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  1. They are looking for fruit, firewood, and hay crossing into Commifornia.
  2. And using a computer system with the capability of an IPhone. Great work then. Now...not os much.
  3. When people say they want a single provider healthcare system from the Fed's just refer them to this fiasco? Private company did it faster, and cheaper. Let's hope the doors stay closed on the way down.
  4. People think Reno Nevada is next to Las Vegas! 500 miles is sort of next to if you're flying.
  5. Ryan Seacrest is a narcissist and smug clown. Can't stand him.
  6. The directors cut of Dancing explains what happened at the fort before Costner got there. It helped the story a bit.
  7. Worst movie I've seen in a long time. We don't know why we are at war. We don't know really who the bad guys are. One lead person is running around using a Nikon film camera. Where'd you get the film and how'd you develop it on the road. How do you send it to you news source. The male lead never really tells us why he's there! Save your money........
  8. When I had Architectural history for the Medieval period my Professor took a different approach. Instead of this castle is X and was built in Y. Rather he showed us why things were built the way they were. Including houses and cities. Best of the 3 history classes I had to take.
  9. We do the 4 pistols, shot at the pistol targets, no shotgun. For rifle we place a gong target at 35 tp 40 yards and shoot it with single shot big bore. smokeless or BP.
  10. I traveled, flew, a lot. Calif/Arizona, Nevada, Oregon. Once my company credit card had hit the max and they locked it down. I don't carry a credit card. Just debit. I didn't have enough money in my account to pay hotel, food etc. Card issue got resolved and I was able to pay. So now, even though I don't travel anymore, I carry enough in an assortment of bills to get by. The other issue is banks shut down because of an internet failure. I was buying gas and all these people were out of luck with no cash and only a credit card.
  11. Do not, do not buy from Camping World. Research dealers as much as makers.
  12. Depends; On the range and what distances they can provide. Most I'ce shot are under 200 yards. Depends; on what categories they offer for caliber and rifle. Usually single shot big bore 38-55 and larger, pistol caliber lever action 38 and larger. Depends; some offer pistol caliber and big bore lever action. Most do not separate smokeless from black powder. Most the winner is determined by most shots on target in the fastest time. So speed rifle.
  13. The movie, Flags of our Fathers, does a great job of telling what happened on Iwo Jima.
  14. Our granddaughters and our daughter. My wife, her mother and her mother's mother have all been raised on horses. 9815ED5F-F1C4-4E2A-B313-584153201FDA.heic
  15. Every time I read something about this raid I am honored and proud to ne an American. These men and many others did what needed to be done. They protected ours and many other nations liberties.
  16. Heat pumps do not work well in high heat and low temps.
  17. The "bigger" equipment actually saves money on diesel. It cuts the stalks, strips the corn, shells it and spits out cobs and silage. That and the space between rows is now about 1/2 of what it used to be. More bushels/acre on the same land. 80 acre farms are now nothing but hobby farms. They've been bought up and turned into 1,000 acre farms. No one raises beef, hogs or chickens. It's all produced on large feed lots.
  18. Another boondoggle like the bullet rain. Although it did put a bunch of money in politicians pockets. Not 1' of track has been laid.
  19. Starline makes 40-65. But if your not fussy about OLA they are .015 short of the OAL.
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