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  1. i have a number of those and might still have a slide rule around here somewhere I have a few slide rules too. The one at the top I used in the Navy's Nuclear Power School. It has I think 24 scales and by the time I was done I could use 22 of them. Now I can maybe multiply and divide with it.
  2. When I started reloading my mother taught me how to read a micrometer. She had worked in a plant that made surgical wire during the war (WW2). I later went to a Tech School for machine shop and took a course in Precision Measuring Instruments. While I was in school, I worked nights at a machine shop. Later yet I went into the Navy and went to Machinist Mate "A" school and one part was precision instruments. I breezed through what we had to measure and when I took the problems to the instructor, he said that I needed work on my measurements. Most of the guys were using the micrometers like they were calibrated C clamps. I asked the instructor when the last time his instruments were calibrated. I got no answer.
  3. What I heard about that story the man that changed the coins over by plating them was named "Josh". That is how the term "Are you Joshing me?" came about.
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