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  1. Those are reasonably priced compared to the Morelos mentioned on ebay. They look pretty good too.
  2. They had just a little silver in them. Those that I mentioned above were mostly from the mid 50s to early 60s. They are 10% silver or about 1.6 grams. According to the interweb they were produced from 1957 to 1965. They will shine up nicely but tarnish quickly. I have some Pesos from the 30s and 40s that are 72% silver
  3. I certainly understand that is works but maybe out of habit I stuck with Dial. If it happened again I would not have hesitated to use it again.
  4. That happened I think on my second Med cruise Dec77 -July78.
  5. I was at the Wanamacher gun show in Tulsa about 8 years ago and bought 40 of that type of Peso for about 20 cents each. These prices on ebay are really high in my opinion. If not then I really lucked out. I give them with my tip at a local Mexican restaurant. We now have 2 in the area that are owned and staffed mostly by Mexicans. I don't give them the Pesos just the one owned and staffed by gringos. You might try checking a local coin shop for their misc. coin offerings.
  6. I ran out of soap once while on a Med cruise. All they had in the ships store was Camay bar soap. We were not a co-ed Navy back then so why did they have a bunch of Camay I don't know. I bought it and it worked as intended to clean with. Manly no but it worked.
  7. My first 03-A3 was sporterized before I inherited it.
  8. Just recently some thing that I saw on facebook. Person asked if anyone had been smacked when they smart mouthed their parents. I said that I got brave and got mouthy to my mom once just after getting braces. Just once. That hurts.
  9. There was a gun store in the Norfolk, VA area that had the guys behind the counter on a raised platform. Just a bit so they would have a better view. The place was in a strip mall and some guy just pops in and pulls out a knife and announced a robbery. They were armed and told him he should look around. I guess he decided it wasn't the right place to rob. This is something that I had heard a long time ago but it was told to me and I had been in the store mentioned.
  10. I visited that sub before and after it was refurbished. I think they did a good job. But when I read this I forgot that it was on the Arkansas River and all of the flooding they had.
  11. I remember a kid when I was in grade school that learned to use a slide rule because he said he could not remember his multiplication tables. I learned later how to use a slide rule in physics class. The example above with 17 X 43 I tried with the top slide rule in picture and with my older eyes I got close with 730 but it was just a tad over the line and that is where it is handy to be able to extrapolate. When I was in the Navy's nuclear power school it would get me close enough for government work.
  12. My father was a career Navy man he died with 26 years in. He was on active duty at the time. My mother got a widows pension. How much I don't know it was 1966 and I was just about 13. She married again in 1969 I believe she lost his pension, but my sister and brother and I were eligible for Social security and war orphans education assistance from the VA. My sister used the VA to get her degree. I used some for college and trade school until I joined the Navy. My brother joined the Navy after high school and didn't use any of the VA money.
  13. Miss Longshot the top slide rule in that picture was one that I bought for use in my 12th grade physics class. The teacher taught us how to use them. I also used it when I went to the Navy's Nuclear power school. The slide rule has about 24 scales and by the time I was done at Nuke school I could use about 22 of them. Also about that time hand held calculators were about 7 in. by 3 in. by 1 in. thick. My calculator was that size but the Navy in their vast wisdom would not let us use them in school. By the time that I got my calculator I was familiar enough with the slide rule that when I did a complex equation on the calculator I actually checked it with the slide rule.
  14. I remember back in school about 6th or 7th grade. I was having problems with division. At home I asked my father about it and showed him how they wanted it done at school. He looked at and said he didn't understand their way and said and showed me how he did it. Whatever he did clicked with me and I had n more problems with division. The nuns at school were not pleased and told him so at the next parent teacher meeting. I still did it his way. This is how I did math for a while.
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