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    .... is this a meme ? ....
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    It's a good 'un~! Edit: Remember - this is Cyrus's Meme!
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    ****THE ORIGINAL VENUE WITH THE FORT DES MOINES RANGERS, IN IOWA, HAD TO BE CHANGED DUE TO A DATE CHANGE BECAUSE OF THE CURRENT COVID-19 CRISIS. WE ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE A GREAT CLUB HERE IN KANSAS, THE FREE STATE RANGERS, LET US JOIN IN ON THEIR ANNUAL MATCH FOR THE YEAR**** CLASSIC COWBOY SHOWDOWN 2020 ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH? I am once again throwing down a challenge to all the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shooters for 2020!! That is right, a challenge has been issued for you take on the challenge of the Classic Cowboy Showdown! Do you Accept? Below is where you can find more info for this great match! ***NEW VENUE*** "BORDER WARS" OCTOBER 16th - 18th, 2020 FREE STATE RANGERS Parker, KS https://freestaterangers.com ENTRY: https://freestaterangers.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/border-wars-2020.pdf The Showdown is something I started in 2017. I wanted to get a big group of classic shooters together for a great match, so I put up a custom buckle for the top Classic Shooter! In 2017 we had a group of about 7-8 classic.... followed by a few more in 2018... but in 2019 we had about 23 CLASSICS!! So this thing is really taking off! So once again I am putting up an amazing buckle for the top Classic Shooter! ***We now have a buckle up for grabs for the top classic Black Powder shooter too!*** I would even put up a buckle for the Classic Cowgirls as well if we can get a few signed up! Again this year, with some help from fellow shooters, we will also have some amazing 2" custom Conchos for several placements as well! The Classic Category is, in my mind, the greatest category in SASS! To shoot this category you have to be willing to not only dress the part, but also shoot the bigger caliber firearms! So I urge you.. sign up for the Showdown in 2020 and come hang out with the greatest bunch of folks in SASS in. Please help spread the word and keep checking back as many things will be added to this post. I would like to do several things this year for the showdown.... including: - Classic Dinner ? - Speed Duelist and Hammered Side match ? If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me. Plan to attend, let me know and will add name to the list! WHO'S COMING LIST: Major Art Tillery (KS) * BP* Pony Soldier (OK) 3 Shot Shamrock (MO) Boss Shamrock (MO) * BP * Asa Smith (KS) * BP * Wymore Wrangler (NE) Bulldog Brown (KS) Pit Mule (IA) High Plains Hud (KS) Kansas Reb (KS) Dantankerous (KS) * BP * Sam McNeely (MO) Jonny Gringo (KS) Sasparilla Groz (KS) Doc Dag (MO) * BP * Abilene Slim (KS) The Verdigris Kid (KS) * BP * Shady Willie Brown (KS) Lucky Drover Mo (MO) Mo No Name (MO) Mt. Zion Yellowboy (SC) Cowtown Scout (TX) * BP * Long Ranger (MO) Star Shooter (NE)
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    Here is an entire playlist of Simon's cat.
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    I learned to drive in Alabama. Wait, maybe it was California? Or was it Oklahoma? Definitely not Florida. Who CARES!!! Why are other drivers so rude??
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    3 comments Why did you make it a PDF instead of a jpeg, which can be looked at by anybody, without a special program? As soon as I clicked on it, it downloaded. If I want something on my device I will decide to put it there. Something that automatically downloads is generally considered bad. And once it was downloaded it would not open.
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    Peachtree schnapps. And Southern Comfort too. Instahurl
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    Honest Henry has joined God’s posse. RIP and Happy Trails until we meet again old friend.
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    PaleWolf Brunelle, the early years...
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    End of Trail 2002, Norco, California Left to right, Tex Boden, Duke Chisum (RIP), Mayobard, Yours Truly, and Pat Riot.
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    Mild Bill Hiccup c. 1990 with his single-shot cane
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