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  2. The way it is the bricks should be sent in for the benefit of the police.
  3. can a photo be added to a private message if it is a jpg file?
  4. True constitutional carry requires a constitutional amendment. What is under discussion here is permitless carry. So the big remaining questions are: Will it apply only to TN residents or apply to all US citizens? Will it be open and concealed or just one of the options? The big concern with any legislative action is anything done can be undone just as easily. A constitutional amendment is harder to back out of... But also harder to put in place initially. So we can get permitless carry sooner than constitutional carry.
  5. Out here in the country, they roll up the few sidewalks about 8:00 p.m.
  6. For instance. Protestors have you hemmed in and no way out . Some are beating on cars at random but others seem intent on knocking the driver window or windshield out with a club. Where does Stand Your Ground kick in? Some of the drivers seem to be tolerating a lot of damage to property and potential harm to themselves.
  7. I swear, it''s like I am a kid again learning about all this cool stuff. Thanks Chief Rick.
  8. The title of the book is "The Constable and the Chief Captain." The author is me. Oh wait, I assume you want my name. That would be Kevin Mickel. To quote the back of the book... After many years of peace, the Three Kingdoms are once again threatened by their old enemy, the sorcerer Borak. Or are they? While there is evidence that he has indeed risen again, there are those who refuse to accept that frightening possibility. Two men, Alginon, the Chief Captain of the Three Kingdoms, and Uriah, the Chief Constable from a small village, find themselves caught up in having to prove that the danger is real. Both know that war is coming, but will they be able to convince the kingdoms of Frundel, Ashthox and Hodgedendon to stand together and remember they are the three provinces of the Kingdom of Analamar? It would be fair to say that it is an Epic or High Fantasy type story, the same genre as Lord of the Rings. Does that answer your questions?
  9. I have two Dillon XL650’s for sale. One is small primer and the other is large primer. Currently the small primer 650 is setup for 38/357. The large primer 650 is setup for 45 Colt. NO DIES INCLUDED. $1000 each plus shipping Both XL650’s come with with the following options: Caliber conversion of your choice of the calibers I have. See list below. Electric Casefeeder Aluminum Roller Handle Strong Mount Bullet Tray CNC Tool Heads ST Machining Products Case Feed Stop Shellplate Bearing Kit Camming Pin Bearing Kit I also have for sale the following: Caliber conversion kits: - $50 Each plus shipping 45 ACP 45-70 Govt 38/357 Mag 9mm/38Supr 4 Dillon Tool Heads with Stands - $30 plus shipping Dillon CNC Toolhead $20 plus shipping XL 650 PRIMER SYSTEM SMALL - $50 plus shipping Buy the whole kitten caboodle for $2000 plus shipping
  10. RYE, You don't just 'eat' Okra, You 'savor' it. Its gotta be fried properly. I've often felt that when God fed the Children of Israel with 'manna', it could have been: 1. oatmeal or Pnut butter cookies, or..... 2. peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or........ 3. Southern fried Okra ..........Widder
  11. Make the investment in a Franfort tumbler, and as previously stated get some Strat-O-Sheen from www.riogrande.com. Use 2oz Strat-o-Sheen with one gallon of water and you'll get this (idea to wear nitrile gloves - solution is caustic). If you pop out your primers before you wet clean, the stainless pins and Strat-o-Sheen will most likely clean out the primer pockets. If primer pockets are really gunked get a primer pocket cleaning tool, sit in front of the TV, and give your primer pockets a good cleaning - with subsequent wet tumbling the clean pockets should last for a long time. RR
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  13. I have an 870 with extended mag too, and a Mossberg 930, both fully loaded. But if it's mob time and they're not in my house, I'm going to the AR.
  14. They have more fear of the black “weapon of war” because they know you can kill hundreds in mere seconds.
  15. It works fine, I've pulled 38 special, 357 and 44-40 no problem. TB
  16. Heck I would do your 2000 357 mixed, Thanks Marshal Chance Taker
  17. Forget those dinky plastic tumblers; if you have a lot of brass to clean, use the Miculek "Big Boy" tumbler.... LL
  18. Big pat on the back to those two fine gentlemen and prayers up for you and your family.
  19. TB, the Hornady website above states that the Cam Lock is intended for rifle bullets only. How does it work on pistol caliber bullets? Any problems?
  20. None for me, thanks. ANTIFA announced they will be going out into the "white suburbs" and "taking back what is theirs." Here in CA, there will be Hell to pay if I defend myself with anything, so I want to make it permanent when I have to do so. My 870 with extended magazine loaded with #1 buck is far more lethal than a varmint cartridge. But the unwashed seem to have more visual fear of a coach gun. Must be the "Hollywood" influence.
  21. I found wet tumbling to be more trouble than I wanted. But if you do, do as recommended. First deprime with a deprimer (no need to wear out good resizing die with dirty brass.) Then go through the drying process and the whole case should be nice and clean- including the primer pockets. Or do as others have said and I sometimes do. Clean the brass (dry tumbling/shaking), resize and deprime, then clean the pockets while watching tv, setting out in the back yard, etc. The inside won't be nice and shiny, but will shoot just fine - and you will start fresh with primer pockets and they should shoot several times before needing cleaning again - if ever before they wear out.
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