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  1. Yes it is a STEN. Also yes it is select fire. But what fun is that?
  2. Please don't say that 9MM is hard to come by. Now what do I do. That is me in non cowboy garb. Yes it is registered and legal. MVI_0321.AVI
  3. there is a dentist here in Bangor that has one of the reproduction Gatling guns. Someone asked him about having an antique one and he said that it doesn't hurt to shoot the repro and it is probably made better and with better materials too. His is .45-70. He had one in .30-40 but had a squib and blew a barrel. I herd someone ask him about shooting it and he said that he does not go out as often because he needs a few guys to move and set it up. I told him to just give me a call and I will help. He hasn't called and it has been a few years.
  4. I remember coming back from a Med. cruise on the Nimitz (Aircraft carrier) we were in rough seas in the North Atlantic with 25 foot swells. I knew a guy in the signal dept. and went up to the signal bridge. I got to look at one of our escort ships through the big eyes (huge binoculars). I had always wanted to be on one of the smaller ships but was glad that I wasn't when I could see the Josephus Daniels going through green water over the bow. I could see the wipers on their bridge beating the water off the windshield. We had 70 knot winds going over our bow and we had to slow down for our escorts to keep up.
  5. A friend from work said to me once "I wonder when I'll stop looking at women". I said "Just before they shovel dirt in your face". Same as me.
  6. Can I borrow your book when you are done?
  7. Hey Alpo I worked in not a tall building that had a footprint of about 150,000 square feet. It was also a flat roof. During one or our bad winter storms we had ice and snow on it enough to cause the EMT (electrical metal tubing to flex where it came down from the ceiling. I went up on the roof and measured the snow in a few places to get an estimate of what was there. I figured with the weight of the snow and ice we had 13.5 million pounds of snow load on the roof. Luckily it melted in about 3 days. You could hear the water running through the drains.
  8. Was it "Pasta" or "basta"? I might have misspelled it but basta means stop or that's enough.
  9. Did someone say Butt Hurt? Did she fill out one of these and turn it in to the proper Butt Hurt technicians?
  10. To the Mountain family. Sorry for your loss. Dustin Checotah. Great pics Dead Head.
  11. I was not in the same occupation that you are or were in but when we had training we usually got to do course critiques. For me I would have said that was a waste of time for the reasons you gave. Most of our training was done by contracted people and I think their pay was dependent on good evaluations.
  12. I would think front tires too.
  13. Touching off one of those missiles might be a bit fun.
  14. Back when I was a kid our television picture shrunk one day then was gone the next time it was turned on. I pulled all of the tubes from the back (Yes I marked the chassis what tube was where). I took them down to the local Rexall drug store where there was a tube tester and began testing them. After testing a few a guy came up to me and asked what the problem was. I described the symptom and he said to try a Such and such number tube something like 6NY. I found the tube he mentioned and tried it. It failed. I asked him if he was a TV repairman and he said no he was a plumber but the same thing happened to him a week before. I went home put all the tubes back and we had TV again.
  15. Looks nice all around. Nice holster for a nice pistol with a nice person to give it to a friend.
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