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  2. It won't be one Schofield you buy, but two, of course. About 85% of cowboy shooters go with .38 spl. If you are trying to be fast or keep costs down, that is the obvious choice. If you are trying to be different, perhaps .45 Colt in a Schofield is your ticket. The weight difference will be unnoticeable in a match, unless you have physical challenges.. Good luck, GJ
  3. I forgot to add. I test fired it a few years ago and it was accurate and no malfunctions. I then put it in the safe in a gun sock until now
  4. That's from melting off the plastic of the wad with the hot fouling on the barrel bore. Same wad in a smokeless load does not melt off hardly any plastic, just a little bit of barrel friction rubs off some plastic - especially at the choke area. The only difference - the black powder fouling roughing up the barrel walls and considerably higher barrel temperatures when shooting BP. But the same mechanism that deposits plastic with a smokeless s/g load, can quite easily be what leaves some plastic fouling in a cartridge gun barrel when shooting polymer coated bullets. I too have been hearing lots of reports of less accuracy with polymer bullets. If a shooter has a fairly low level of concern about top notch accuracy, the conveniences of polymer bullets can be attractive. Good luck, GJ
  5. while reloads are not common, they are out there depending where you shoot. More common is jacking a live round out of your rifle requiring you to reload from your belt. I recently got a brace of 45s, and jammed a 45 into two of the 38 loops, it can be done. for matches where I shoot my 38s, hopefully I'll remember to take the 45s out...
  6. I’d give odds that Chief Kinsella carries when he leaves his office.
  7. PM sent to Colorado Jackson and Josey Kidd Sorry for the Screw up! but not long ago on the SASS wire a person said I Will Take it then I never heard another word from him so when I didn't hear form C.J. I thought here we go again. Sorry again V.D.
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  9. TC, sorry I missed that! I looked twice and still missed it. Best..... CB
  10. For everyone’s information who haven’t yet considered it: Caliber .357/.38 Special revolvers are heavier than caliber 45 Colt revolvers. If you shoot .45’s, these should be nice revolvers...nice barrel length (balance). questions.... Why aren’t they your match pistols? Any problems with them, past or present? Also, does your $1200 price include shipping by your FFL to the buyer’s FFL? Cat Brules
  11. 7 1/2” 44-40 - these are the other set that were from Three Foot Johnson if you missed the last pair. This pair includes a set of basic slim-jim holsters and one set of white NC Ordnance grips. $790 shipped to your FFL for everything( must accept from a non-FFL ).
  12. You stitch the pocket down to fit the holster. You could also stitch the holster into the pocket. You want the holster to stay in the pocket, right? Uncle Mike ‘s are well made and inexpensive, you could glue one into several different garments with odd sized pockets if you wanted to.
  13. I'll take them, Let me know if Tyler Cody declines. Happy trails & Thank you. QDG/Mike
  14. that is a noticeable difference , thanks for the info and the photos , it made it far more understandable ,
  15. I'll take them. I'll find you sometime Friday.
  16. ive not really needed them yet but always thought that it was important to have , i tend to 45 colt in both the rifle and revolvers so i can get by with just the two sized loops but if i were to have a 38 in the match gun stable i would want them as well , as it is my only 38 is the BBQ gun these days
  17. I heard a rumor that some guy called Butch was seen at a 7-11 along with Elvis and another guy. The third guy paid for Slurpies with a bill traced to the ones taken by "D. B. Cooper"! Wonder if they had been out prospecting in the Arizona desert and found the Lost Dutchman mine! Or, maybe they went sailing and were nearly run down by the Flying Dutchman!
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