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  1. A guy that I went to high school was ticketed for 140 on a 71 (or thereabouts) Corvette 454. Someone asked him why he was going so fast he said "Fast! I was slowing down". He had a couple of big block cars. A Dodge with 440 Wedge and a Chevelle with 454. I think his family had money?
  2. I haven't heard any since I left Kentucky in 1972.
  3. They are trying to buy something but it is probably not art. If you know what I mean.
  4. I wasn't happy with their service. I cleaned my Golden Boy and must have gotten some solvent on the Mag tube follower. It was made of orange plastic. Anyway it would just come out and not stay in. I called to get a replacement for the 25 cent part. They told me I would have to buy the whole tube assembly. That was about 26 dollars. I bought it and started looking online for the follower. I found a place in Texas that makes one out of brass and bought 2 of them. The person on the phone at Henry spoke like it was rocket science to change it out. Other than that I like the Golden Boy. Bra
  5. Au contraire Pierre! Heading North from MD to Canady on the East coast once you leave New Hampshire you enter Maine where open carry and Constitutional carry are allowed. At least for now.
  6. I tell people that my father was a sailor (USN 1940-1966) but it was my mother that talked like one. He died just before my 13th birthday but I don't think he would say s*#t if he had a mouthful. At least he didn't when I was around. My mother on the other hand would one thing going for her is that it was sort of age appropriate. I was a bit older when I would have to ask her if she kissed her kids with that mouth.
  7. Ceceilia Cia Oropeza Meehan · Texas Jack Jr. (c. 1860 – 1905) On one of his cattle drives through Texas in the late 1860s, Texas Jack Omohundro chanced upon a number of ransacked wagons with an escort of soldiers dead and scalped nearby. Inspection of the wagons revealed a number of dead settlers who had come with this military escort bound west across the plains. Texas Jack rode to the nearest fort and lead some of the soldiers there in pursuit. Following the trail of horses leading away, they came
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