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Can anyone ID this gun leather?


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Saw this pic online with no information. Looks like a fast draw rig which I don't need but I love the look. Anyone know who might have made this? I've checked the usual cowboy leather sites but have not found this. Thanks for any help.






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19 minutes ago, Blue Eyed Drifter said:

Murphy custom gunleather has one similar 

I'm sure there are a lot of folks that make similar holsters...Mexican's probably made a bunch.



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9 hours ago, VinnieBoomBah said:

The basic style looks like a Johnny Ringo holster

It's a very common design...


Mexican Double Loop.


Mr. Ringo had nothing to do with it.



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If I had to guess - I would say originally it was a cow.


The grain and texture looks an awful lot like "Carl" out of Billings Montana.

Carl was well known for having an outer hide made completely out of leather and quickly made a reputation for making not only belts and holsters, but shoes, boots, and lacings as well.  Pieces of Carls creation have traveled the world and served our military and law enforcement.


Carls son, "Carls Jr" is better known for his contributions to the fast food industry.


And not to be forgotten; Carl can trace his lineage back many generations to the very founders of leather work, all the way back to "Lash" who primarily worked on horse tack and bindings.


And his famous family doesn't end there.

His great - great Grandfather "Tom Horn" was credited with creating the oversize hood ornament industry years earlier (little known fact - early chauffeur drivers were often directed which way to turn by referencing the horns mounted on the hood - that is where the term "Steer" originates).


So enjoy your piece of history with great pride. 

Always remembering the effort and sacrifices that went into its creation.

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5 hours ago, VinnieBoomBah said:

Most of the ones I have seen with the silver stud work like that one has are labeled as Johnny RIngo rigs *shrug*

I'm sorry...you said "basic style".


The basic style is that of a Mexican Double Loop. Having some relatively new leather makers call it a "Johnny Ringo" because it has Studs applied doesn't change the "basic style".




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