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  1. It was early and done in the traditional way. My father died 7 days before my 13th birthday. I see some already answered your question. But it is a S&W 1917 Army in .45 ACP. The grips are not original in the pic and I have changed them out with bark less elk stag grips from Grashorn grips. The elk stag is the shape of the originals but the originals were walnut without the medallions. The more recent pic is down below in the feed.
  2. These in the pic are the knives that are within 6 feet of me. I have others around the house too. Have carried a knife since about the 2nd grade only long time that I didn't have one was 8 weeks in boot camp. I brought one little pen knife but they made me send it home.
  3. Here is a current pic with barkless elk stag grips. Grips are from Grasshorn
  4. It is a 1917 S&W Army. The grips are not correct for the gun they are just standard N-Frame Magnas. It is .45 ACP but it will also take the .45 Auto rim cartridges.
  5. I inherited this pistol 7 days before my 13th birthday. It was my fathers. I have different grips on it now but this is most what it looked like when I got it. He made the holster too. Nothing fancy but I like it and still shoot it on occasion.
  6. You were just looking in the wrong store room
  7. That was exactly what my stepfather said to me when I asked him a question about arming nuclear weapons. I had read a book and in it there was a mention of arming nuclear weapons. My stepfather worked with nuclear weapons during his 29+ years with the Navy. I asked him this in the middle 80s and he had been retired since 1969. I said I am not asking how to arm them I am asking if what I had read was true. He then said oh yes. I knew he was kidding about that killing part. I think. Both my father and stepfather worked with nuclear things in the Navy that were supposed to explode and I worked wi
  8. No wake for better skiing. It the Enterprise being first had 8 smaller reactors. I was on the Nimitz and it had only 2 reactors but they were big. We could outrun anything but a torpedo. When I was on they had the problem with 3 Mile Island in Pennsylvania. As a result of that the Navy changed some of the operating parameters of the reactor which degraded our output and speed but we were still faster than everything else except the aforementioned torpedo. Something about a piece of equipment inside the reactor being made by Babcock & Wilcox. The problem at 3 Mile was supposedly t
  9. NineOfHearts I will take them if you still have them. Let me know where to send the money and I will have a Postal Money order out probably by Wednesday. That is when I will send it out. Thanks Dustin Checotah
  10. I like that. A fellow that I know on facebook will say something and I will ask for sources. No comment back. He said something about something being unconstitutional. I asked him what article and section it was in I would check my copy. No response. I posted a picture of my copy in my hand.
  11. I remember as a youngster seeing 20mm anti tank guns for sale like that. I think the ones that I saw were Lahti guns but I think they fire the same round. I did get to shoot one of the Lahtis about10 years ago at one of the Hiram Maxim Machinegun shoots that were held in Dover-Foxcroft Maine. I didn't really notice the recoil because the gun was 136 lbs. and on bi-pod.
  12. I visited Gunnison Colorado in the summer of 75, I was there for 2 weeks. I saw the same bumper sticker as you mentioned. I thought it was funny and most likely true. I was born in California and have lived in 8 different states. I now and for the last 40 years have lived in Maine. Colorado has Californication we have MassHoleitis. But just like Cali. not all the people from Mass. are bad.
  13. They tried the drones but they were too erratically flown. Pilots sampling the goods.
  14. I have seen Mauser banner micrometers and calipers. So if the scope is made with quality use it.
  15. Those stories are true. Retired July 2016 from the USPS. But there are some good ones.
  16. Stupid? When I was a clerk in the Postal Service they would pay me 2 hours overtime to bring a piece of Express mail out so it would not be late on the delivery promise. If it was late they would have to pay the sender the $8.50 postage. That is if they put in a claim. I asked them why didn't they just return the postage with an apology. I got no answer on that. what I did get was time out of the office and a nice ride in the Maine countryside visiting some of the small town Post Offices.
  17. Look at the top right hand side of this pic. LAWRENCE, Thomas Hurshel Look at the 4th line. U.S. ARIZONA This was salvaged from the Arizona. It is my fathers service jacket. It is in my possession. The event will not be forgotten in my house either.
  18. Today being Dec. 7th so I will post this. Another reason that I post this is from the 2nd picture. Look at the name top right. LAWRENCE, Thomas Hurshel. Look at the fourth line U.S.S. ARIZONA. That is my father and the first ship he was assigned to. He was one of the few that survived the attack on Dec. 7, 1941
  19. I have an adjustable wrench around somewhere that has the Inch size on one side and the metric on the other. Either way they can round metric or SAE nuts and bolts.
  20. 100 months? I have a bottle of Beam that my parents got before 1980. It is still unopened. It is one of the Model-T Ford bottles.
  21. I think my music sheet for tinnitus would be a bit more covered than the original post. I seem to have 3 or 4 different tones plus clicks and pops on some occasions. Location seems to be all around. I tell people that there is nowhere I can go where it is quiet. I am pretty sure I acquired mine in the proximity of (2) two 70,000 HP steam turbines and two 8 Megawatt turbine generators. I always wore sound attenuators or earplugs when the engineroom was operating. 6 or 8 hours in that environment and you could feel it in your bones.
  22. A Chief Petty Officer never drinks. Doesn't sound like any CPOs that I knew.
  23. When I was in the Navy I always double tied my shoes or boots for the same reason. I remember once while I was talking to some fresh from bootcamp sailor who thought he was funny told my shoes were untied. I said thanks and he was perplexed that I didn't look when he said that. I told him that I always double tie them and they do not come undone. I still double tie my shoes but do it differently than the old way that I used. I wish I had a video to explain it but when you do the loop around the ears do it twice and pull tight. Quick and easy.
  24. I used to know how to do the ladder lace up but don't do it now. I never liked the leather lases though because when they get wet they can be a pain to untie.
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