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  1. Dawq If you still have a Hundred Round or So, and can wait to Tusco I Will Take some.
  2. Congratulations and You have earned it
  3. I Think he should buy a different Gun. One that likes your Bullets !! since i am sure he has sold your bullets for you
  4. I Strongly Agree with everything said Above. Match was a Total Blast enjoyed from start to Finish. and the all shotgun Stage was Really Different but Very Enjoyable "Well Done" !! Also want to Thank everyone on Posse 2 (most of them Illiowa Regulators ) a Great Posse really adds to the Fun of the Shoot. We have already added it to next List of Shoots !!!!!! Congratulations to Billy the Avenger and Turkey Legs !!
  5. Slim I can not anwser your question about the target supplier you list. But my Vix-n and i also make custom gun targets for cowboy clubs. We use AR 400 / 500 /550 steel. If tell me what you are looking for I will glad give you a quote. As far as shipping goes. If we have to ship them there will be a cost. If we can work something out with travel or other Cowboys it mite save you money. We are based out of Cincinnati Oh Blue eyed Drifter. VIX-N Targets
  6. You are correct on that. Square give you most targets for your money
  7. AR500 or 550 is the best Choice for Steel Targets, will last a Long Time on with Cowboy Loads and Ring Really Well. Just Priced five 8" round and and five 10" Rounds for our Local Club and the Cost was $400 all targets had a 5/8" Mounting Hole in them.
  8. Apps in the Mail This Morning.
  9. What A Great Couple these two Are !!!!!
  10. Planing on shoot wild bunch with you. Will be my second time shooting it
  11. Doc are you joining us thrusday at logans. Will be a great time
  12. Just Heard the Shooters List is over 100 signed up. Logans says they handle 62 of us on Thursday Evening for the Meet and Greet. RSVP as early as you can.
  13. For all those going to spring round up in evansville. We will be having a socail gathering at Logans Steakhouse on preal drive starting around 7pm. Everyone is welcome to join us. But we need to give the restaurant a head count. If you want to join us. Let me know.
  14. Besure to bring plenty of extra ammo for side matches and friday evening fun matches after the main match.
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