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  1. Wish I could enter this giveaway as I am rifleless
  2. This movie was the first Western I ever saw as a kid.
  3. Welcome to the sport and the site. Do check out this forum post for a raffle and consider entering to win one of 10 guns: https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/321106-raffle-tickets-still-available-to-win-one-or-more-of-10-guns/&tab=comments#comment-4153599
  4. Got permission already, thanks. The indoor ranges don't buy used brass, they recycle what people leave at the same place. Also not looking to give everything away, wanting to earn money to buy my cowboy guns.
  5. A month ago I took a trip to Home Depot and got myself a picking tool, a rectangle of metal grating, and i've gathered some stuff from the garage including empty laundry powder buckets, gloves, cloth bags, and various empty containers. For the past couple of weeks i've gone up to the outdoor gun ranges and spent a few hours a day collecting all the spent brass and lead I can find. I bring it home, dump handfuls onto the grating to sift out the rocks/dirt/sticks and sort them according to caliber. I'd like to ask for advice here on which ones to keep for people to clean and reload, and which to take to the recycling center for cash. I think i've found a grand total of eight .38 special so far and most of them are nickel (I tossed the aluminum ones), one single .44 magnum, i've got a coffee can full of .45 ACP and another coffee can full of lead. In one separate container I saved a handful of .308 and 7.62 I found the other day, and one 6.5 Creedmore. The rest are all 9mm, .40, .223, .380 and other rounds all mixed together in buckets to sell. I did find a few 10mm but I don't know whether or not to keep them. If you all can share your advice for what would net me the best profit please let me know here, if there's a specific caliber that is desirable i'll keep an eye out for it and save it if people want to buy it.
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