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  1. I don't know what happened and my heart goes out to the families. Having said that... Baldwin is a grown adult who has made a living using guns in his movies. He should absolutely know you don't point a gun at anyone. I also am not buying that the two victims were behind the camera. I would think if they were going for "the shot", they would setup the camera and step aside before calling for action. Just saying...
  2. Hence the "put them in cowboy clothes" part. (Although my vote goes to soiled dove attire.) Who knows though? Maybe Ruger could put together an exhibition team to go to the "big" events.
  3. Shoot it. Salt will only ruin the finish.
  4. Out of curiosity. Them pictures from "back in the day" with the Carradines, Keechs, Kareem, Dale and Roy, et al, were those celebs paid for their appearances?
  5. Yup. I had already fired my five rounds and rode the hammer down after realizing I didn't have one more.
  6. Be real careful that you don't make that a habit. During the Rona lockdown last year, I did a lot of practice on drawing and reholstering my pistols and lowered my hammers instead of dry firing. As a result, I earned myself a couple of safeties when the ranges opened back up. I'm left handed, so I'm used to living in a right handed world and probably had an easier time bringing my weak side (R) into play. I actually start with my right gun and finish with my left. I'm working hard on transitioning between the two. Speaking of which, what is the rule on when the second gun can clear leather? Can it be up before the last shot from the first pistol?
  7. Son, I think you done past that "little" part of the whimsical in the brainpan.
  8. I started two handed with a double strong side rig. The problem I had was that, prior to CAS, I used to practice shooting my autos with either hand and I couldn't get my timing right to shoot two handed. (I would draw my weak side and want to start plugging away.) So I just went with it and have been trying to get better at DD from pretty much the beginning. I like TW's practice recommendation, I'm gonna have to try that.
  9. Reminds me of a story a pard was telling me after the third (maybe 4th) time I impaled my finger. He said he had got it jammed in by the lever and couldn't get enough muscle to pull the lever off. If I remember right, he had @Smokestack SASS#87384 grab the rifle and lever and pull 'em apart. Great story, but it didn't make my finger hurt any less.
  10. And again, we have a law that only restricts and criminalizes law abiding citizens. Where are the actual hard facts and statistics that back up this law?
  11. Yup, got the same scar. I usually get bit when I make a change to my main rifle, get over confident or push myself when I'm tired. Ya would think that scar would make you impervious to such muckery as being bit.
  12. Well, ya got me beat. I'm generally not allowed in buildings....
  13. It must really cut down on the overhead not having to see patients in a building.
  14. It won't look any better after it hits steel. Just sayin......
  15. I stoned both my trigger and the part of the lever that is the other half of the bite. And yeah, a band-aid helps.
  16. Been there, done that. I hate bleeding on my guns.
  17. Allie, you're much to pretty to be going anywhere now. This place would be uglier without you here. Seriously, you've seen these fellers, ugly don't begin to describe them. Prayers sent, Hun.
  18. I got my bench block from @KingSnake. It works great.
  19. I knew I should've added this guy to my reply. One can dream, though. It would be fun. Slow, but fun.
  20. Like I ain't got enough crap to clean when I get home from a match.....
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