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  1. When I worked in maintenance for the Postal Service, I came into the office one day and saw on one of the parts clerks desk a requisition for some bar stock that was 12" long and 23/32 in diameter. It was to go to a local machine shop for purchase. I told them that for that machine they might want to have whoever requested that to re-measure. The machine was a low-cost bundle and parcel sorting machine and was built with off the shelf supplies. All of the shafting on that part of the machine was 3/4 steel. The guy ordering it had no maintenance experience before getting into the shop and didn't know how to read the calipers that he had.
  2. Watab Kid, I have a sort of collection of cases and ammunition, no specific direction in it though just what I find cheap and interesting at gun shows and some range pickups.
  3. Pat Riot, It is a bottlenecked case. In actuality the .44-40 is what I shoot in cowboy action. The .38s were for action pistol. I thought I would try a revolver for the action pistol and had been reloading them.
  4. Birdgun, I did clean that in one of the large thumler tumblers, with stainless pins. but I did it only. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned since 1906 as the head stamp suggests. It is a 37mm X 137?? 1 pounder case. I think from a Hotchkis or Browning Naval gun. Not sure witch. A friend from work gave it to me.
  5. I found one of those pesky 9mm lung blower-outers in with my .38 special brass after a wet tumble.
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