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  1. Thanks for the info. I will check it out
  2. Thanks for the info but I put this up about 5 minutes after I saw that gunparts was out of them.
  3. Looking to buy a screw for the 97 Winchester shotgun. I am looking for the ejector spring screw. Original Winchester if possible. It the Chinese will work let me know. I have looked at gunparts corp but they say out of stock for Winchester and they are not listed for the Chinese made gun. Any leads will be helpful. Thanks Dustin
  4. Nose in the air and back way down. A number of years ago I went to Dallas with a friend to pick up 6 rolls of carpet. On the way back we looked like that. My friend mentioned that the steering was really easier than when we were empty. I told him no weight on the front that is why. It was a wonder we made it all the way back to McAlester, OK.
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