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  1. Saw a post once. Reporter standing in the wind narrating what was going on. A stop sigh smacked her in the head?
  2. Shipping logic; Filled a small box with goodies to send back east. Go to local pack and post. Well if we use your box it's $24.75. But if we put your box inside a USPS A box it will be $13.79?????? Wanted to order some salsa on line. $26.50 for a case of 6 jars. Their shipping was $16.80. I canceled the order.
  3. At our annual match and 4 monthlies we have big bore optional. Tom Horn Single shot smokeless, SS Black Powder, lever action BP and Smokeless. Usually 4 rounds for BB single shot, 6 rounds for lever. Separate targets from cowboy down range about 35 yards. You read instructions for cowboys. Then read instructions for Big Bore. We always get a good turn out. A good change from regular cowboy.
  4. Interested in slightly used, shot twice. I have around 200
  5. As they're putting her in the back seat the train is honking, cop looks up and goes on with putting her in the back seat. Whats even more insane is the cops still went on searching her truck for a gun. Seems the railroad should be called, stop trains. Ambulance and assistance at the accident scene. They'll probably come arrest her when she gets out of surgery and is in the ICU?
  6. Both my parents were raised on small farms. The tradition was breakfast, lunch, (which is the biggest meal of the day), and then supper. They adjusted the meal sizes for modern living but the evening meal was always, 'whats for supper'?
  7. Watching cop videos on YouTube, arms full of tattoos is now a thing for cops. Makes them look all gangster and tough. I wouldn't hire them.
  8. Ahhh, but he wasn't. He did it out on the road. No harm no foul.
  9. Just because people have been doing bad things for a long time does not mean that it's all right for people to do these bad things. So shooting up the kids property and pointing a gun at him was justified? I hope they toss the guy in jail and make him pay. A fun fact. In Australia doing burnouts is actual a sport. So maybe the kid instead of kicking a soccer ball wants to try that sport. Burnouts cause no property damage. They just tweak old men who probably would react the same way to kids riding bikes up and down the street.
  10. So a teenager does a burn out and that justifies shooting up his car, property and at him. Wow, just wow. Kids have been doing burnouts since cars were invented!
  11. I bought a burglary rated safe as well as fire. It has concrete on all 4 walls. $$$
  12. Coors Light = colored water, not really a beer.
  13. gun safes being secure is an illusion. An inspired thief can enter the sides with a saw. Everyone looks at the door and thinks, yup no one can get into this. Most safes offer limited fire protection. But no actual burglary protection. You need to buy a safe rated for fire and burglaries. How often do they change the barrels on a mini-gun?
  14. Two OB's. Caused by me pulling the rigger before the bolt was locked. Bent the lever each time. Made my fingers feel real special for a few days. Got 2-73's. 66 is used for long range only.
  15. The horses look like the breed the Mongol's used throughout history.
  16. Supply and demand drives the market. 2022 Corvettes are supposed to be $85K. Asking $120K and getting it. I got a letter from the dealer I bought my 2017 F350 diesel, crew cab. They offered me $48K sight unseen. I bought it for $62K.
  17. Because of range limitations most LR matches aren't really long range. 100 to 300 yards maybe They end up being speed rifle matches. Winner is most hits in the fastest time. And I once shot one that was 100' with a 6" target. Speed rifle.
  18. Watching some of the 10 days of her funeral. 10's of thousands of citizens lining the streets and the grounds of the locations for the Queen. Funny observation, not a single person anywhere is wearing a mask. What do they know that we don't? Riddle me that.
  19. I moved to Reno, NV 25 years ago. A well defined and dedicated red State. Now it's Eastern California.
  20. Congratulations to you both. 25 and many more. We celebrated 51 in June but........we've been together since I asked her to go "steady" in the 8th grade. So 58 years.
  21. Wasn't William also an officer in the military?
  22. I got you all beat. Ford's V-6 which goes into 6 or 7 models has this really ingenious engineering solution. The water pump is inside the timing chain cover. Run by the timing chain. Boy I bet you're thinking that replacing the water pump is expensive! Not really because when the seal on the shaft goes it fills the engine with water. And we all know oil and water are not a good engine lubricant. Well sir we can replace the water pump for $2,500. But the replacement engine is going to cost you $8,500! Seems fair.
  23. 13 weeks, 405 lbs of sugar = 4.5 pounds per day?
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