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  1. Here is a nice pair. Took the pic from my deck.
  2. I have a small book it is called "Barron's Financial Tables For Better Money Management" Mortgage Payments. In it are tables for interest rates from 5% to 21.75 % interest broken down by quarter percent. Amount borrowed from $100 to $250,000 and term from one to forty years. It was handy for house shopping and car shopping but it only covers the actual mortgage not any thin else like PMI and other addons.
  3. I just read about the problems with that drug in recent DAV magazine. That drug sounds pretty bad.
  4. I did not see anyone mention this above. Sometimes tinnitus is caused by blood flow problems in your neck. Make sure that is ruled out. I also did not read the whole article that was added by Black Hills Barb. The blood flow problem might have been mentioned there.
  5. I was the supply petty officer for M-Div. (Machinery division) on the ship that I was on. One day a young sailor came to the supply room and asked if we had any fallopian tube. I asked him to repeat what he said and when I was sure of his answer I said no and asked where else he had tried. After he told me I sent him to aft AIMD. (Airframes). Guy must have never took health class in high school. This was pre women on board Navy.
  6. Somewhere at home here I have an adjustable wrench that is marked in millimeters on one side and inches on the other.
  7. Drilling square holes. Now thread it.
  8. I know the tinnitus rather well I have what seems like 5 or 6 different tones as well as pops snaps and whooshing. I acquired mine via Uncle Sam's Canoe club working between two 70,000 HP steam turbines those and two 8 Megawatt turbine generators in the engine room.
  9. I got mine this last November the day before my birthday. The audiologist said it will be like babies ears. Now I know why they cry all the time. I didn't realize all of the sounds that I wasn't hearing. Every step That I take on my wood floors creek and crack and the noise of my left knee popping would make you think something is really wrong. The small birds are louder but I like that. As was mentioned before a bag of chips or paper bags make quite a racket. I got mine through the VA and when I picked them up the audiologist tried to sync them with my cell phone blue tooth. That did not seem to work at the time and I told her it was an old moderately intelligent phone not a smart phone and I don't use it much. Just a few days later I am watching tv when I hear an odd ringing. It sounded like it was coming from in my head. I was looking around for what it was then it dawned on me that the phone was connected. It seems to be a once in a while connection so I turned it off. Still getting used to them and trying to convince my wife that I still cannot hear through walls.
  10. Those sound right Mig weld or lead like in the old days. Lead seems to be a dying art.
  11. Some of that reminds me of my stepfather. He was only a Senior Chief Petty Officer but sounds like something he would have said. He could be very funny. When I graduated boot camp my parents came up to Great Lakes for the occasion. I had been company honor man and after we were going to some shindig (publicity) and I was walking with my company commander my parents and some Lt.. My stepfather mentioned to the Lt. that he was a retired Navy Chief, the Lt. asked what his job was and he replied "His job was giving Lt.s a hard time". The look on the Lt.'s face was priceless.
  12. Thanks for the info guys. I think I read the Longshot Logan piece before but now I have it saved. Dustin Checotah
  13. I have a Marlin 336 about 1978 vintage that needs stock refinish. Any suggestions on finish remover that can be used inside this time of year in Maine (cold outside) and does not raise the grain much? I was thinking on replacing with tung oil. Answer here or PM.
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