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    I'm a little belated in posting for the first time to introduce myself, but figured that this thread might be the best place to do it! SASS Alias: Santa Rosa Slinger SASS #: 109505 Where you are from: Tampa, Florida How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: since December 2019 Links: Action Shooting Network, YouTube
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    Judged by the Company One Keeps by Anonymous One night in late October, When I was far from sober, Returning with my load with manly pride, My feet began to stutter, So I lay down in the gutter, And a pig came near and lay down by my side; A lady passing by was heard to say: "You can tell a man who boozes, By the company he chooses," And the pig got up and slowly walked away.
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    Loaned a brand spanking new Skil saw to my brother. The only time I handled it was when I put the blade on it. Got it back all dusty inside and out. He used it to score his new sidewalks. I lost my sh!# right there.
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    At our advancing age, I like more and more the sentiment expressed in Filson's slogan: "Might as well have the best." I'm tired of 'just getting by...' That said, if it's cheap enough, education needn't always be expensive. I won't bore with my Century Arms experiences, as they weren't SASS/CAS related. Keep us posted.
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    ...... looks more like the end of the month ........
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    I recently acquired Hoss' Lightning in 44-40. Run it this past Sat. in a WB match. Ran flawlessly. It's my new favorite rifle. Ran some rounds thru it at the range the day before, and figured out where it shot... and that gave me the confidence to run it on Sat. Didn't miss a target with it all day!
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    guess he never saw Bob Crane's cameras
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    Pack Rat and Opal Rose at the California State Championship, 1998 Pack Rat, shooting full power, black powder .45-70 rounds from a Gatling Gun, in the Top 20 Shoot Off!! EoT 1998
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    Captain Morgan Rum, Slim Chance and Owl Hoot at 1999 Ghost Riders Revenge
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    Houlihan, Hack m Up, Weedy, Coffee, and Ed Schefflin, EoT 1996 Ivory Jack McCloud, Nevada Mike, Hack m up, and Coffee taken Saturday March 13, 1999
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    BUCKLE FOR TOP CLASSIC COWBOY SHOOTING BLACK POWDER! (Any award from a Classic Cowboy Showdown that has "Black" stones set it it, designates it as being for Black Powder)
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