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  1. Man I wish I had bought those 6 months ago when they were 21 bucks a piece.
  2. I just got one off of Amazon about a month ago.
  3. I've been thinking on this since ya posted it. I'd be interested to hear what the new board has to say about it. Maybe we could get something of a hybrid with a broader appeal?
  4. So @Creeker, SASS #43022, what are your musings to date?
  5. I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but have you checked out the ergo roller handles from Inline Fabrication? https://inlinefabrication.com/products/dillion-650-powdercoated I got one for my Lee turret press and is a nice upgrade.
  6. I take my hearing ear wife with me most everywhere I go.
  7. I'm sorry, there's just no way you can be the bad guy. Ya got the wrong hat.
  8. https://www.wsj.com/articles/canadian-court-rules-gunmaker-smith-wesson-can-be-liable-for-2018-shooting-11613175477 "A Canadian court ruled Friday that victims of a 2018 shooting in Toronto have a viable legal claim of negligence against gun maker Smith & Wesson Corp. for failing provide safeguards on the gun used by the shooter. Judge Paul Perell of the Superior Court of Ontario said in the ruling that a stolen Smith & Wesson handgun used by the shooter didn’t include available smart gun technology that restricts use to authorized individuals. Such a lapse, he said, i
  9. Ya might look for a Rock Island Armory M5. I got one a while back, it's got the old King-flite workings in it. It is a bit heavy, but a good shooter.
  10. Look up the Office of Veteran Affairs. They'll help ya out. Edit: Or, actually, pay attention to what Big Sage is telling you.
  11. I probably coulda (I honestly didn't think of it). A trash bag would've probably worked to, but I might be concerned about trapping condensation or some such. I'm sorta OCD about some things and this has a purposeful, finished look to it. I already had some stuff in the Amazon cart and I just kinda hit on the idea. It was only 8 bucks, so I rolled the dice. Beside, knowing my luck, I would have grabbed what I thought was an old pillow case and it would have actually been part of a favorite set that Mrs. Hendo would kill me for.
  12. OK, I just read through all of this and there's some good points, good ideas and some decent objections. I'll just offer this, I go to monthly matches and I realize that I'm closer to the bottom of the scorecard than the top. What I have seen are some amazing shooters that are almost always the top shooters and their names are always the match winners. They work hard for that and have earned those wins. It doesn't dissuade me in the slightest from going to a match and I am happy to be able to shoot with them folks every time. In a certain way, isn't that like having a "Pr
  13. OK, I just thought I'd put this out there for y'all. I've been looking for a cover for my press pretty much from the moment I bolted it to my bench. Sewing isn't really in my wheelhouse, I can do it if I have to, but it's about as good looking as my dancing while drunk. I took a chance a bought a cheap blender cover on Amazon and it worked out reasonably well. It even fits over my Inline Fab handle.
  14. You Sir, have won the internet for the day.
  15. So, a new line of Outlaw "ain't dead" lead comin? Or is this the "I am the walrus" promo? You could work this into a good ad campaign. Just sayin....
  16. The maximum effective range of an excuse is 0 meters. I somehow managed to raise two daughters on my own, build my 440/4spd Roadrunner and keep my daily POS GMC pickup on the road on a mechanic's income. It's all a matter of doing what you need to do to do what you want to do.
  17. I don't buy the expensive excuse. If it's your hobby and your passion, ya find a way. I've spent 50 years with hotrods, muscle cars and drag racing. I always found a way. Heck, go to a weekend car show and look at what the youngins are dropping on Hondas or Subaru WRXs.
  18. They'll just pull off. They ain't hammered in or nothing. Their sole purpose in life is to protect the spark plug boot. Definitely keep them and reuse them.
  19. If this has been posted already, I apologize.....
  20. You should know that the first rule of the Whig Party is never ask about the Whig Party.
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