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  1. Yeah, I'm well aware of CTD's shady ethics. I can't say that I've shopped with them since I got restarted shooting again 10(?) years ago. I was just blown away by them primer prices.
  2. Shiny! Welcome to the game. Listen to the Pards up above. Get out to a match or three. Ask all the questions you can think of. Definitely shoot a match or two before you start buying equipment or clothes. You'll begin to get a feel for what works for you.
  3. +1 to Leona. Great lady to talk to and a great product. I bought a shotgun belt and shell bag and couldn't be happier.
  4. That is one fune looking scattergun.
  5. Sorry, been a long day. I went back and reread my post that you quoted and was thinking "I didn't even say primers. Then I reread my post again and there wasn't any words with an "f" in them. It's been a long day....
  6. OK, ya got me. What are you on about and what did I miss?
  7. It might be worth noting that reloading presses are out of stock most everywhere. (Last I checked.) Just thinking that a whole bunch more people jumping into reloading has something to do with the shortages, too. Just sayin....
  8. Hendo


    This is what keeps you right handed folks up at night?
  9. Stick with us Amigo, we'll get that bad boy sold for ya.
  10. Those are seriously nice rifles. If you like bolt actions and don't have one of these, you're missing out. Do the bolt and magazine serial numbers match, too?
  11. I named my youngest daughter after her. Just sayin...
  12. I'd buy it. If you don't get that dream rifle later, I'm sure you can sell it for at least a break even price.
  13. Uberti cowboys wear long dusters in 100 degree heat and go "Abanga" and "Aklanga". Honestly, I hadn't heard of one, either. Where did you come across it?
  14. All I'm sayin is when I buy a pair, I'm blaming that Jed guy.
  15. Outside of the barrel shape, is there any difference between the Alchemista II & III?
  16. I saw the Ruger Vaquero video and was waiting to this one, I don't think it was more than a few hours old when I watched it. As to be expected, it's a great review. I've been fancying a shooter with an army grip, but have been holding that on the back burner. But now.... @Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423 understand that it is with the upmost respect and love when I say, "I hate you." (Hmmm, I wonder if I can get a Vaquero with army grips.)
  17. And here all along I thought California rolling reloading components into their ammo regulations was going to be my big problem.
  18. Have you tried the CMP forums? https://forums.thecmp.org/
  19. Heck, you could build me a couple of pistols with barrels long enough to tickle the targets and I would still miss.
  20. Thompson M1A1. Not really custom, but moving to a free state and buying a house with enough land to where I can enjoy it is gonna be super expensive. Hey, what can I say, I grew up watching COMBAT! with all them westerns on TV when I was a kid.
  21. One of these days I'll find a picture of when I was in.
  22. If'n I shot 16 gauge... But hey Pard, ya get a bump.
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