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  1. FTF only in central Ohio 150 rounds (3 boxes of 50) : S&B FMJ 92grs 6.0g 380 Auto: $135 for all three 200 rounds (4 boxes of 50): Blazer (aluminum case) FMJ 95gr: $165 for all four PM me if interested and we can work out the details. ~Shakes
  2. 20 minutes away sent a PM. Can meet or come to you. Which ever is your preference. Shakes
  3. I had a Medtronic put in left side and shoot right shoulder. Mind you my wires go up my neck. Even opposite side it was every bit of three months following surgery. And much of that was spent rebuilding chest muscles first.
  4. Dee, Checking in . Hope all is well. Shakes
  5. Dee, you will find a DM from me in your box from 11 hours ago if the deal with Chert fell through. If you wish, I am happy to work payment type of choice out. If not, I understand. Shakes
  6. Crooked River Pete, Central Ohio = Columbus general area.
  7. Mean Gun Mark, Thank you for your generous offer. Looks like a hour and a half, so no problem. I am travelling a bit (family) this week and will reach out to find a time that works for you. Truly appreciate it!
  8. El CupAJoe, Thanks for the resource, I am always happy to collect good info. This sounds strange in the age of digital, but the reason I am here is to be social and connect with folks (Thanks Covid!) I use and like forums but given the choice, want to meet and watch and interact with someone who can tell a story too. I am a kinesthetic learner who is also a social animal. Then I will go haunt those resources you generously posted!
  9. Looking to learn the craft hands on. For now, primarily. 38 special. I have a lee turret w 4 die carbide set. Any patient pards w/ sense of humor willing to show me the ropes?
  10. Shakes,        Yes the tag says dry clean but since when is cotton dry clean only. I never saw any garment that was cotton and you couldn't wash in the washing machine. I think you could wash this coat on      cold / gentle cycle and it would come out just fine. Dry it on low or No heat. I haven't cleaned it because I haven't worn it more than 4-5 times and its like new hanging in my closet and it needs to go to someone who will wear it. Let me know if you have any further questions or if you want it.

    1. Shakes Peare

      Shakes Peare



      I am sorry my good man, I was not intending to disparage your wares, merely answering teh question of the pilgrim .


      I have noticed several "higher end" clothes that listed as cotton (pants in particular) with cotton as dry clean only. I could only guess it may not be put together with the same vigor as a pair of chinos.


      I like the coat, but am building the basics for now. Vests, shirts and pants. Come fall, maybe look at coats/jackets.





    2. Dusty Desperado

      Dusty Desperado

      No worries Shakes,


      Its the usual Frontier Classics western ware.

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