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  1. Tyler is still in business and sells online. Black is $30, polished aluminum $32.
  2. I have a complete set of screws for an 1886. If you're interested I'll look them out of my stuff and figure a price. They are new old stock.
  3. It's called Duplex. I was hoping for a post.
  4. I jumped right in to let you know I have a 7 1/2 inch Christy bbl. in 44. Hah, and you already have one. What else do you need for this project?
  5. Accurate is speedy too. I just ordered and got one back in about 2 weeks.
  6. I have a like new 4 3/4 .357 barrel. Like new on the outside but bore is very dark. I'm sure it will shoot just fine and black powder would have it looking good in about a hundred rounds. $50 shipped.
  7. I have one. No idea if it'll headspace correctly for you but probably will. $125 shipped. PM me. It's complete. 1022---Just dug it out and it's for 223 or 222 head size. Sorry, just remembered it different.
  8. How much? And no, it won't fit a Colt. Uberti makes their cylinders about .050" larger diameter.
  9. Not quite what you asked for but I have a like new in box 7 1/2" 44 Special / 44-40. 3rd gen Colt. $1850. If you're at all interested I can do pictures. mm
  10. Mudflat, Pretty sure I have a Christy barrel in 44. Bright shiney bore and the Christy mark is under the ejector housing. If you're gonna have it engraved anyway????
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