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  1. I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to community of Cowboys/Cowgirls who have taken the time to read and consider the simple meanderings of this player. I found insight and value in all responses. Just a few thoughts on the message and I will move on to the next act. I have no personal conflict or have no venom nor unkind thought or word for anyone real or imagined in these threads. Words words words. My words were intended to shine a light on: Conflict that was clear and present that had bled over into aspects of the forum that delivered bad optics
  2. Greetings Cowboys, Cowgirls and the general populace who haunt these storied halls, First and foremost, thank you all for maintaining this break from the grind of the mundane. I already have experienced the generosity and hospitality of the house that we all play to and am thrilled to be on the stage with you. One of my first posts I recall reading in the classifieds in short was a verbal sparring between what appeared to be between a merchant and a cowpoke. Not suggesting who was in the right of things, it was meaner than a snake in silk sheets. Guessing the merc
  3. So my first SA gun is a Cimarron Thunderball 357 4.75inch (made by pietta) my second will be the Alchimista III (also a pietta). The low -wide hammer is a have to have. I have rad pietta's are reasonably good with part swapping. Anyone have experience upgrading hammers? Is it too hard to do? Anything I should be careful of or looking for? For instance, could it really be as simple as locating an alchimista hammer for the thunderball and swapping it (or having a gunsmith do it? Last, any recommendations for where to look? I have seen parts available, just dont want me
  4. CKid, If your intent was to suggest I might find the fanciful firearm I seek at the bargain price of 499 USD at PalmettoStateArmory, your well-meaning direction is out of date: Your search for "dlx alchimista iii 357 magnum" didn't return any results. They currently stock neither EMF nor Pietta and have not for some time. If your cypher like message contains a deeper meaning than I have imagined in my philosophies, horatio, then you have beaten me and I humbly ask for clarification. Sincerely, Shakes
  5. prefer 4.75 in A great author said it best: "Heart wants what the heart wants, or it does not shoot..." Emily Smithnwesson
  6. Snuffy, Sorry as I mentioned . I had bought one last night..
  7. Sedalia Dave, The rifle you sold me was perfect. Thanks again. Easy to deal with, gun obviously taken care of. Shakes Peare
  8. I know the MSRP is ~$310 ; typically sells on Midway or Natchez for $215-$250 Currently gouging on ebay for $500+ If anyone has a lead on one with all components present (new is good too ) Admittedly, I do not know what I dont know yet, so am open to suggestions that wont break my gun budget! Cumberland Mtn John came through with dies and an extra component, I think it is time to move to the next phase of the plan. Sooner or later the primers will return.
  9. Charlie, It is at least partially made in the United states. Not the terrible ones. This was made within the last few years.
  10. Same. But not suggesting to her she is noodling the gun. I like peace at home.
  11. Great gun, sharp, classic, accurate. She learned to shoot in the striker age (quite decent). I have a PPQ and she liked the trigger and action, and didn't realize how different the ppks was. For those who haven't had experience, they are a touch finicky on what ammo they will take and are prone to FTE if not handled firmly. I love the gun but my SA life has me occupied otherwise.
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