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  1. Always like scenes in the dark where you can't make out the characters, or faces, or uniforms, or, or. Not impressed so fr.
  2. The Moron runs deep in these people. The other issue is the boardwalks are there so dumbasses don't walk on the delicate ecosystem of the meadows. But hey lets walk on the pretty grass and get gored!.
  3. Not history but HS Senior year English. Our teacher announced we would be reading Shakespear's Hamlet! The groan was heard down the halls. But wait there's more; He was also the teacher who lead theater. He would have us read a section and stop. Then he'd read parts of it acting and using an "current" English accent. Then he would stop and explain what was going on in todays language and understanding of the English language back then. I couldn't wait to get back to his class each day. We had to memorize Hamlet's soliloquy, but having him explain what Hamlet was saying made it stick.
  4. Been there done that.
  5. I once told a client asking about doing a survey, 'you give me $50,000 tell me what outcome you want, and I'll get you there'! A post the other day, 65% of Americans favor abortion. OK where was the survey taken? Oregon, San Francisco...you all understand surveys are worthless.
  6. They now shoot canon and 20 MM gattling.
  7. I was an Architect for work at March AFB California. It was a SAC base. When one of these started up and took off the whole base knew it. Great to watch the wings rise and level out as they gain air speed and lift. As I was working there I noticed the B-52's disappeared. I asked one of the officers I was working with what happened. He smirked, sort of laughed and said, 'some genius figured out we were 60 miles to the coast, a prime target for sub based missiles'!This was in 87. !
  8. Windex Balistol all over and wipe it down, Bore butter in the barrel.
  9. Ruger makes a drop in replacement trigger that is much lighter than factory.
  10. Grew up listening to Country Western Music on my parents car radio. And "real" rock and roll from the 50's and 60's. I'm fortunate to be able to enjoy both. Todays "country" music is more "pop" music than country.
  11. "Cowboy" hats is a Hollywood anachronism. In reality people wore whatever.
  12. If all your cases are 2.105" thats the starting point. Are all your bands the same diameter? My cast bullets are tapered with the first band the size of the bore, not the groove. Lets the bullet go into the barrel further = more black powder. We all push our bullets into the case against compressed powder/card so the the land just touched the rifling or a few thousands back. In theory the bullet can't jump and enter the barrel wonky! We leave the lube in the groove. We also don't crimp the cases because the bullet is touching the barrel. My 45-70 example below. This is all for BP loads. I've never loaded smokeless
  13. I've been shooting a 40-65. 45-70 can be necked down and then cut back to the correct length.Star Line offers 40-65. Not always in stock. But...... theres always a but. They say on the order page their brass is not the correct length. Short by about .015". I measured it and it's short.
  14. I once had some Remington No.10's fail to fire. Called them and they relpaced the entire batch I bought.
  15. As has been said, SASS long range side matches are more like close range speed rifle. Most hits in the least time. Any black powder gun is tuff to deal with as a speed rifle.
  16. You've never said what you intend to shoot with the rifle! I've shot 60 rounds of 45-70 with a recoil pad for BPCR. My shoulder was hurting at the end of each match. If you're thinking SASS long range side matches you can shoot those with an H&R 45-70 and save $2,500!
  17. They split up. She continued on, on her own. They held a reunion concert and her voice was just as fantastic. You can see it on YouTube. One of my Fav's also.
  18. I'm getting out of cowboy shooting. Id' like to sell my stash of primers to the local shooters. What would be a reasonable price for large and small pistol primers for 1,000?
  19. Someone????once told me animals weren't allowed in heaven? I said then I'm going where they are.
  20. First it's a commercial and TV, not reality. Second I find them to be very funny, since my parents did some of those things. And now I find myself doing some of them. Their target audience is not our generation.
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