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  1. I can see it. That is a good pic. I was once running the timer at a match and I saw the bullet from the shooters gun on the way to the target and on the way back when the flower that once was a bullet hit me in the neck. Didn't cut me but did surprise me a bit. That flower is hanging around in my reloading area.
  2. This is what I was going to say. Registered is really for something of intrinsic value. A check really has no intrinsic value. If you want some level of security send the funds with Postal Money Order and Certified with Return receipt. I have bought things on the SASS classified from a few dollars to 2800. Under 750 I would use the Money Order above that I would use a cashiers check.
  3. Harley. The black one. On a tree that blew down in my back yard. He is an indoor cat but I will take him out on a harness on occasion. The grey with the cast is Skippy. this is after I brought him back from the vet. He has been gone since 2006, 19 years old. He had the biggest front paws (polydactyl) that I had ever seen on a domestic cat. We noticed them when he was reaching out to my wife at the local shelter.
  4. I recently had an issue with the right front burner on my stove. The temp control was really off. I had noticed that it was running very hot when I put it on medium. I looked up GE parts for my model and ordered them. They came in in about 4 days and I changed the switch out. The change out took about 15 minutes. From your description it could be the switch or the wiring. Most likely not the burner. Lift the burners out and lift the cover then check where the burner plugs in for overhearing, then look at the wires back to the switch for overheating, take the back off and look at the switch. My stove is probably 10 years old but the parts were available. The part for the burner was about $25 + shipping. If your stove is under warranty then call the manufacturer don't deal with the Big Box store.
  5. My parents were camping in Gunnison, Colorado just as I got out of the Navy's nuke school in 1975. I saw those same bumper stickers that you mentioned.
  6. You are correct. My middle sister was born with some birth defects and was fitted with an artificial arm/prosthetic with the hook like that. In that position it looks as if it would only pinch down on the trigger guard.
  7. My ears ring every time I wake up.-----Tinnitus
  8. I had my 92 done by Nate after my first year of Cowboy action shooting. About 2000. I must have got him at the right time because it was only about 6 weeks gone. I had him do the action job and the sights. I was feeling the pain in my hand after each shoot before and after his work I could run it with 2 fingers on the lever side. When I got it back the hammer drop was so light I didn't think it would set off a primer so I put a primed case in the rifle and popped it in the basement. I didn't think of the do it yourself option but I probably would do it that way now.
  9. It is called a chain letter and it is illegal.
  10. I heard someone tell a friend of mine how to disassemble a 92 Winchester. Really just casually listening not paying too much attention. I took mine apart thoroughly cleaned it and put it back together. Really not too much problems but I did find out that if using a spent cartridge case when reassembling it was easier. I also took said friends 92 apart an cleaned his too. I still believe he is a bit gun shy about taking it apart.
  11. Everybody thought he was going to be an astronaut because the teacher said he was just taking up space. He or she is not totally useless they can be used as a bad example. I'm not slow and not fast I'm Half-fast. (say it quick)
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