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    Steampunk Cowboy / Cowgirl is NOT a recognized SASS Category, however, some clubs and at least three state championships in 2017 will recognize it. Here are the dress guidelines that I have been working from when several of us "kicked around" formalization as recorded by Saint Muffy of the Watercress sandwich with the crusts cut off. Steampunk COWBOY/COWGIRL “Steampunk” is defined as “Victorian Science Fiction”. The Steampunk genre is influenced by period writers such as Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and H.G. Wells, and modern authors such as H.P. Lovecraft. Shooters are encouraged to combine elements of early Steam driven / mechanical / industrial design into their costuming and to their gear. “Westernpunk” extends the metaphor to the old west period as exemplified by literature and media such as “The Wild, Wild West”. Any Main Match revolver. Revolvers may be shot in any SASS–legal shooting style, except Gunfighter. Must use any SASS–legal main match rifle. Must use any SASS–legal main match shotgun. Must use any SASS–legal ammunition. Steampunk users are encouraged to add Steampunk “flair” to their main match guns as long as the enhancements do not alter function of safety of the firearms. These would include adding gears, Cerakote Firearm coatings (http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com), leather enhancements with fantasy elements such as carving, buckles, gauges, switches. Firearms enhancements do not count as satisfying costuming requirements. Costuming: Must choose at least five of the requirements listed below. All clothing items must be worn appropriately during all shooting events and awards ceremonies. Goggles (welding or aviation) worn as Eye protection or as an accessory. Any Victorian head gear constructed of Felt, Straw, cloth or leather. Including but not limited to: Pith helmets, Military caps, Deer Stalkers, and leather flight helmets. Pocket watch with Chain, Pendant or Pin watches. Gauntlets / Cuffs Backpacks, shoulder pouches, Bandoleers (Shotgun and / or Cartridge) Vest, or waistcoat embellished in steampunk motif. Scarf or tie. Knife or tools (screw knives do NOT qualify), tools would include wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers. Knife or tools all count as one element. As an example, a shooter could not wear gauntlets with 5 screwdrivers and be considered as satisfying the requirements. Spats, gaiters or Botas. Period gas masks or plague doctor masks. In addition to the above items, ladies may choose from the items listed below in order to compete within this category: Period watch, split riding skirt, bustle, hoops, corset, Victorian style hat (straw allowed), period jewelry, period hair ornaments (e.g., feathers), snood, reticule (period handbag), period lace up shoes, camisole, bloomers, fishnet stockings, feather boa, cape. Men may wear kilts or other period regional garb. Footwear: Victorian shoes and Boots are required and must be of traditional design. “Engineer Boots” with deep lugs are permitted. Edited 12/16
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    REDUCED TO $725.00 SHIPPED......Very, Very Nice Model 100, Ithica/SKB, 20GA, 24" Barrel, 3" Chamber, I'd rate it at 96-98% condition, it appears to have been a longer barrel gun, cut to 24", barrels are cylinder bore diameter, fully functional, very tight action,no cracks in wood, Zero Rust, a few very light and small marks in glossy wood, one small spot where Bluing rubbed off barrel. This has not been used as a cowboy shotgun. [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// REDUCED TO: $725.00 That includes standard shipping to your FFL Cashiers Check or Postal Money Order only Please. Thanks for looking. Regards, Ringer
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    I got this old Stevens 235 off the bench today and out in the cold air. The old gun barked again. Hard to know how many years since it last served its purpose. The buttstock is on loan from a Stevens 225 that needs a couple of parts.
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    Considering a switch from other shooting sports, the CAS guys seems to spend more time smiling and less time scoring targets than the run and gun crowd. I am interested in shooting duelist or even double duelist, with black powder but I have not decided on pistols or even a cartridge yet. I am leaning towards pistols with an 1860 or bisley grip over the SAA or 1851 grip. I wear XL-XXL gloves. Can I also assume that a longer barrel is less of hindrance when shooting one handed through my own smoke cloud?
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    You forget B Western can be shot gunfighter, duelist, or two handed.......and they all compete against each other.
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    GUNFIGHTERS should be able to adapt to any firearm sequence. IMO, there is no such thing as a "Gunfighter UNfriendly" stage. Any GF who would whine when presented with "split pistols" on a stage dishonors the name.
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    And here I was!! Thinkin' of shootin' Outlaw Steampunk Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter!! SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!
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    I always thought smoke and fire were good colors for BP Need more?.....just add more BP Good Luck
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    I have used BP for over 70 years. I adamantly recommend never adulterating your black powder.
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    Same thing. Was standing in LGS when owner walked up and asked if I needed a gun. Told him NO! , wanted one. Want can be worse than need sometimes. GW
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    Stoegers are a decent shotgun to get started in this sport. They can be easily slicked up and they get looser and looser the more you shoot them until after 7-8 years they just fall apart. Then you go get another one and start over. Good bang for the buck.
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    If'n ya cain't figger this out after Creeker and NKJ's posts.... buy a Glock. WOW, guys. great advice. Belczeck, I hope yore listening because you just got a PhD level tutorial. Best wishes.
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    The Stoeger Coach gun has extractors not ejectors and they are legal .... But the Very Best thing you can do is come on out to a shoot and try a gun or dozen , bring a box of 12 ga. AA target loads with you and I'm sure you won't have a problem finding guns to shoot them up in ... Talk to folks ,,,,,,, Listen ,,,,,,,,,,,, Try ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Before you BUY ... Jabez Cowboy
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    I've worn them before, I figured it was my best chance to be the overall champion Randy
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