 03 sight, which according to this rule cannot be used properly. I've only shot the event with a Krag and a trapdoor, but this is an argument I've had beginning with your predecessor. Because many rifles have similar sights and the rifles are designed to be shot using the leaf sight set to the appropriate range and on the 03 the shooters choice of the peep sight or open sight notch on the slide group. The battle sight is a hasty sight.
  3. As a starting point I have been both volunteering and shooting the Bucky O'Neill event since it was first introduced. From you post, it appears you are saying that the only acceptable sight position for any rifle will be with the leaf down and no use of the adjustment features on the sight? I think it's fairly safe to say that most military rifles in the applicable era has at a minimum range adjustable sights. Using the 1903 as the reference - the 1903's battle sight is set to 547 yards with service ammunition. Since we cannot use jacketed full power ammo and many shooters have reduced loads that require use of the adjustments available on the 1903 sight or the various sights on Krags and Mausers you are requiring shooters to make massive Kentucky windage adjustments to shoot acceptable ammunition at ranges of 100, 200 and 300 yards. What about 45-70 trapdoors or other cartridges that have rainbow trajectories to begin with. When the sight is laid flat on my 1873 trapdoor that's 100 yards. Please clarify
  4. I was looking at this (the 44 magnum one) as well. From the photos the hammer and rolling block spurs seem odd and awkward compared to an original. Hoping to see one live at Winter Range
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