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Another question for the sailors


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In the video about World War II ice cream, the guy says that the ice cream was issued to the sailors at the gedunk.


He pronounced it gah-DUNK. Emphasis on the second syllable.


My father used the term GEE-dunk. Emphasis on the first syllable, and the GE was pronounced with a long E instead of the short e "uh" sound.


So here we have my question. Was Daddy right? Is this guy right? Or, like the word carbine, are they both right? EE-ther EYE-ther, car-BINE CAR-BEAN, GEE-dunk gah-DUNK?

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14 minutes ago, Texas Lizard said:

OK now what is pogeybait????


Texas Lizard


I was Air Force we just went to the NCO club for beer.....

Junk food. You can’t go for beer at sea.

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Pogey bait is foodstuff other than issued. Snickers, doritos and such. 


Used to catch Persons Other than Grunts.

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shame , beer on the water has always been one of my favorites , but then only my FIL was at sea [or rather under it] he never mentioned this in our conversations but then i never knew to ask either , 

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