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  1. the big secret is battery life. Everyone thinks because it's Lithium they last forever. They don't. individual cells go bad. I just watched s video where a guys Tesla had a big drop in battery life after charging. Diagnosis said 3 or 4 cells were bad. Tesla won't replace cells you have to replace the entire battery pack. And it only costs $21,000 parts and labor. There are start up companies who are now replacing cells instead of the whole system. But still $$$. And let's not forget 61% of our electrical grid is powered by fossil fuels!. That would be coal, natural gas and petroleum. No more hydro electric and no more nuclear. Just millions of acres of solar panels and bird killing eyesores will solve the problem.
  2. There were electric cars/trucks back in the 19teens. Lead acid, very inefficient and long charge times. There were also steam cars. For me it's ignore all the comments about charge time and distance. The amount of coal needed to run the utility plants, etc. It's about the fact our electrical grind is undersized and old. My house has a 100 amp panel. The add a charging station and run AC etc I need to upgrade the panel and feed. The feed needs to be upsized. The system in my neighborhood would need to be upsized if we all went to EV. Then the city then the state. No one talks about how to provide charging power to millions of EV's.
  3. The first thing that went is doing non-shooting stuff on the clock. It's a variable that impacts the outcome, or so they say. My opinion, and we know what opinions are like, as the sport and the shooters aged movement became an impediment to some. Also a variable impacting total time. Some can walk, some can walk fast, some can run, some sort of shuffle along. All that and the fun h=game turned into a serious competition game.
  4. What this confirms is the generations after the boomers are drawn to black rifles, not wearing silly costumes/hats and uncomfortable shoes, no gun carts. You can buy into the sport, rifle/pistol/shotgun for $1,800 the cost of a stock 73. They haven't watched westerns or know much about the western culture. They are John Wick/Fast and Furious, X Box, digital world participants. They haven't clue who John Wayne is. And lastly, as I have said before, new members will come from local marketing in non-SASS shooting venues.
  5. Enlighten all of us how SASS, its management and rules along with the friendliest group of people in any sport have in any way used prejudice to keep people out. And how does it feel to have lumped all the fine people of SASS into being old and fat? Its comments like that that drive members away.
  6. In my opinion attendance is down because of apathy, age/health, cost, supplies, COVID, lost members aren't being replaced by new members. Our attendance does go down from members going to annual shoots outside our area. Because you pay dues you expect SASS to solve your membership problems. THEY CAN'T. You membership and attendance is a local problem. It needs to be solved locally.
  7. Sponsors would work if it gets some sort of media exposure outside of shoots. Otherwise you're advertising and promoting to existing members and a few people, not wearing SASS attire, attending the shoot. We need to identify the market we're trying to recruit. Research what media they watch/listen/read and create a plan and budget to use that media. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Toc cost nothing to post on. Just the labor and creativity to develop a page or post that will catch someones interest. We get an average of 1 request a week for someone to join our page on FB. We have gotten a few members from this. Cost was $0.0. SASS could put together a generic SASS social media post. Send it to all the clubs. Let them edit it to meet their local, times etc and post. If we could fold in some celebrity names or PIC's all the better.
  8. Just pointing out the current rules for SASS. DO you really think the "cowboy" membership would accept people wearing sponsored logo shirts and equipment?
  9. The problem is buying 2 lb's. pays the same hazmat fees as 25 lb's.! Before GOEX closing BP was constantly going up in cost. 20 years ago 2F goes was $10/can now it's $28.50. Supply = 0.0, demand = 150%
  10. SASS does not allow any logos or branding of any kind on clothes etc.
  11. There's a difference between throwing stones and dealing with reality. It costs money to publicize or promote something. The celebrities of the past were there because they were participants. IMHO the only value will come from some sort of national promotion in markets that aren't necessarily based on shooting or hunting platforms. Does SASS have that kind of funding?
  12. Let s pretend there are unicorns for a minute. Then we can fantasize that an actor would attend a major match at no cost. Then we'll need a film crew or people who know how to make a video without using an IPhone. $$$ Then in order for this to be effective it needs to get out to national programs or publications. Putting it in the Chronicle or Facebook etc will get you a very low return. Commercials on sports shows, or prime time, approximately $125,000 per minute in small markets. As in not LA, Atlanta, Chicago etc. This is a $500,000+++ venture without paying the actors
  13. We've had stages where you soot the rifle, then proceed down range shooting SG targets stopping at a hale bale to shoot the former pistol targets. Shooter could stage the shotgun on the hale bale or hold it in his non-shooting hand. It works for dualists
  14. I'd like to offer that all the yapping and typing on here is to no avail. We need to hear from ROC or PWB.
  15. Really, really poor job of using photoshop.
  16. I once had a 73 in 44-40 and a 30" barrel just for pistol caliber long range. I only shoot black Powder. Shooting 10 shots in a 30" barrel and no blow tube or wiping resulted in a fouled barrel. Accuracy was not in the discussion after shooting. Sold it.
  17. My point was this, 6 targets and lets say #5 fell. Shooter shoots at No. 1 and misses/doesn't go down. He re-engages and knocks it down. He continues on getting to number 5. I believe he is to shoot where the target is. He doesn't shoot at 5. Then proceeds to target 6. 7 shots required. Shooter shot only 6 rounds when 7 were required so a miss.
  18. Whats missing are the stage instructions for shooting the targets. As in left to right, outside outside. And which target was the down target when he started.
  19. For us it was hard to watch. 90 yo trying to come off as a tough guy. Dancing scene was him standing basically. The kid overacted the part. His Mexican accent was more streets of LA than Mexico.
  20. I had a pair of Uberti clones in 44-40. I shot them at a few matches. Sold them off. I didn't like the grip or angle of the grip.
  21. Cargo limit is tongue weight, people, and the 29 things they throw in the bed. Gen sets, bikes, gas, wood etc.
  22. DO NOT GO BY WHAT THE ADVERTISERS SAY, OR YOUR OWNERS MANUAL. The owners manual is a general reference guide. Look at the drivers side door jamb. It will have the exact towing capacities for your truck. Total combined GVW is a worthless number. The real number is listed as "cargo capacity". That would be tongue weight, people, junk in the bed. And air bags do not add load capacity.
  23. Commifornia enacted legislation to require certain smog reduction and increased gas milage. Then along comes car pools and EV cars. The slow effect caused the revenue from the gas taxes to decrease. So what did they do? They increased the gas tax. With another reduction in gas usage it won't be long before the morons realize another reduction in revenue. Rinse and repeat.
  24. There's historical artifacts that substantiate the Norse were here way before Columbus. And there are artifacts indicating the Chinese/Asians were along our west coast, way, way before anyone. The Italians get all bothered about this. We didn't become the "America's" until Amerigo Vespucci got involved in the early 1500's. So Columbus didn't discover America!
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