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From FB


One of my favorite images. A good image of the dresses and hats!


SCHUETZENVEREIN | The sport was not always limited to men, there were also special shots for the ladies. One such occurred in June of 1888 when Fannie Bube, Julia & Emma Protz, Clara Tester, Dora Valaer, Louisa Biron, Julia Laue, Louisa Menrich and a Mill Dillman shot at targets especially set up for them.


Image: Women's Shooting Society by Gerhard Gesell

— in ALMA Wisconsin: Historic River Town.

A Schuetzen is a type of rifle used in European long-range competition. Its German root is from the word Schütze which can be translated as “shooter.” The earliest usage was to denote units of marksmen or sharpshooters back in the days of muzzleloading firearms. Some sources claim that it was once used to describe archers or more specifically crossbowmen.

These rifles are typically heavy and can weigh upwards of 15 pounds. All shooting with these rifles is done standing using a palm rest and butt stock prongs to help the shooter balance the rifle so the weight aids in stability.



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3 minutes ago, Bailey Creek,5759 said:

Wonder what happened to the Rifles.

Be nice if they were still around. And being used.


Some are still around and will sometimes show up at better gun auctions, sadly most are chambered in some obscure caliber that is no longer available

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Back in the 80’s I got to shoot one of those rifles. A friend of a friend let me try his rifle.
If I remember correctly the rifle fired an 8mm round similar to a 30.06. It was a single shot falling block type receiver. The shooting stance was a bit awkward at first but after a couple of shots it was comfortable. With iron sights I shot a clover leaf group at 100 yards after a 3 or 4 shot warmup. The rifle weighed about 10 pounds. 

It was fun. 

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My powder and primer sales guy has 2 Schuetzen rifles. He picked them up while on duty with the US Army, in the 70s, in Germany. They are beautiful. And, I'm trying to get named in his will, to no avail.

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