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  1. I like that answer short and concise.
  2. I think the craftsman always thinks their work is awful. That is because you know where the defects are.
  3. I was about to say that too. I never use soap on my cast iron. If something is sticking I deglaze it.
  4. Sling shot might also take that out.
  5. I got one of those New York State Militia. I also have a #2 in .38-40 Top pic #2 .38-40 Bottom pic N.Y. State .50 U.S.
  6. Those are pretty clever but being lazy I just got out my Post Versalog II slide rule and had the answer way before the new math person did. When they started the new math for me in 6th or 7th grade I was having problems with division. At home I asked my father for help. He did the math and my mom did the English. He said that he didn't know how they did it but he showed me how he did division. It just clicked and I had no problem but the Nuns asked him to stop helping me. My father went all the way to the 10th grade before dropping out but he learned a lot of math and other things useful in the Navy as a Gunners Mate.
  7. Alpo If you do put the mail into a collection box make sure you obscure the barcode also. Now a days the mail is read primarily by machines and they will use the barcode. If you obscure the barcode then it might get read by a person and then remedied. One problem is if the mail is just business bulk (Junk mail) then it might just be best to trash it. There is no money in it for the P.O. to try to make it right.
  8. In the first and last video they mention John Bulkeley. I met him when he was the Commanding Officer of U.S. Naval Station Clarksville Base. I was just a kid. that was around 1963 or 64. He was later Commander of Nav. Ships 08 (Salvage and survey) when I was in the Navy. I have his signature on a letter of commendation that he gave my father. I did not know that he was a MOH recipient until much later.
  9. I worked on an oil servicing rig one summer around 1973 and the only sweat marks I had were under my arms. I remember sitting in a pickup truck because that was the only shade temp on dashboard thermometer read 105. The humidity was about 2%.
  10. I too have carried a pocket knife from about grade 4 or 5. Most everyday except for the time I was in Navy boot camp. I had a little 2 bladed pen knife and they would not let me keep it, they did at least let me send it home. When someone asks me if I have a knife I always ask what they need it for. If it is to cut something and I know them I might let them use it. If it is to be used as a screwdriver or to pry something then I say no.
  11. Working in maintenance I saw a few dumb things done when fuses blew.
  12. I do not claim to be an expert in Navy uniforms. I know they changed and do change. Just in the 6 years I was in the dress uniform changed from the "Cracker Jack" to something akin to the good humor man and the authorized dungarees were three different configurations I am familiar with the "Crows" and at one time they were right arm and left arm rates. I have some of my fathers that were modified after the change. They did not use the white / red stripes to denote deck / engineering either when I was in. I don't know if the stripes went away when they got rated all I know is a story that my dad told me about what he and his fellow white stripe sailors would tell girls about the significance of the white vs. red stripes meant. I won't say it here in a public forum so as to keep it PG 13. Now in the last pic there are at least 7 guys with lanyards. The guy from the top pic has what appears to be a stripe on his uniform but it is not white and with b&w pic maybe red.
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