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  1. Long time 1911 guy, currently with this Desert Eagle.
  2. Sorry, but you must live somewhere else. None if the medical facilities I use require masks.
  3. Land Run is tied to the Cowboy Hall of Fame. It isn't as simple as saying "just move it to another month."
  4. Not to mention that Land Run, the national championship, is already in October.
  5. Seems like most of my dogs are named damn it - Here, damn it. Stop that, damn it...
  6. I'd recommend not going. Nothing in Houston is worth the traffic experience..
  7. I've never understood the attraction either. It's a gas station. And no, I don't want the shirt.
  8. Here ya go - the best fruitcake I've ever had and straight from Texas! https://collinstreet.com/regular-deluxe-fruitcake
  9. We still got plenty of them down here in Texas!
  10. There is one of these in Elgin, Ok, outside of FT Sill. It is used off post at a testing facility. No rounds come out of it as it points into town. And that's all I know about it.
  11. Yeah, I've noticed and not quite that desperate.
  12. I just want to find some Red Dot......
  13. For you Harley guys, you do know that there are Harleys with radiators now don't ya? Straight from the factory. Same with Indians. Not something you can just blame on us metric riders....
  14. I'll second the Collin Street Bakery. Been eating their fruitcake most of my life. Good stuff!
  15. Everytime someone mentions facts like that to me, I ask if they have ever heard about car crashes and deaths/injuries associated with them. Yes, they gave and they keep driving. It's all a matter of which risks you feel comfortable taking.
  16. ATGATT as well. Never ride without the basics - helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, and pants. Been riding for over 50 years and mean to be able to keep riding as long as I can swing a leg over.
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