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  1. I was a Navy Machinist Mate but I knew what a 5"/38 Caliber gun meant. Oh did I mention that I am the son of a career Navy Gunners Mate? I asked him a long time before I joined.
  2. One can write a serious note to their opponent with that thing.
  3. Haven't heard them since I left Kentucky in 72.
  4. Forty Rod. I hear you on that. I was just a young dummy back then but I thought he botched up a lot of things.
  5. Just a pic I got from a friend's FB page.
  6. I too was not fond of his Presidency, but I do believe he was and is an upright and honorable person. And I also was glad that Reagan got in.
  7. This is where I was 41 years ago yesterday. I was on CMO watch down in the engine room when the helicopters took off for Iran. CMO is Chief Machinery Operator, a supervisory watch for the engine room. The engine room had two 70,000 horsepower steam turbines, two 8 megawatt turbine generators, two distilling units and assorted air compressors pumps, piping, and safety equipment to run the engine room.
  8. I have found some when I lived on a Navy base inside of Ft. Campbell, KY. We had some erosion of our yard on base and my father asked the publick works people to bring him some topsoil and he would fix the erosion, They brought a bunch of topsoil and before my father could spread it around a few kids from housing played in the dirt with our toy trucks and cars. While digging around we found a few arrow heads and one spear point. My father asked where the dirt came from and was told down by the river. The Little West Fork Creek. We went down there and found some graves that were Native American
  9. I had a similar tat on my hip from a jab with a #2 pencil. I looked for it a couple of years ago but cannot find it anymore.
  10. I think an superior officer would call him Mister. A civilian if not familiar with the ranks and uniforms might call them Sir. I remember being in the Nashville airport when I was in high school in my Military Academy uniform being saluted by recent Army boot camp graduates. I asked them why they were saluting us and they said they were told if the uniforms had stripes down the legs they should salute. I told them that we were just high school and that they didn't need to salute. Can't see the stripes on the pants but they are there.
  11. I came home one day at the first house that I had and as I drove up I noticed the screen to a double hung window next to the front door was off. I backed down my driveway about 150 ft long and told my wife to go to the neighbors house and call the Sheriff (This was pre cell phone days). I went in to find the window pried open but there was nothing missing or out of place. When the wife got back she said that the Sheriff said EMS had been called because the dentist called o inform one of us about an upcoming appointment. The dentist's office told 911 that when they called the phone was picked u
  12. "Good morning Sir" My father was a W-4 Gunner. He had been a Gunners Mate Chief before he made Warrant W-2 in 1956. His specialty was nuclear weapons. He was on a NTPI Team when he died. Nuclear Technical Proficiency Inspection Team. They traveled to Naval nuclear weapons stations to inspect all things related to Naval nuclear weapons. I on the other hand worked with naval nuclear power or as I would tell people he worked on nuclear stuff that was supposed to blow up and I worked on nuclear stuff that wasn't supposed to blow up.
  13. I don't have a worst outhouse story. My grandparents (mothers side) had the first indoor plumbing in the small Wisconsin town that they lived in. They still had an outhouse by the garage that they called the ivy covered cottage. Being a little kid it was a treat when we visited one because we seldom lived near enough to visit. The ivy covered cottage was a fascination to me. It was a twoholer. The seat was made of mahogany that my grandfather got when he shortened a bar top at a local tavern. He was a carpenter/cabinet maker and took it in part trade for the work.
  14. I don't know how it is now but when I was in the Navy to change rating you had to go to a more critical rating. My NEC was 3385, Surface nuclear propulsion plant operator mechanical. That is a fancy term for a nuclear qualified Machinist Mate. At the time I could not change to any other rating. Not that I wanted to I could not have changed to Mess management specialist. Fancy name for a Cook. Not that they are not valuable but it was considered a non-critical rating. Someone else mentioned A Machinist Mate, rating is a machinery repair person.
  15. That is just what I was thinking.
  16. My stepfather was gunner on Dive bombers during WW2. I remember him saying something about the Dauntless and SBD and SB2c? I think. Here is a pic of him sitting on the wing of an airplane that to me looks like a dive bomber. Is it and can anyone tell me which one? This is the only pic I have of him with a plane so there is not a better one.
  17. Not my only N frame but I have a 1917 Army that I inherited. But I do like .38 and .357 N Frames. Here are most of them. M28s, M27s, M520s, and a .38-44 Heavy Duty.
  18. They are not that difficult.
  19. Same here no problems with mine.
  20. I bought a rifle from the SASS classifieds. The seller sent me an email with the tracking number. I looked it up and it was entered in Port Arthur TX. I never saw any movement or change in that tracking number. I worked as an Electronics Tech for the Postal Service and one of my jobs was to check the tracking system at my local Distribution Center. I had access to the tracking system that does not show on the customers side. I could tell what scanner they used when it was logged in at Port Arthur and what time. I checked on that package every day until one day I was walking by the packages an
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