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  1. I've been punished a few times with said Jenga item landing on my toes before going to the floor.
  2. Local really big gun show. Walking around and hear this really big booooooom. Vender was showing a buyer a 97. He cycled ti and pulled the trigger pointing at the ceiling. Hummm one in the mag? Hole in the ceiling and they helped him pack his stuff and pushed him out the door.
  3. There's a video on YouTube. A farmer in Europe somewhere had a bunch of squatters camping out on his property. Local cops didn't do anything, its Europe. So the farmer loads up his manure spreader and drives around their camp as close to the tents and cars. Built a really nice layer. The result was squatters left and the field had a really nice green spot.
  4. They need to eliminate the DH, intentional walks, and unlimited changing of pitchers.
  5. I was an Architect for Hospitals for 45 years. Seen or heard many a Darwin story. The one I remember most was a maintenance guy goes to the parking structure to try and determine why the breakers are tripping. He goes to the electrical room and sees water on the floor. He then sees water leaking out of the top of a 3" conduit that has sealant around the cables. So he decides to get his long bladed regular screwdriver out and poke down through the sealant. Apparently he got aggressive enough to penetrate the 480 volt cable. He's standing in water, he makes contact with the "copper" cable. His life ended right there. And as is typical in my industry, everyone was sued for his lack of "brains".
  6. D-Day 75th Anniversary Documentary - Here Am I, Send Me [Full Movie].mp4 Depending on how you're going to show it. But you could just bookmark the URL site on your computer. Click on the YouTube Icon on the video and it takes you to YouTube. You can then bookmark it. D-Day 75th Anniversary Documentary - Here Am I, Send Me [Full Movie].mp4 be videos. Try this. Ike
  7. I once told our HR director, 'I'm an equal opportunity racist'! She got a weird XXX look on her face. I said, 'I pick on and make fun of anyone and everyone equally'. Lightened the mood a bit.
  8. Our club has a real long range out to 750 yards. We shoot some sort of match the second Saturday of every month. Today we shot 22 silhouette. Animal silhouettes at 50/100/150/and 200 meters. Same format as BPCR. So here's the spin; As an optimist I shot 3rd in my category, YAY. As a pessimist I came in last as there were only 3 in my category.
  9. 95% of SASS long range side matches are more like speed rifle matches. Most ranges are 100 to 200 yards. You can stand, offhand, sit, or prone with sticks. Most are won by most hits in the least amount of time. Marbles peep sights, vernier and soule sights, all are tang mounted. Because they focus on speed and accuracy most shoot smokeless powder. Black powder most often needs the barrel swabbed during shooting.
  10. I watched it only for the nostalgia. For me it made watching the game more palatable. After the 3rd inning I told me wife, 'well I was once again reminded why I don't watch baseball". I moved on to re-runs on TV. Two guys playing catch and another guy who may hit the ball 25% of the time getting paid $gozillions! Of course I have similar comments about all the other sports involving some sort of ball.
  11. But it actual real major league teams playing an actual real game that counts in the standings. The stadium is probably about the size most stadiums were back when shoeless Joe played. According to the announcer a ticket to attend was round $350???
  12. This is the only baseball game I'll watch. Based entirely on the nostalgia of the movie. Enjoyed that immensely.
  13. There isn't anyone from that generation or ours that doesn't agree that dropping them actually saved lives and ended the war. But ask a millennial and oh boy we're murderer's!
  14. They use them on long range!!!!!!!
  15. How is dualist not historically correct!. The traditional category is far from being historically correct.
  16. We always tend to give new shooters some slack. As in calling penalties. You gave him direction and he followed it. At that point the rules went out the window for safety and eduction of the new shooter.
  17. Right shoulder, reverse joint replacement, 4 years ago. Very good movement. The geometry is different with the rotation. I can't reach behind my back for belt or tuck my shirt in. DO not skip on therapy. DO not over do recovery. Therapy hurts. But ice and Tylenol work. The new joint moves everything towards your ear. So your rifle will not go into the arm/shoulder crotch. You adapt. I had to have a ligament re-attached. I still can't lift a 1/2 gallon of milk without using my left hand. Doc said it is what it is. I shoot dualist, so I can't lift my revolver without help. As in tucking my left hand into my arm pit to help hold my arm up. 6 months to get to that point. I had rotator cuff surgery. Replacement is way harder to recover.
  18. All through the discussions and ultimate vote by Congress, not one word from the NRA. Usually if some state is threatening any restrictions the NRA starts sending out communications asking for money to fight it.
  19. All you NRA flag wavers!. Where are they in all of this? I would assume the words, 'shall not be infringed" will be used to challenge this. And a long court battle ensues?
  20. The A3 WW1 was re-armored and re-issued for WW2. The Pacific theater was the primary use. The A3 was made by at least 4 different makers. I have an A3 with a WW2 numbered barrel. Just like the 1911 was re-armored and re-used for WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam.
  21. The Book Flags of Our Fathers really brought the story to life.
  22. My 9mm Broom handle has 1,000 meters on its ladder sight. So 1,000 meters.
  23. This is a Ford design replacement engine for the previous piece of junk they offered. I have the same engine in my 2017. Solid engine with good reputation. 96,000 miles is nothing.
  24. Interesting observation. A couple posted about the Ford F150 EV they bought. They towed a small travel trailer 2,700 miles. A full charge would last about 100 miles because of the trailer load. So EV trucks are nothing more than a local computer car.
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