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  1. I'm tapped on the shoulder as the TO hits the timer button. Don't notice any lag. And we have several shooters that are in this sorry state so our TO's are all well trained.
  2. I'm afraid they don't really care as they have an agenda, regardless of those pesky facts.
  3. I always wanted the Infantry in front of my howitzers.
  4. My Pershing missile battery fired from Cape Canaveral later that year. We staged out of the hanger where they attempted to piece the shuttle back together to see what happened. The place had an eerie feel to it.
  5. The space force uniforms are truly a bad joke.
  6. Maybe, but that picture is showing pressing the clutch and the brake, not the gas pedal.....
  7. We don't need any military support for the NFL. Everyone just needs to walk away.
  8. I'm carrying a Kimber Micro 9. Recoil isn't as bad as I expected when I moved up from a .380. Still snappy but manageable.
  9. This is Cowboy, the newest addition to our mob. He was on death row when he adopted us. You can see he is having difficulty fitting in....
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